Everything about Luminous Fans: Types and top rated models

Everything about Luminous Fans: Types and top rated models

Fans come under essential electrical appliances. No building is complete without fans. Especially now that summer is about to bestow us with its presence, we understand you might be looking for fans to install at your homes, offices or factories. Fans are indeed the most cost efficient way of getting cool air that would beat the harsh heat of Indian summers.

Fans also serve as a style statement, these attract so much attention, that they are one of the first things that people notice when entering a room. So most brands are coming up with ultra stylish and elegant designs that merge well with the theme of your place.

One such brand that not only caters fans with the best quality and the latest technology, but also mesmerizing styles is Luminous. Luminous is a well known brand in India that produces electrical appliances. They have a wide variety and range of fans.

Their fans are designed to be energy efficient as they understand the effects of excess energy consumption. Their fans also do away with noise. Luminous also has a range of smart Luminous fans which can be operated from anywhere from your phone.

Whatever type and technology you might require, Luminous has you covered!

So, if you are aspiring to make a purchase, we have got every information that you might need sorted for you. Let's take a look at all the options that Lumious provides its customers with.

Types of Luminous Fans:

Luminous Ceiling Fans-

Luminous ceiling fans come with some of the most stylish looking fans. They have multiple ranges that one can choose from. Their Signature range that consists of models Jaipur, Londone, Rio and Newyork will definitely be the most elegant addition in your room. Most Luminous Ceiling Fans have 3 or 4 blades. The sweep range is from 600 mm to 1400 mm. These are majorly known for their energy efficiency, which reduces about 50% of energy consumption.

Top Sellers

Luminous Exhaust Fans-

Luminous also offers a range of exhaust fans. Luminous exhaust fans are especially designed to control the ventilation of a room. These are best suited for kitchens and bathrooms. These fans are also used in factories. Luminous exhaust fans not only look after the ventilation, but also control the odour and humidity, keepin the air fresh. Most of these have 3-4 blades, but more than that are also available. The sweep length ranges between 100-300 mm. These are a must buy for healthy breathable air.

Luminous Stand Fans-

Luminous stand fans are portable and easy to carry fans. Stand fans are also known as pedestal fans, as these are mounted on a pedestal. These require external plug-ins for power. These are extremely useful for when you do not want a fixed fan and want to use the same in multiple rooms. These are best suited for shops and places where ceiling fans can not be supported. Luminous Pedestal Fans have aluminium or plastic blades and most of these use BLDC technology.

Luminous Table Fans-

Luminous table fans are some of the best in the market. These are portable and durable. These can be carried anywhere and thus are a great option for outdoor gatherings or people who are always on a move. Table fans are best suited for small rooms as their air throw is not large. These fans also have a safety metal grill around the blades to prevent any mishap. Most of these come with 3 blades with a 400 mm sweep.

Luminous Wall Fans-

As the name suggests these are fixed on walls, instead of ceilings. These are especially popular among commercial buildings, like banks, where a lot of area is to be covered, as most of these come with a mobile fan head that throws air in all directions. Luminous wall fans look very modern and can definitely elevate the look of your office.

Luminous LED Fans-

Luminous is also known for its premium range of ceiling fans with lights. Luminous fans with light or underlight can really give an edge to your space. These fans have an underlight attached to the fans, which rotates along with the fan. Luminous LED fans also come with a remote controller and have a high air delivery. These may have 3-5 blades and have stylish finishes like wood finish. These LED fans will surely highlight your room.

These were some of the major categories of fans that you can find depending upon your requirements. While we are at it, let's also discuss some of the best ranges that Luminous offers, so that you can make a better and more informed choice.

  • Luminous Audie-

Luminous Audie fans are one of their best sellers. The Audie range consists of highly efficient and designer fans which consist of 3 blades. These have a sweep of 1200 mm. If you look for the Luminous fan high speed category, these will surely be the first to show up. These come in attractive colours like gold, ivory and silver. These are also economical and will give your place an alluring look without burning holes in your pockets. These have a RPM of 380 and a power consumption of 78 W. These are truly a great option if you want a stylish ceiling fan under budget.

  • Luminous Josh-

Luminous Josh Fans range is classic and traditional looking one, which will give your space a professional and clean look. These are extremely economical. These come in colours like white, brown and ivory. These have 3 blades and sweep of 1200 mm. These have a speed of 380 RPM and a power consumption of 68 W. These also come under high speed fans. If you are looking for a fan on the sole basis of its working and have a tight budget, this can be a great fit!


This was all the information we could combine to give you a comprehensive idea about Luminous and its well devised fans. Luminous will surely cater all your needs and give you the best experience. Since, it is such a well known brand it also offers some of the best warranty perks and customer services. So, go ahead and make a purchase at Moglix and grab some amazing deals..!