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Ceiling Fans

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We Can Never Say Never To The Ceiling Fans Power In Summer

When we walk into a room, the first thing we do is switch on the fan. Every home will have a ceiling fan in every room. Whether you're lounging on the couch watching TV or sleeping in your room. The comfort of a cold wind is always favored when you want to spend a day on the balcony with a book or create intricate cuisine in your kitchen. You will find a range of ceiling fans online if you want to install a simple fan in your home or make a statement with a trendy fan in your living room, waiting area at work, restaurant, or retail business. To match your décor, you can choose from many styles like a ceiling fan with lights, designer ceiling fans, small ceiling fans, BLDC ceiling fans, etc.

Significant Advantages of Ceiling Fans With Lights

The major advantages of using ceiling fans with lights are as follows:

Everybody enjoys having the ceiling fan in the center of the room. This is also how the light source will be in the middle of the room, allowing the light to be distributed evenly and in 360 degrees.

Ceiling fans with built-in lighting, particularly LED lights, are currently popular, are the best method to save money on electricity. They are energy-efficient, which means they will help you save money.

Many people like ceiling fans with built-in lights since they appear to be more modern, appealing, and astonishing at times. It's not only about the light source; the modern ceiling fans' exclusive design, look, and feel are fantastic.

The LED lights that come with ceiling fans have a long life expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This has a far longer lifespan than standard CFL bulbs, which only last 20,000 hours. As a result, they are long-lasting.

Designer ceiling fan manufacturers are now selling fans with light sources, and the greatest thing is that you can simply alter the brightness of the lights and the colors in some pricier versions.

Invest in a ceiling fan with a built-in light. This is how you achieve a complete 360-degree light dispersal. And, because you won't be placing additional lighting in the corner of your room, you'll be able to give your room a much more simplistic appearance.

BLDC Ceiling Fans and their Functions

Due to the substantial reduction in power consumption obtained by LEDs, there was a major switch from incandescent lights to LEDs a few years ago. It wasn't simply another technology; it was a revolution in the industry since the same amount of lumens could be produced with far less power.

The current revolution in the fan industry is BLDC. The ceiling fan business is on the verge of undergoing a similar transformation. It'll only be a matter of time before all of the old inefficient induction motor fans are replaced with smart, extremely efficient BLDC fans.

BLDC technology has been around for a long time and is frequently employed in industries that require high torque motors. We can see the change in the development of fans in the present days, and the BLDC Ceiling Fan is the best among them. A BLDC fan takes in AC voltage and converts it to DC internally using an SMPS.

The commutation method distinguishes BLDC fans from typical DC fans. Commutation is the process of shifting the current direction in a motor to allow for circular movement. Because there are no brushes in a BLDC motor, the commutation is handled by the electronics' driving algorithm. The key advantage is that the commutators might wear out over time due to mechanical contact; this is not the case in a BLDC motor, making it more durable for long-term use.

To put it another way, BLDC technology combines a combination of Permanent Magnets and Electronics to accomplish the efficiency and performance it delivers in real.

Best Ceiling Fans from Leading Brands Available at Moglix

Shop online by browsing through the extensive collection of branded ceiling fans online at attractive prices and special offers. If you have been shirking due to the high market price of these top ceiling wall fans, here is your chance to bag a great deal! Save loads of money by buying ceiling fans online from Moglix.

We offer the best ceiling fans from the following brands: -

Havells Ceiling Fans - Our collection of Havells ceiling fans online have a sleek look and strong performance. The eye-catching trims of these Havells fans come with designer trims, decorative trims and aluminium blades. They come with an elegant, contemporary design and have a neat polish. Havells fans are capable of high quality air circulation within rooms even under low voltage.

Bajaj Ceiling Fans - Bajaj ceiling fans have a high speed and are scratch-resistant. They are best suited for use indoors and come with three blades and four-speed settings. These Bajaj fans also have a double ball bearing. Once you go through the price specification of Bajaj ceiling fans models online, you will get to know the specific features for each.

Usha Ceiling Fans - Usha ceiling fans available online at Moglix are produced from the best quality of aluminum. They perform satisfactorily at a low voltage. The energy efficiency of these Usha wall fans will help owners to cut down their energy bills to a great extent. They come with glossy powder coated paint with a superior finish which ensures a longer life. These fans offer high permeability grade electric steel lamination which ensures long durability. For best Usha ceiling fans price visit Moglix.

Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fans - Crompton Greaves ceiling fans are equipped with strong motors, double ball bearings for silent operation and aerodynamically developed blades that provide maximum delivery of air. We have updated our online collection with the newest range of Crompton Greaves ceiling fans.

Orient Ceiling Fans - The Orient ceiling fans sourced by us come with reversible motors that offer cool air during summer and warm air during the winter. Minimal noise is ensured by the precise alignment of the motor with the balanced blade assembly. The Orient ceiling fans available online here have a simplistic design.

Made from the best quality of metal, they are tangentially placed. These models are equipped with a rod that supports the blades over a significant time period. They ensure the availability of uniform air across all parts of the room.

Buy the Best Ceiling Fans Online

Shopping for the best ceiling fans, which are available in a wide range online, is one of the most cost-effective ways of building a cooling system at your home or workplace. You may get fans in a variety of sizes and blade counts, as well as designer fans with lights which will quickly improve the ambiance of the room. Small ceiling fans work well in small spaces to make the space appear larger, and they're also ideal for the kitchen. Top manufacturers such as Urja Lite, Candes, Havells, Luminous, Orient, and others offer these fans online.

Q: Can ceiling fans be used for a long time?

The new designs of ceiling fans which we have online offer are equipped with sturdy motors which offer seamless oscillation over a long period of time. They have high speed due to their quick start high torque motor. Therefore, they can be used over a long span of time.

Q: Are ceiling fans better than the others?

The USP of ceiling fans available online are mentioned below for your reference -

  • High speed ceiling fans offer optimum level of cooling and can operate even under low voltage.

  • Ceiling fans can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

  • They have a high a contemporary design that goes well with the decor of properties.

  • The fans have aerodynamically designed blades which move seamlessly to offer a satisfactory quality of cooling across all parts of a room.

  • The compact weight of the fans ensures that users do not face a lot of hardship while installing them in homes or commercial establishments.

  • These designer ceiling fans available online come with a wide range of shades that match well with the color of the rooms. Therefore they can create a perfect mood within rooms.

To Choose the best ceiling fan for your home, refer to our Ceiling Fans Buying Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Fans

How does solar powered ceiling fans work?

Solar powered fans operate through power generated by solar panels. If required, solar fans can operate both through AC and DC current.

What is a good airflow of the ceiling fan?

An airflow of a ceiling fan is considered good if it lies between 200-250 CMM.

How to choose the right ceiling fan for a home?

Choosing the right fan totally depends on your requirement and the room size. E.g. - for a room with size of 10*12 Ft., 1200 MM sweep fan with 200-250 CMM air delivery works great

What are energy efficient fans?

Energy efficient fans reduces your electricity consumption. These fans can save up to Rs.1000- 1200 over the year in electricity bill

Which is the best ceiling fan in India?

Some of the best ceiling fans in India include - Havells Pacer and Orient Electric Wendy

Ceiling Fans - Price Range

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