Types of Room Heaters and Their Uses

Room heaters are regarded as one of the most useful and efficient household appliances to have ever existed. They are easy to use, readily available and do not have large maintenance expenses. With the level of technological advancement today, room heaters are economical and take up minimal space. Weather conditions in parts of northern India can make it necessary to own a room heater to combat the chilly winter nights. It is crucial to understand how different types of room heaters function and understand the various price ranges that they are available in. Our aim through this report is to clearly understand which type of heater you should purchase without getting confused.

These room heaters available in the market can be segregated based on their principle of heating. There are conventional heaters which use a coil to generate heat. conduction heaters which use a metallic panel which is electrically charged and finally, Radiant heaters, which use infrared radiation for heating purposes.


A Blower room heater is cheaper than oil and gas-based heaters and more economical in terms of affordability. They are easier to use than most modern electric heaters, extremely portable as they are usually small to medium-sized and can heat up a small room in a matter of minutes. A blower room heater uses centrifugal force to propel hot air in a certain direction and the coil heats up faster than most heaters, allowing it to be more efficient and effective to use. They have a fan propeller inside the mechanism which heats the air around the room faster creating a hot draft which makes heating even in extreme temperatures and conditions possible. Blower heaters are easily available online at Moglix.

Oil room heater:

An oil room heater is a common type of convection heater that is a great choice. The mechanism electrically heats the oil, and contrary to popular belief, the oil is not burned and used as a fuel, it is used as a heat reservoir. An oil room heater allows you to adjust the thermostat and customize thermal preferences. They do not consist of a fan and hence use a radiant-convection form of thermal energy allowing them to be silent and completely noise-free.

They are available in various sizes and are offered in various price ranges depending on the brand and model. Oil room heaters use oil and in term offer long term heating. They are steady heaters and heat the room for a longer period of time than most heaters.

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