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Bathroom and kitchen accessories form an inseparable part of our daily to day lives. Yet issues in accessories in kitchens washrooms for both home and office based users. Keeping the changing needs of buyer in mind, we at Moglix have come up with a new range of plumbing fittings and tools such as faucets, showers, sinks, drains, sanitary ware, pipes and fittings. The plumbing materials sourced by us have been manufactured using the latest technology and comply with the latest ISI specifications.

The plumbing tools which we have on offer has been procured from brands such as Ashirvad, Apree, Astral, Bravat, Benelave, Capri, Cera, Carnival, Chilly, Bath Age etc. They can help you change the look of your bathroom or kitchen and give the area a complete makeover. Therefore, to revamp your bathroom and kitchen, choose from the assortment of plumbing tools & fittings which we have on offer.

Choose from The New Range of Faucets Offered by Moglix

Faucets are one of the vital & one of the main plumbing fittings & accessories that are used in bathrooms and kitchens. Keeping in touch with existing preferences of faucets in India, Moglix presents an exciting range of bathroom and kitchen faucets online sourced from well-known brands such as Jaquar, Parryware, Hindware etc. The Jaquar faucets that are offered by us can be installed in walls. Produced from high quality brass material, they have a chrome finishing and are suitable for use in bath and shower systems.

Select from The Assortment of Showers Available in Moglix

The time spent under the under the shower offers you with the much needed relaxation before beginning your hectic schedule. To suit the needs of home based users like you, we at Moglix have come up with the latest range of bathroom shower panels manufactured by well-known brands such as Jaquar, Nirali, Parryware etc. We are also offering pressure pumps for showers as a part of our shower panel category. The product price of all items have been fixed to suit the budget of buyers looking for shower panels in India.

Stay in Perfect Health Using Health Faucets from Moglix

A health faucet is a nozzle which is commonly used by hand. It sprays water to help the user in cleaning the anal area and genitals after defecation and urination. Aware of the health factor for users, we present a new range of health faucets for bathrooms as a part of our hand faucet collection. This product range includes models that come with a high quality of chrome plating, superb functionality and a long lifespan which make them suitable accessories for bathrooms.

These plumbing fittings have been sourced from some of the leading brands in the market such as Jaquar, Hindware, Kamal, Parryware, Goonj, Renson, Taptree etc. Available in a wide range of shapes & designs they will help users maintain a highest level of hygiene and enjoy good health. Come, maintain a high level of hygiene using the latest range of health faucets we have on offer in our plumbing tools category.

Looking for Bathroom Fixtures? Your Search Stops Here at Moglix!

Bathroom fixtures are essential part of plumbing fittings for keeping items of daily use such as soaps, towels, toilet papers and toothbrushes in a perfect working condition. At Moglix, we offer a wide range of bathroom plumbing fixtures products such as soap dishes, grab bars, holders, bathroom shelves, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, towel rods and rings, towel racks, soap dishes and cloth robe hooks as a part of this category. The products that are available in this range have been sourced from leading brands such as Jaquar, Goonj, Eauset etc.


Sinks are used for a wide range of domestic activities such as washing dishes, hands etc. At Moglix, we present a wide variety of kitchen sinks to satisfy the demands of home based users. We are offering both steel sinks as well as stainless steel sinks as a part of the kitchen sink category. The products that we are offering as a part of this page have been procured from eminent brands such as Parryware and Nirali. The Nirali sinks that we have on offer come in a wide range of finishing such as satin, slide finish, glossy finish, anti-scratch finish etc.


For proper maintenance of the bathrooms and kitchens, it is must for the drainage system to remain in the perfect condition. To help in keeping your bathroom and kitchen neat and tidy, we at Moglix have come up with a new range of drains. The products we have on offer in this subcategory include sink drains, floor drains etc. So, to keep your kitchen and bathroom under perfect working condition, select from the new collection of drains offered by Moglix!

Sanitary Ware

Proper sanitation plays an important role in ensuring a high level of hygiene. To ensure that both you as well as your family enjoys a high quality of health, Moglix presents a wide variety of sanitary ware to match the needs of buyers. Our sanitary ware onlien collection includes water closets, cisterns, mirrors, bathroom vanities, system storage tanks, mirrors and seat covers. To select sanitary ware of the latest type, select from the exciting range of plumbing tools offered online by Moglix!

Pipes & Fittings

Pipe fittings ensure the consistent supply of water within homes, offices, malls, hotels etc. To meet the needs of both home and office based buyers, we at Moglix have sourced a new range of products as a part of our pipes and fittings category. The products that we have on offer as a part of this range include CPVC pipe fittings, SS pipe fittings, PVC pipe fittings etc. To acquire lucrative deals on pipe fittings, , select from the new range of plumbing products we have on offer.

Shop for Wide Range of Plumbing Fittings Online At Moglix

At Moglix, we are aware of the role played by plumbing fittings in changing the looks of bathrooms and kitchens. Keeping in touch with the spending capacity of our buyers, we have kept the product price within a wide range. Therefore, you can acquire plumbing tools without having to go out of your budget.

We offers wide range of plumbing fittings & tools online, sourced from well-known brands at very competitive prices. With free delivery and easy return policy, our aim to provide you distractive, easy & convenient shopping experience.

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