Advertise our products & earn upto 10% commission on every product

What is the Moglix affiliate programme?

Moglix affiliate programme is a type of referral programme through which you can earn referral fees by advertising products sold on Moglix by referring about us to users. You will get a referral fee every time a user visits Moglix using your affiliate referral link and buys a product.

How do I become a Moglix affiliate?

By following these steps, you can become our affiliate partner and start earning: -
Step 1-Visit affiliate.moglix.com
Step 2-Sign up as an affiliate by clicking on our ‘Join now’ link
Step 3-Select any product/page URL from Moglix and add the subsequent parameters to it: -

Step 4-Utilise this link for advertising and referring traffic to Moglix. In case a user visits Moglix through this link and buys anything from our website, you will receive a referral fee.

How does the affiliate program work?

Once you get registered with Moglix affiliate hub, you can start to promote our products on your website. You will only have to attach a hyperlink to a banner or text link to your own affiliate link and post it on your site. Every time the visitors come to your website click on the specific banner or text link, they will get redirected to Moglix. This is the way in which you can directly refer traffic to Moglix by using your affiliate links. Moreover, when users make anything through your affiliate link, your account will get accredited with a referral fee

You can contact us directly via the portal, by click on Contact Us. You just have to enter your details and the problem which needs to be resolved. The Affiliate Hub support team will help you in having the issue fixed at the earliest.

Benefits of our affiliate programme

No subscription fee is charged for joining the Affiliate Hub, or participating in other activities which are related to it. The benefits of the programme include: -

  • You can earn fees from all the qualifying purchases and not just the products you have advertised.
  • Our competitive conversion rates will help you to maximise your earnings.
  • We offer simple linking tools to content sites, bloggers and social media influencers who are looking for a platform to their advertising requirements and commercialise their webpage.
  • Our real-time reports offer extensive data about the performance of your links and conversions across all categories to enable you to enhance your campaign’s performance.
  • You will be offered with a dashboard using which you will be able to make real-time tracking.
  • You will able to check the transactions, campaign's /offer wise clicks, sale amount and affiliate payout.
  • Hassle free sharing and upgradation of offers.
  • Simple transaction validation process.
  • You will be able to use your affiliate account for tracking the conversions. It shall get reflected in your affiliate panel each time a conversion happens through the referral link.
  • You will gain a complete overview of the conversations on the Dashboard section apart from a detailed analysis of Conversion Report, Clicks Report or Sub-Affiliate reports.
  • You will come across the Validation Report of the past month (after removal of canceled, returned orders) will be uploaded and sent in the middle of the coming month. You will receive the invoices of final amount from our team by the end of each month.
  • The payments will be made based on the invoice and after 30 days of the date invoice processing. The service tax will be charged separately and an affiliate commission will be charged on a buyer’s net amount payable. TDS at a rate of 10% will be subtracted while paying the final invoice amount while you make the payments.
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