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People working in industries like logistics, petrochemical and construction industries are often exposed to the risk of heavy objects falling on their heads. To make sure that such mishaps do not occur at the workplace, Moglix has come up with a new range of safety helmets. The products that we are offering as a part of this range come with a sweatband which includes a brushed cloth on foam. They comply with existing industrial safety standards. Some of these helmets are also equipped with cross ventilation systems. These helmets come with triple configuration shells which give them a high impact resistant capacity. They are made from specially formulated polymers which make them sturdy enough to be used in the industry.

At Moglix, we are aware of the importance that customers pay to brands. Therefore, we have sourced the best quality of safety helmets online from eminent brands like 3M, Karam, Prima, Turbo etc. We also deal in all types of hand tools & power tools, welding tools, oils & paints, measurement & testing tools, cutting and machining tools etc. To acquire the best deals on safety helmets, check out the new range offered by Moglix.

What Criteria should be used to Select Safety Helmets?

If you are planning to procure safety helmets via online shopping to boost the security of your workers, then you will need to know inside out about the same. The main function of these helmets is to avoid injuries in industrial settings. They are widely used in construction sites, refineries, warehouses and oil rigs. In specific industries such as real estate and logistics, the chances of head injuries are really high. Use of a helmet minimises the possibilities of skull damage and fatal injuries. They can thus help you in creating a suitable working atmosphere at your workplace. Site contractors, therefore, should provide specific instructions to workers to use safety helmets.

These helmets are not specifically meant for use by construction workers, but also by contractors, architects, and superstructure. The use of these helmets is compulsory in certain sectors such as infrastructure development and construction. These helmets need to be strapped with care to ensure that they do not become too loose. While selecting a helmet, you will need to make sure that it has a proper shell size. It should include thermal linings to ensure their use even under cold conditions. The helmet of a high quality should include a chin strap, nape, and an adjustable headband. Apart from offering a high level of comfort, the headband should have horizontal and vertical contours with a high level of flexibility. Helmets from leading brands in the market come with cradle straps and smooth quick release buckles for chin straps. They need to be maintained with good care to meet the needs of industrial workers over a long time span.

What types of helmets does Moglix offer?

At Moglix, we offer an assortment of options of safety helmets from leading brands like 3M, Novasafe, Karam, Asian Loto etc. We provide all types of hard helmets, ballistic helmets, construction & site safety helmets and helmet accessories as a part of our category. You can easily buy safety helmets online from Moglix.com, which offers a myriad of options to choose from.

Why Select from Moglix.com?

Moglix.com presents an exciting collection of safety helmets, safety shoes and safety glasses apart from a new range of industrial products and safety gear to meet the diverse needs of industrial workers and professionals. We have entered into tie-ups with suppliers across India, China, and Taiwan to meet the growing needs of our buyers. Moglix ensures a swift delivery system and proper quality testing to ensure that all products reach the customers in the perfect working condition.

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