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Wireless CCTV Cameras

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Now you can buy high-quality wireless CCTV cameras online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for wireless CCTV cameras and get the best deal.

Godrej EVE NX White 1920x1080Pixel Wireless Security Camera
  • Smart Phone Viewing: Wherever You are, You Can See What...

  • Night Vision, Built-in Mic, Wi-fi Enabled & Wide Angle Viewing

IBS 720p Digital Security Double Antenna Wireless CCTV IP Camera
4.7 (20 Reviews)
By: Ibs
₹5,99976% OFF
  • Pan Tilt, Wi-Fi Or Cable Connecting

  • speakers & Microphone Two way audio

IBS 1080P Black Mini Spy Wi-Fi Magnetic HD Wireless Security Camera with Motion Security, IBSMC02
4.3 (8 Reviews)
By: Ibs
₹4,99975% OFF
  • Upgraded Intelligent Motion Detection Sensor with the Sensitivity Manually Settable....

  • Super Camera Works on 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, 1080p Resolution &

RMX 3MP Full HD Wireless Waterproof IP Security Night Vision Dome CCTV Camera, D2C30-PTZ (4G)
  • Real Time Talking

  • Supports 3G/4G LTE Network Support 2G, 3G & 4G Micro

Trueview T18132 4MP 4G Solar Powered Mini Pan & Tilt Wireless Security CCTV Camera with Solar Panel
  • 4G Connection, Scan the QR Code to Easily Connect the

  • Horizontal Rotation of 350 Degrees, Vertical Rotation of 90 Degrees,...

Hikvision OSS Ezviz 2 MP White Wi-Fi Wireless Full HD Outdoor Smart Camera, SK-CS-CV310-A0-1C2WFR-4MM
  • Live View, Video History, Audio Reception, Instant Alerts & Smart

  • Multiple Storage Options, Supports MicroSD Card, Encrypted Cloud Storage &

IBS HD720P V-380 32GB Wireless Smart IP Security Camera
4.2 (10 Reviews)
By: Ibs
₹2,75656% OFF
  • Slim Design Comes with a Built-In Antenna, Speaker & Microphone

  • Quick Setup Plug in Camera, Download The Free Mobile App,...

Trueview T18021-23LT 3MP 1080p Wireless Security Camera
4.0 (15 Reviews)
By: Trueview
₹13,99963% OFF
  • Intelligent Human & Area Movement Detection Algorithm

  • Two Way Audio Communication

Yale SV-DFFX-B Full HD Indoor Wireless IP Camera
  • App Controlled, 8M Night Vision, Customizable Motion Detection, In- App

YK RETAIL 720P HD Wifi Wireless CCTV Security Camera with Night Vision
  • Motion Triggered & Sound Triggered Recording

Sropx 2MP 360deg 64GB Wi-Fi Wireless Security CCTV Camera
  • Two-Way Voice Real Time Communication

  • Night Vision Feature

JK Vision Wireless 720P HD Security Night Vision CCTV Camera, V380 Pro
  • Two-Way Audio, Connect Camera Directly Within 10m When No Wifi....

  • Supports Remote Viewing on Mobile Devices

YK RETAIL 1080P Full HD Wireless Waterproof CCTV PTZ Security Camera
  • Motion Triggered Recording & USB Port

JK Vision Full HD Wireless IP CCTV Security Night Vision PTZ Camera, V380
  • Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor

  • Full HD Day & Night Vision, Easy Installation, Motion Detection

JK Vision 2MP 1080P HD WiFi Bulb Light Wireless IP PTZ Mini Camera
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Mini Lamp, HD Night Vision, Two Way

JK Vision Full HD 1080P Wireless IP CCTV Smart Security Camera with Microphone, V380
  • 360 Deg Complete Coverage, Night Vision

  • HD Video & Excellent Night Experience, Two-Way Audio & Easy

Xiaomi 2i 2MP 1080P 360 Degree White Motion Detection Wireless Home Security Camera, BHR5003IN
  • Talk Back Feature (2-Way Audio), 7 Day Free Rolling Cloud

  • 360 deg Panorama, Full HD Picture & AI Powered Motion

YK RETAIL 360 Degree Panoramic View Wireless Camera, CVF56
  • USB Port Present, Cry Detection Sensor & Motion Triggered Recording

Sropx 2MP 64GB 360deg Wireless Wi-Fi Bulb Shape PTZ CCTV Camera
  • Our 360 Camera Need Connect 2.4G Wi-Fi

  • Night Vision Featurer

Sropx 2MP 1080p 64GB HD PTZ Bulb Wireless Wi-Fi IP Security Camera
  • View of the Bulb Camera 180 deg Left

  • Night Vision Featurer

JK Vision 1.3MP 360 Degree Panoramic Wide Angle HD Wireless Smart IP Camera
Sropx 2MP 64GB 1080p HD Wi-Fi Wireless Two Way Audio Security Camera
  • Night Vision Feature

  • It is ONVIF Compliant

CP PLUS 2.4MP Cosmic Full HD IR Dome Night Vision Camera, 3.6mm- 1080p CP-VAC-D24L2-V3 (Cosmic)
  • Email Id: support@cpplusworld.com

YK RETAIL 3MP 1080P Wifi Wireless Portable Security Camera with E27 Socket for Home & Office, CVF56
  • Cry Detection Sensor

JK Vision 2MP 1080P WiFi H.265 Digital PTZ Wireless Security CCTV Dome Camera, V380 Pro
  • Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection & Wide Angle

YK RETAIL PSNO09 Widescreen Wireless Wi-Fi Camera with Built-In Microphone
EZVIZ C6N Full HD Indoor Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio & MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision, CS-TY1 (B0-1G2WF)
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹6,00058% OFF
  • Cloud Storage & Auto Day Night Vision

  • Zero Blind Spots & Easy Monitoing

EZVIZ CS-C6N-D0-8B4WF 4MP QHD Night Vision 2 Way Audio White Indoor Wireless Camera with MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision
  • Supports Alexa & Google Assistant

  • Two-Way Talk & MicroSD Slot

Godrej ECO 2MP 1080P Plastic Coloured Night Vision Wireless CCTV Bullet Camera, STEFB20IR3.6P1080PNC
  • Coloured Night Vision

JK Vision SGD4 1080P HD 360 Degree Panoramic Mini Lamp IR IP CCTV Home Security Camera
  • 355 Deg Horizontal & 60 Deg Wide Angle Lens Form

  • Built-In Microphone & Speaker with Noise Cancellation & Plug-And-Play Setting

EZVIZ C3N Full HD 1080P IP67 White Wi-Fi Outdoor Home Security Camera with Colored Night Vision & MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision
4.0 (7 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹8,90051% OFF
  • Ai Powered Person Detection: the Embedded Ai Algorithm Intelligently Detects...

  • Colored Night Vision: Delivers Vivid-As-Day Colorful Videos so You Don't

EZVIZ C3WN 2MP Full HD 1080P IP66 Wi-Fi Outdoor Home Security Camera with Night Vision & MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹6,90047% OFF
  • Weatherproof, Water, Dust Resistant, Remote Access from Anywhere, 2-in-1 Wired,

  • Dual Antennas Reliable Connection & High Fidelity Audio Reception

Imou Full HD 1080P 360 Degree WiFi Security Camera (White) with Alexa & Google Assistant, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Up to 256GB SD Card Support & Ranger 2
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dahua
₹5,37853% OFF
  • Abnormal Sound Detection: Sends Instant Alerts to Your Smartphone Whenever...

  • Bank-Level Personal Data Protection: As One of the First Manufacturers...

Yale SV-DPFX-B PTZ Pan & Tilt Motion Detection WiFi Camera
  • Privacy Mode, Motion Detection & SD Card Local Storage

  • App Controlled & Control the Position of the Lens to

Active Pixel 3MP 1080p Waterproof Night Vision Bullet CCTV Camera
  • 2.4G Wi-fi Connection, Rechargeable Battery, Full HD Video with Live

  • Wide Angle View Surveillance Camera, Cordless Installation at Any Place,

JK Vision 1 MP HD 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Viewing Area Night Vision Security IP Camera, V380 Pro
Trueview 3MP 1080p Full HD 2 Way Audio Wi-Fi Smart CCTV Camera
  • 2 Way Audio, Area Motion Detection, Humanoid Detection & Push

  • Horizontal Rotation of 350 Degree, Vertical Rotation of 90 Degree,...

EZVIZ C1C Full HD 1080P 2MP White Wi-Fi Smart Vision Indoor CCTV Camera with 2 Way Talk, Night Vision & MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision, CS-C1C-D0-1D2WFR
4.7 (9 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹5,90063% OFF
  • Built-in MicroSD Card Slot that Can Store up to 256

  • HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

JK Vision B85 3MP WiFi Colour Night Vision Two Way Talk CCTV Bullet Camera
  • Crystal Clear Audio Recording Helps Clear Hear & Monitor Area,...

  • Dual Light Color Vision Support

High-Quality Wireless CCTV Camera For your Security

The world has witnessed a massive rise in the use of wireless CCTV cameras over the past decade. These cameras have become an essential part of home security systems, office surveillance, and public safety infrastructure. Wireless CCTV cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people look for ways to improve the security of their homes and businesses. These cameras are easy to install and offer a range of benefits over traditional wired CCTV cameras.

Wireless CCTV cameras are security cameras that transmit video footage to a receiver or a cloud-based storage system without the need for physical cables. They use Wi-Fi or cellular data connections to transfer data wirelessly, making installation and setup quick and easy.

Benefits of Using WiFi CCTV Cameras

Easy to Install - Wireless CCTV cameras are easy to install since there's no need for running cables or drilling holes. This makes it possible for anyone to set up a security system without any specialized knowledge or experience.

Cost-Effective - Wireless CCTV cameras are often more cost-effective than traditional wired cameras since they require less hardware and installation work.

Easy to Move and Re-Position - Wireless CCTV cameras can be easily moved and repositioned around the premises to provide coverage in different areas. This allows homeowners and business owners to adapt to changing security needs.

Remote Access - Wireless CCTV cameras can be accessed remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows homeowners and business owners to monitor their premises from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Cloud Storage - Many wireless CCTV cameras offer cloud-based storage for video footage. This means that you can store and access footage from anywhere without having to invest in physical storage devices.

Top Brands Selling High Quality Wireless CCTV Cameras

Several brands have emerged in the market that is offering high-quality wireless CCTV cameras with advanced features. Among these brands, CP Plus, Godrej, and Hikvision are some of the most popular ones.

CP Plus Wireless CCTV Cameras - Cp plus is a globally recognized brand that provides a wide range of security solutions, including CCTV cameras. The brand's wireless CCTV cameras are equipped with advanced features like night vision, motion detection, and remote access. They offer high-quality video recording and can be connected to mobile devices for real-time monitoring. CP Plus wireless CCTV cameras are also easy to install and are available at affordable prices.

Godrej Wireless CCTV Cameras - Godrej is a trusted brand that offers a range of wireless CCTV cameras. The brand's cameras are known for their high-quality video recording and advanced features like facial recognition and two-way audio communication. Godrej's wireless CCTV cameras also come with cloud storage options, which means users can access their recordings anytime, anywhere. The brand offers various types of wireless CCTV cameras, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, and PTZ cameras.

Hikvision Wireless CCTV Cameras - Hikvision is a Chinese company that has gained a massive reputation in the security industry. The brand's wireless CCTV cameras are known for their excellent video quality and advanced features like intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and face detection. Hikvision's wireless CCTV cameras are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor surveillance. The brand offers a range of wireless CCTV cameras that cater to different needs and budgets.

Buy Wifi CCTV Cameras from Moglix at Affordable Range

Wireless CCTV cameras offer a range of benefits over traditional wired CCTV cameras. At Moglix we have a range of cameras that have been run through multiple quality checks to assure ingenuity. They are easy to install, cost-effective, and offer remote access capabilities. With so many brands to choose from, it's important to research your options and find the camera that best suits your security needs.