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Philips is a subsidiary of Royal Philips of Netherlands, a reputed health technology company. The company is a market leader in patent monitoring, health informatics, image-guided technology and diagnostic imaging.

Vast Collection of Philips Led Lights Available Online at Moglix

Moglix’s range of LED lights is available online in different types of sizes and designs. Our lighting fixtures are eco-friendly and help users to make optimum energy savings. So, they are widely used in homes, shops, offices, retail outlets etc. They are free from harmful substances such as mercury and lead. So, they do not cause UV or IV radiation.

The LED lights light up instantly unlike normal lighting fixtures which tend to flicker. They have the ability to withstand shocks, vibrations as well as external impacts. Therefore, LED lights from Philips are widely used in outdoor lighting systems. They can withstand changes in weather, wind etc.

Acquire the Best Deals on Philips Home Lighting Online

The home lighting collection we have on offer are suitable for installation in any part of the home. They play an influential role in enhancing the art works and are therefore ideal for use as accent lighting. To improve the ambience of your living room, select from the exciting range of home lighting available online at Moglix.

The Assortment of Philips Lightings Available Online at Moglix

Our collection of Philips lightings has been carefully selected keeping in touch with the changing needs of our buyers. From bulbs to tube lights & street lights, there is no dearth of lighting options from Philips here.

Our Philips lightings can bear the extremes of weather and temperature and are therefore can be used throughout the year. They also require a minimal level of maintenance and therefore are highly suitable for users. Philips lightings can also be installed with comparative ease without any type of risks.

Build an Eco-Friendly Future Using Affordably Priced Phillips Led Bulbs Online

The high-energy bills of normal bulbs are a major concern for people. Growing concerns related to global warming has caused many people to switch to the use of LED bulbs. Unlike normal bulbs, these bulbs emit little heat to produce a high quality of illumination.

 Some features of our LED bulbs available online are mentioned below: -

Energy Saving Capacity - The LED bulbs can help users make up to 85% of energy as compared to normal incandescent bulbs.

Lighting Fixtures Which Offer Quality Illumination For Years Together - The LED light bulbs have an average lifespan of up to 10000 hours.

Optimum Protection To The Eye Ensured - The LED bulbs offer comfortable, glare-free and soothing light to the users.

Bulbs Made From Top Quality Materials - These LED bulbs are made from polycarbonate and are therefore less prone to breakage. So, they can be used outdoors as well.

The LED bulb price has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of buyers. Therefore, you can acquire the models which fit into your budget once you check the LED bulb price.

Give Your Home a Complete Makeover This Season with Philips Led Lamps

Create an instant impression on guests by illuminating your home with Philips LED lamps. They light up instantly when switched upon and have been created using glare -free diffusers. These lighting fixtures do not flicker unlike traditional ones and have a smooth surface finish which ensures hassle free cleaning. The LED lights price has been devised keeping in mind the budget to all types of buyers looking for them.

Gain the Best Discounts on Philips Led Tube Light Online

 Downlights are widely used in commercial establishments for illumination. Philips LED tube lights have been created with precision to meet the needs of buyers. Some of the major features of downlights from Philips which we offer are mentioned below: -

A Lighting Fixture Which Is Friendly To The Eyes - They are equipped with highly efficient optical systems and have a minimal glare.

Ideal For People Who Want To Bring Down Energy Bills - These LED downlights are eco-friendly and can help users bring down their energy bills.

Easy To Handle Down Lights - These fixtures come with a high-efficiency water reflector and have a maintenance free service life.

Long Term Durability - They have a durability of 40,000 burning hours and are therefore ideal for usage over a long span of time.

Hassle Free Installation Process - These down lights can be installed with relative ease in all types of ceilings due to their compact, low-depth design.

LED tube light price from Philips that are available as a part of our collection has been thoughtfully devised. Therefore, you can decide on the exact model of tube light which you would like to opt for once you check LED tube light price of all existing models.

Bring Down Maintenance Costs Using Philips Led Tube Lights

Tube lights are widely used in offices as well as commercial establishments because of their high lifespan and ability to produce high-quality light by consuming a limited amount of power.

Here are some of the unique aspects of Philips LED tube lights which we have on offer -

Minimal Maintenance Costs - The tube lights require lower maintenance since it has 2-3 longer lifetime as compared to normal fluorescent bulbs.

A Completely Safe Installation Process - The tube lights have a safe and secure installation process and therefore can be done by the users themselves.

Ensure High-Quality Illumination Outdoors Using Led Flood Lights

LED flood lights are one of the most dependable sources of lighting in stadiums, music concerts, and film theaters. Some of the unique features of our latest range of Philips LED flood lights are mentioned below: -

High Level of Brightness - The new collection of Philips flood lights offer a better level of brightness as compared to normal flood lights. They produce cool white light.

Low Level of Maintenance - These floodlights does not require very high level of maintenance and therefore are easy to handle. Some of these models are waterproof also.

High Durability - The flood lights have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Keep Your Neighborhood Safe Using Philips Street Lights

Street lights are commonly used to provide illumination to drivers and pedestrians on roads, highways etc. after sunset. Our latest ranges of LED street lights online have been highly rated by users because of the following features: -

Easy To Install - These street lights come with a basic, compact design and can be easily installed because of their low weight.

Highly Versatile Lighting Fixtures - The new ranges of street lights are equipped with a wide range of optics and are made from high-quality components.

Our online collection of lightings includes a wide range of fixtures available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. They can help in enhancing the ambience of indoors as well as outdoors to a great extent. Therefore, they are highly preferred by people to enhance the decor of their property.

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