Top Havells Fan types for effective and efficient cooling

Top Havells Fan types for effective and efficient cooling

Electronic Appliances, one of the most important inventions that made daily life of a man easy, is being reinvented every single day with new features and new innovations. Powered by electricity and working on a just a flip of a switch, electric appliances include kitchen and household appliances too. As days go on, a single day in a man's life does not end without the use of even a single electrical appliance.

Appliances are found everywhere in a house or in an environment. They are created with style and great components, with care, since even the tiniest malfunction can lead to dangerous consequences. Some of the most commonly used electronic appliances include the washing machine, lights, ovens and the most vital one, the Fans that cool the entire household.

Havells Fans:

Commonly defined as an electronic apparatus that has attached rotating blades, which when spun, produce current of cool air that cools the surroundings, Fans are used for cooling and ventilation. They are found with many special features like energy saving, LED lights,LoT, anti dust, noise cancellation, remote functioning and much more.

Havells, still topping the manufacture of fans after decades, innovates and produces new models of fans every single day and the qualities of fans are second to none. They are good old home appliances that cool us and are available in various models and such. Some of the famous models of fans brought to you by Havells include:

Why choose Havells Fans?

Havells Fans are built with the best materials and come with great, innovative features and provide sufficient air flow. They are also highly affordable and found in various designs. Their energy consumption is also low and can be fixed anywhere, which not only includes halls and bedrooms but also in bathrooms, balconies, offices, shops, dining halls and more.

Some of the fan models of Havells and their interesting features:

Havells Exhaust Fans:

A great way to keep away unsafe gases, bad odors and impurities and to stop the formation of harmful molds,Havells Exhaust fans are normally fixed in kitchens and bathrooms. They keep away bad odours and keep the air inside the rooms healthy and clean.

They are the best solutions for odour problems and can be found in sleek and light weight designs. When maintained properly, they tend to last for years and are available at affordable rates.

Havells Stand Fan:

Highly sold for their model, Havells Stand Fan has an elegantly designed stand that can be adjusted in various heights, on which the three bladed fan is attached on top. They are controlled by pull chains and are set to have jerk free oscillation. They can be stood anywhere and the oscillation can be changed according to your positions. They are also fixed with superior low voltage performance.

Havells Table Fans:

Portable, Small yet producing the same amount of air as all the other fans ,Havells Table Fans provide the best spot circulation of air people normally look for. Table fans can also be used as exhaust fans , by keeping them in rooms, full of smoke and odour. They can be carried anywhere and they also keep the humidity level in check. They are kept in the kitchen, study rooms, balcony and much more.

Havells Wall Fan:

Havells Wall Fans are mounted on walls, and they don't consume space on either the ceiling or floors. They add an element of style to the walls and rooms, and can be fixed in places anywhere a person can think can. They are normally fixed in lounges, seating areas and much more.

Havells Pedestal Fan:

Controlled with remotes and attached along with timer settings and on/off functions, Havells Pedestal Fans are mounted on sturdy bases and have adjustable height stands. They are also known as Stand Fans and are best used in clubs, restaurants and lobbies. They are attached with castor wheels for mobility and have multiple speed settings.

Havells Standard Fan:

Otherwise popularly known as Ceiling Fans, Havells Standard Fans are three bladed frans that are fixed on the ceiling and circulate air throughout the entire room. They normally have 5 speed settings and are found in various colours and textures to suit the ambience of the room. They are energy efficient and add style to the room.

Havells Fan with Light:

Havells Premium Underlight fans, as they are professionally known, are fixed with lights under blades that can be controlled with remote control. They are diffused lights of premium quality, and the number of blades can last upto even 6.

Havells Stealth Air:

Havells Stealth Air fans are newly modeled that come under the special finish designs. Their rated voltage normally lasts between 220 V-240V. They have a rich exotic look, that comes under various colors and usually has a guarantee of up to 2 years.

Havells Enticer:

A Fan that looks like a piece of art, Havells Enticer is found in various aesthetic colours, that give them a rich look of grandeur. They are high speeds fans that produce approximately 290 revolutions per minute. Unique 3D designs, High Performance at Low Voltage, Dust Resistant are some of their unique features.

Havells BDC Fans:

By differing from normal DC fans with their commutation methods, Havells BDC Fans have no brushes so that commutation is done by driving algorithm. It consumes 60% less electricity than the basic induction fan. They run 3 times longer than a regular ceiling fan on inverter power and are found in various styles.

Havells Reo Fans:

Maintained and made with a high level of excellence and perfectly engineered, Havell Reo Fans are a product of Reo , a branch of Havells. The ceiling fans are aesthetically designed and are normally ceiling models. They are high speed and come in different styles.

Havells SS:

Havells SS fans are a type of ceiling fans where the special features include high performance even at low voltage, and have highest air delivery with pre-invented blades. They are perfectly affordable and are available in many colours and have 3 blades. Havells SS 390 1200mm Bianco Ceiling Fan is the best rated product under this category.


Havells, a brand like no other, has been manufacturing the best fans for decades without even a tiny flaw. They are made with handpicked materials and good components, engineered with the best techniques. They add style and ambience to the place they are fixed, along with a great circulation of cool air. They are worth your money and can be guaranteed for a long lasting life of the appliance. Get the best Havells fans at Moglix and keep your surroundings clean and cool.