Types of Usha ceiling fans available in the market

Types of Usha ceiling fans available in the market

Usha International Limited is one of India's leading companies in sectors like sales, manufacturing, and marketing. Founded in 1934, Usha International Limited is an extension of the Siddharth Shriram group. They aim to meet customer requirements and needs by providing high-quality products. They ensure that these products are safe and environment-friendly. Apart from customer satisfaction, customer service, and product quality, they also ensure equal employment opportunities and ethical dealings.

The brand has become one of the most prominent brands in Indian households today. Usha International Limited has a diverse collection of home appliances, kitchen appliances, fans, sewing machines, fabric care equipment, water coolers/ dispensers, room coolers and heaters, water heaters, electric water pumps, and much more. This article deals with the fans produced by this brand. Usha fans come in different types; some include ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, and special types of fans.

Types of Usha ceiling fans in the market:

Ceiling fans are those that are mounted on ceilings. Usha fans have multiple amounts of series under ceiling fans. Some of these are:

  • Lifestyle fans have metal and wooden finish with detachable lights. This is a perfect mix of aesthetic beauty and excellent functionality. Hunter Cabo Frio, Hunter Maribel, Helios, Fontana Maple are a few.
  • Usha Bloom fan series are inspired by blooming flower petals. They come in multiple shades with elegant three or four blades. Bloom Lily, Bloom Dahlia, Bloom Bellflower, Bloom Daffodil, Bloom Primrose, and Bloom Magnolia are the ones that come under this series.
  • Goodbye Dust Series fans are coated with polyurethane lacquer that repels water, oil, and dust. These fans are extremely easy to clean. The three fans that come in this series are Usha Striker Galaxy, Striker Platinum, and Elza.
  • Energy Saving fans deliver powerful air while consuming 30% less power supply. These fans are less noisy but more classy and secure. Apart from energy conservation, they have excellent style, and performance. Energia 32, Nabila, Stricker Plus are some Usha ceiling fans with high speed.
  • Kids fans series are designed specially for kids. Barbie Dreamtopia, Barbie You Can Be Anything, ChhotaBheem Sports, and Doraemon Fly Away are a few designs produced in such a manner that their creativity and adventure is the first thing they see when they wake up and the last one when they go to bed. These fans are remote control fans.
  • Universal fans are the typical, ordinary but efficient ones in almost all households. They work at optimum speed and produce powerful wind. Striker Millennium 1200MM, Allure Deluxe 4 Blade, Striker 1400MM, Striker 600MM, and Usha Racer fans are a few Universal fans.
  • Certain others like Usha Aerolux, Camellia, Cassian, Aeolus, Vesper, Aurelia, and Viator do not fall in the above categories. These fans have special designs to produce a powerful wind supply with less power consumption. Apart from offering the best functionality, they are extremely stylish.

Usha pedestal fans:

One of the demerits of ceiling fans is that their position is always fixed. It cannot be moved around like pedestal fans or table fans. With Usha pedestal fans, you can choose where you want to get your fresh air from. May it be indoor or outdoor, as long as you have a plug point, you can enjoy a cool, heat-free continuous air supply with Usha pedestal fans.

They are equipped with height adjustment facilities as well as an easy tilting mechanism that helps in adjusting the air supply to different heights and directions. Usha Farrata fans, Turbo 180, Farrata EX, Usha Mist Air Icy, Colossus, Helix Pro High-Speed, Usha Maxx Air, and Maxx Air Super are some of the pedestal fans by Usha.

Usha Niebla, Circulo. Seguro and Calma are specially designed Usha pedestal fans to give an extra cool misty feeling. There are more comfortable and silent fans but are proportionately expensive.

Usha table fan:

Ceiling fans are not portable and hence the solution was pedestal fans. But these fans are big and heavy. For this problem, Usha came up with Usha table fans that are compact and lightweight. These fans are easily portable and can be placed on any tabletop.

The easy tilt mechanism helps to adjust the airflow in different directions. Helix Mega table fan, Striker Hi-Speed table fan, Maxx Air and Maxx Air Super table fans, Mist Air Duos Table Fan, Mist Air Icy Table Fan, Wind, and Swift are the table fans produced by Usha.

Usha wall fan:

This is much like the ceiling fans. The difference between the two is that ceiling fans are on the ceiling whereas wall fans are mounted on the wall. They cannot be portable like the ceiling fans but they are compact and lightweight like table fans. Usha wall fans have powerful features packed into their compact structure which provides effective cooling.

These fans are ideal for small apartments, offices, and small-scale shops. Wall fans produced by Usha are Turbo 180, Mist Air Icy with remote and without remote, Misty Air Duos Colossus, Helix Mega, Helix Pro, Pentacool, Striker Hi-Speed, Maxx Air and Maxx Air Super and Maxx Air Dew.

Usha exhaust fan:

Exhaust fans function as a means to throw out stale and unpleasant air from the inside. There are multiple varieties and builds when it comes to Usha Exhaust fans. Their designs range from the traditional, old-class ones to the new and improved sleek, elegant finish exhaust fans. The latest designs in Usha wall fans have automatic shutters and rust proof body that is the best one for your modern kitchen.

Aeroclean series and Striker series have grills and blades made to resist accumulated oil and dust. Crisp series have automatic shutters and are best for bathrooms and kitchens. Crisp Air Premia AF comes in a sleek, elegant design with hidden blades. It is quite easy to install and is ideal for wall, ceiling, or glass mounting.

Usha Special Application fans:

Usha has designed a special application, sleek and classy fans to suit your interior. They are equipped with amazing features like superior air circulation and effective and powerful air delivery. Dominaire Pedestal and Dominaire Wall are two special application fans.

Dynamo is a high-speed personal fan that can be mounted on walls, tables, or ceiling whereas Turbo Multipurpose can be mounted on walls and tables. Mist Air Icy Rotocab is a 360-degree ceiling fan that provides wide air circulation coverage. Mist Air Prime is a Usha tower fan with a cutting-edge ultra-thin design. It has a sleek, elegant look as well as tubular blowers to maximize airflow.


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