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Mobile Phones Under 1000

Now you can buy high-quality mobile phones under 1000 online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for mobile phones below 1000 and get the best deal.

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Mobile Phones Under 1000: Connect with People Anywhere and Everywhere

In the twenty-first century, mobile phones are extremely important. They have made life easier, and it now appears that existence without a mobile phone is nearly impossible. We become handicapped precisely because we do not have our phones in our hands. Previously, it was just used for calling, but nowadays, mobile phones may be used for anything. However, using expensive phones for regular and continuous reasons in a rough manner may cause the phone to break down, resulting in additional money spent on repairs and replacements. Instead, getting a phone under 1000 will be the best solution for heavy use, and you won't have to worry if you drop them.

Brands that Offer Android Phones Under 1000:

Numerous Brands are producing a wide range of mobile phones under 1000. Some of the popular brands and their features are:


The brand lays an equal emphasis on innovation and quality and continuously pursues high-quality operational efficiency and user experience. General features of these phones are:

Display: They have a one-year warranty with display sizes of 1.8in and QCIF display type.

Battery: The battery type used is a lithium-ion battery with a battery capacity of 1000Mah.

Memory: Their internal memory is 64MB with 8GB expandable storage capacity and 32MB RAM.

Audio and video format: They support the audio format of mp3, and video format support of mp4.

Connectivity: They have Bluetooth as well as dual sim capacity.

Camera: Their primary camera comes with a resolution of 0.3MP.

Support: They are equipped with GPRS support.


They are an Indian company trying to make a splash in the phone space. It is the new telecom battleground for consumers. General features of these phones are:

Display: They consist of display sizes of 1.8in and LCD type.

Connectivity: They are equipped with a wireless FM and connect with Bluetooth.

Sim: They come with Dual SIM card connectivity.

Processor: They come with a 24 MHz processor.

Camera type: They consist of a digital camera.

Memory: Their user memory is less than 200MB.

Camera: Their primary camera comes with a resolution of 0.6 MP

Other features: SOS panic key, mobile tracker, MP3, and MP4 audio and video formats are their additional features.


They are a leading importer, manufacturer, supplier, trading company of mobile phones and their accessories in India. General features of these phones are:

Display Resolution: They are equipped with a resolution of 640x480MP.

Talk time: They provide 5 hours of talk time.

Weight: They weigh up to 110g approximately.

Multi-languages: Regional multi-languages are supported in them.

Dimensions: They come in 1.25x4.77x11.8 cm sizes.

Display type: They consist of 1.8in and VGA type display sizes.

Processor: They come with a 28 MHz processor.

Jack: They come with DC Jack Standard Interface Charging port.

Benefits of Using 4G Mobiles Under 1000:

  • --> They are budget-friendly, cost-effective, and affordable.

  • --> They are more durable and have longevity.

  • --> Dual SIM card slots are available in low price ranges, and they perform more or less the same functions as smartphones and high-range ones.

  • --> They are easily accessible by people from all fields and all sections.

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