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Lamps play an instrumental role in changing the appearance and ambiance of a room. At Moglix, we have an assortment of LED lamps to cater to the lighting needs of homes, offices and hotels. These lamps have a long term durability and consume less electricity as compared to traditional lighting sources. As concerns related to global warming is increasing with every passing day, people around the world are looking for more energy-efficient lighting sources. Compared to fluorescent and incandescent lamps, these lamps have far more electrical efficiency and lifespan. What makes these lamps unique from other lighting equipment is that the light produced by them has a narrow beam. This makes them suitable for use in general as well as special purpose lighting.The energy consumed by an LED lamp is one tenth of the amount consumed by incandescent lamps. They have a life span of 100,000 hours. These lamps are a cool light source and can be easily transported and installed in any type of industrial equipment, without any fear of vibration. Living up to our commitment of creating an environment-friendly future, we source lamps which do not contain any mercury. The use of optical technology ensures that users experience a high quality of visual effects, do not experience visual fatigue or glare.In our quest to build an energy friendly, sustainable environment, we have entered into tie-ups with leading brands like Eveready, Osram and Syska. Our website has a vast collection of lamps of the latest designs and styles. So, to enhance the quality of lighting, try the latest range of LED lamps offered by Moglix.

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