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V-Guard Voltage Stabilizers

A V-Guard voltage stabilizer is a type of electrical appliance which is used to offer voltage to a wide range of electrical appliances. They protect these gadgets from damages caused by fluctuations in voltage. All types of electrical devices are meant to operate within a specific voltage to offer a satisfactory quality of performance. In case the voltage is either above or below a specific value, the appliance will break down or get badly damaged.

Ensure Smooth Functioning of Electrical Gadgets with V-Guard Stabilizers

Our stabilizers are ideal for usage with air conditioners. Our V-Guard voltage stabilizer online range contains models which have a high durability and includes models which are compatible with generators. They can perform in a wide voltage input range. Some of the distinctive features of these stabilizers are mentioned below: -

Hassle Free Installation Process

It can be wall mounted as well as floor mounted.

A Device Which Is Safe To Use

  • The stabilizer offers a high voltage protection to the user.
  • The presence of inbuilt thermal overload protection protects the device and compressors when there is a high-temperature burnout.

Usage of High-Quality Components & Technology in Production Process

  • It has been created using the best quality of ABS plastic material.
  • They operate using the latest IC technology.
  • The ABS cabinet of these stabilizers has a sleek design and is available online in a wide range of colours. They, therefore, go well with elegant interiors.

Ability to Support Heavy Ac’s

The device has the capacity to support ACs up to the weight of 1.5-2 tonnes. Therefore, they suit the needs of people looking for a voltage stabilizer for AC.

A User-Friendly Product

  • The line noise and spike protection feature of the stabilizers make them easy and safe for usage.It comes with a time delay system.

Use V-Guard 5kva Stabilizers to Keep Your Refrigerator in Perfect Working Condition

Acquire V-Guard stabilizers Online Which Support ACs at Affordable Prices

Our voltage stabilizer online list contains products which have selected with great care to meet up with the diverse needs of users. The V-Guard stabilizer support ACs up to 1.5 ton AC.

The V-Guard stabilizer for AC price has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of all types of buyers. Therefore, you can check the vast collection of V-Guard stabilizer available online as a part of this range before taking the final decision on the basis of details available from the V-Guard voltage stabilizer price list. Keep your electrical devices safe from damages using the latest models of stabilizers offered by us.

Use V-Guard Double Booster Stabilizers for Stepping Up Voltage

High Level of Safety Is Ensured

The inbuilt thermal overload protection of the double booster stabilizers protects it during high-temperature burnouts.

Usage of Ultramodern Technology

These stabilizers operate using the latest IC technology which offers a high level of protection to connected equipment.

Ensure a High Level of Safety with V-Guard Stabilizer Crystal Plus

Crystal Voltage Stabilizer & Crystal Plus stabilizers are an ideal option for people who are looking for models that offer low & high voltage cut-off protection.

Some of the major concerns of Crystal Voltage Stabilizer Crystal Plus stabilizers are mentioned below: -

A Highly Safe Stabilizer Online Which Offers Protection from Overloading

  • These stabilizers offer line noise and spike protection.They offer inbuilt thermal protection.

Easy to Use Device

  • The stabilizers have a turn on delay of 4-6 seconds.
  • The Intelligent Time Delay System of the stabilizers changes to constant time delay system.
  • They check the fluctuation in voltages of air conditioners with a high level of efficiency.

High Level of Versatility

    • They can perform in a wide input range.
    • The stabilizers are best suited for usage in a wide range of applications such as LCD, LED, Photocopy, medical equipment and plasma TV.

Make Optimum Savings by Acquiring V-Guard Water Heaters Online

A water heater is normally used for heating & storing water for a variety of purposes during winters. The water heaters which we have come up with offer a wide range features. Some of the features of our range of features are mentioned below: -

No Need for Maintenance

The water heaters available online as part of the range requires no maintenance offers long term durability.

Water Heaters Made From High-Quality Components

      • The water heaters are made from pure stainless steel. They are insulated by high pressure PUF insulation and can hold temperature up to 72 hours.
      • V-Guard water heaters come with an outer cover which is created from powder coated mild steel.


Highly Versatile Product

  • They work in dual mode and come with installed electric heater. Therefore, they can also be used on rainy days.
  • These water heaters have a high-pressure withstanding capacity which makes them ideal for usage in high rise buildings.
  • They are affordable and suitable for usage in homes, bungalows, hostels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc.
  • A number of water heater models are UV stabilized pure polyester pre-coated G.I. & SS outer cover.

Eco-Friendly Nature

  • These water heaters are eco-friendly and can check up to 1.5 tonnes of CO2 every year.
  • A number of these waters come with a PUF insulation which minimizes heat loss.

Long Lifespan

  • The water heaters come with an ISI mark.
  • The presence of the sacrificial anode which ensures extra-long life.

Minimal Heat Loss

  • They come with non-hygroscopic glass wool insulation which reduces heat loss and reduces power consumption.
  • To ensure the availability of warm water during chilling winters, you can select from our collection by checking the water heater price
  • The price of these heaters has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of all types of buyers. We are also offering solar water heaters as a part of this collection.
  • To acquire a solar water heater model which serves your heating needs, you can check the V-Guard water heater price quoted by us.

Keep Electricity Bills in Check Using V-Guard Geysers

Geysers are one of the most common heating applications that are used in homes. To meet up with the heating needs of people during the winters, we have come with the latest needs of geysers from V-Guard. Some of the features of the geysers that we have as a part of our collection are mentioned below: -

Hassle Free Installation Process

  • Some models that form a part of V-Guard collection online can be vertically mounted.
  • They have a compact size and are portable. Therefore, they can be easily installed.
  • These geysers incur no installation costs.

Usage of High-Quality Raw Materials Ensures a Long Lifespan

  • The geysers have been manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic.
  • They are shock proof.
  • The geysers are rust proof.

Areas of Application

These geysers are best suited for usage in multi-storied buildings.

Ability to withstand high pressure

They have the ability to withstand pressure up to 8 kg/cm2.

High Level of Durability

  • The geysers are corrosion resistant and therefore can last over a long span of time.
  • They come with PUF insulation.
  • The geysers are equipped with a Penta safety system.

Compliance with Existing Industrial Standards

They are ISI approved.

Tanks Made From High-Quality Stainless Steel

  • The inner tank of the geysers is made from 304L Grade TATA/JINDAL stainless steel.
  • These tanks have ACC protection.
  • Their inner tanks are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Resolve Water Problems Using V-Guard Water Level Controllers

Water level controllers are widely used for controlling water pumps. They enable users to control their pumps in the underground as well as overhead water tanks. Water level controllers also guard pumps against power fluctuations. Some of the features of the models available as a part of our collection are mentioned below: -

Suitability for Usage in a Wide Range of Water Level Controllers Online

  • The water level controllers can be used with centrifugal pumps, sump submersible pumps, jet pumps and mono block pumps.
  • The models which come with float switch sensors can be used in homes, hospitals, apartments and restaurants.
  • They are best suited for usage in single phase motors.

Sturdy Models Which Can Stand the Test of Time

  • The water level controllers can handle more than 9 million operations and are shockproof.They are corrosion free, robust and do not require a high level of maintenance. They are also compliant with existing quality standards in the industry.

Assortment of User-Friendly Features

  • The water level controllers can prevent dry running.
  • Overflow can be prevented by switching off the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches the maximum level by switching it off.
  • They are corrosion free.
  • The water level controllers from V-Guard come with auto/manual mode & with float switch sensor.
  • A few models can make a motor automatic. They start the motor when water in the overhead tank is below 40%.

Usage of Ultramodern Technology

These water level controllers operate using ultrasonic sensors advance technology which has been created by Nara Technologies.

Acquire V-Guard Pumps Online with the Latest Features at Affordable Prices

Pumps are essential for water storage purposes. To meet up with the needs of people, we have come up with the latest range of water pumps online. Some of their features are mentioned below: -

High Speed of Rotation

The pumps operate at a high speed.

Usage of High-Quality Components Ensures a Long Lifespan

  • They are equipped with a stainless-steel model body.
  • The pumps have an anti-corrosive primer coating.
  • They offer B class insulation.
  • These pumps come with a water lubricated thrust and bush bearings have been created from leaded tin bronze.
  • They are coupled to water cooled; re-wind able V-Guard water pump induction motors.

Direction of Rotation

  • The pumps rotate anti-clockwise when seen from the driving end.
  • The price of 1 HP water pump has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of our buyers. Therefore, you can acquire the models of your choice within your budget.

Get Favorable Deals on Highly Versatile V-Guard Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are widely used for pumping sewage, drainage, pumping slurry as well as for general pumping in industrial applications. The feature of the pumps that we are offering as a part of our collection are mentioned below: -

Well Balanced Impeller

The dynamically balanced impellers of these pumps are of the radial flow type.

Robust Motor Shaft and Motor

  • The motor shaft of the pumps is made from the best quality of ANSI 410 stainless steel.
  • The V-Guard motor of the pumps is created from high-quality steel and therefore can be used over a long span of time.
  • The price of borewell submersible pumps has been devised to meet up within the budget of all types of buyers. Therefore, you can acquire the borewell submersible pumps of your choice without having to spend a large sum of money.

Presence of a Wide Range of Features the Mainstay of V-Guard Monoblock Pumps

Monoblock pumps are used in different types of civil applications, domestic water supply, gardens and lawn sprinklers. Keeping in touch the importance of these pumps, we have procured the latest range of monoblock pumps.

Some of their major features are mentioned below: -

High Durable Pumps That Last For Years Together

  • The forged brass impeller helps in ensuring long-term durability of the pump.
  • They come with a high-quality mechanical seal with a graphite face which offers a high level of protection.
  • The monoblock pumps are equipped with TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) type induction motor.
  • Aluminum body of these pumps ensures better heat dissipation.
  • The self-prime of the pumps is equipped with NRV (non-return valve).

High Level of User Convenience Ensured

  • They work silently with no need for maintenance.
  • Hassle free maneuverability and installation is ensured by the compact size and lightweight of these pumps.

We have thoughtfully devised the price of pumps keeping in mind the budget of our buyers who come from different backgrounds. Therefore, you can go through the online price list of pumps we have on offer and opt for the one which suits your budget and requirements perfectly.

Ensure Optimum Cooling of Rooms Using V-Guard Fans Online

Fans are one of the most common types of cooling solutions that are used in all types of properties. To ensure a high level of cooling within rooms, we present a wide range of fans created by V-Guard. Here are some of the distinctive features of fans that we have on offer: -

Ceiling Fans

High-Quality of Air Delivery

  • Our new range of ceiling fans offers better air delivery with a minimal sound of air cutting.
  • Higher delivery of air.

Stylish Design Which Matches the Décor of Rooms

  • The ornaments in blades of these ceiling fans offer 3D elliptical shape.
  • These fans come in an attractive combination of colours.

Wall Mounted Fans Satisfactory Quality of Air Flow

  • The wall mounted fans are equipped with high-quality ABS blades which ensure superior quality of air delivery.

Hassle Free Regulation of Speed and Oscillation

  • The pull cord ensures proper regulation of speed and oscillation.

A Stylish Design

  • These wall fans have an elegant design and are equipped with 120 spoke grill guards.

Table Fans

Satisfactory Level of Protection from Overheating

  • The table fans come with an inbuilt thermal overheating protection.

Superior Quality of Air Delivery

  • They are equipped with high angle blades which offer a better quality of air delivery.

Sturdy Table Fans with Attractive Design

    • These table fans have an attractive design with a rust proof 120 spoke grill guard which ensures long term durability over a couple of years.
    • The rectangular base of these fans ensures a satisfactory level of stability.

Optimum Energy Savings Ensured

Use-Friendly Feature

  • They come with a sleek switch panel and a round base and therefore can be used with considerable ease.

Ventilating & Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans Which Come with Interesting Features

Stylish Design

  • These fans have an elegant and round design.
  • They are in-built.

High Level of Energy Savings Ensured

The presence of silicon steel lamination ensures a high level of energy savings and ensures long term durability.

Online Availability of a Wide Range of Sweep Sizes

Some models of these exhaust fans come with different types of sweep sizes such as 150, 200 and 250 mm.

Production Done Using High-Quality Materials

The exhaust fans are made from high grade engineered polymer which is 100% rust proof.
Make Easy Wiring Possible Using V-Guard Wires and Cables

Wires and cables are used in a wide range of applications in buildings, factories as well and plants. To meet up with the changing needs of home as well as industry based buyers, we have sourced the latest range of V-Guard wires. Some of the unique features of V-Guard wires & cables and wires are mentioned below: -

Protection from Fire The fire-retardant feature of the cables ensures a high level of protection from fires.

Usage of Best Quality Materials in the Production Process

  • The cables and wires have been created using 99.97% pure copper.
  • They have been created using special grade PVC sheathing materials.
  • The better finish and strength of these cables & wires make them suitable for usage in heavy applications.

Areas of Application

  • They are highly effective in transmitting CCTV video signals.
  • The cables and wires can transfer signals with minimal attention or distortion.
  • Compared to other wires and cables, they offer better flexibility.

The V-Guard products sourced by us are subjected to numerous quality tests. We are aware of the concerns that loom in the mind of buyers when they start looking for these products. Therefore, we have created a wide supplier base to ensure that their ordered items are delivered on time. We have tied up with leading logistics companies for this purpose. These products are suitable for usage in homes as well as industrial applications.

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