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Buy Diesel and Petrol Engine Oil at Moglix and Enjoy a Smooth Ride

Engine is the heart of any vehicle and keeping it well-maintained is mandatory. A poorly maintained engine will harm the performance and overall ride quality of the vehicle even if you have a premium car or motorbike.

Maintaining the vehicle’s engine, simply means oiling it on a regular interval. The engine comprises a set of different parts that convert fuel to mechanical energy, giving life to your ride. The parts of the engine are made of metals, which cause friction and impact its performance. This is where engine oil comes into play. Diesel engine oil or petrol engine oil keeps the engine in smooth working condition.

3 Main Types of Four and Two Wheeler Engine Oils

Before buying any engine oil, it is necessary to know about the types of engines and the kind of oil your vehicle needs. There are 3 main categories of engine oils such as

Mineral oils - Produced from refined petroleum products, the mineral engine oils are thicker than other kinds of oils. This is one of the best two-wheeler engine oils and is best suited for engines without turbochargers or older vehicle models. The oxidation stability of this oil is lower than other oils, so it needs frequent changes. Further, they can be used in moderate climates and are more economical compared to other oils.

Synthetic oils - Synthetic engine oil is produced by combining several synthetic components. Designed for high-speed and high-performance vehicles, this oil is perfect for auto-racing vehicles. Synthetic engine oils are better in quality and contain minimum impurities. They are also apt for high temperatures and do not require frequent changing for petrol and diesel engines.

Semi-Synthetic oils - Made from the combination of synthetic and mineral oils, semi-synthetic oils incorporate all the good qualities of synthetic and mineral oil. The quality and price ratio of this oil are wonderful and it provides better performance. It protects the engine in a better way and doesn’t need frequent changes.

Diesel Engine Oil versus Petrol Engine Oil

Vehicles either have diesel or petrol engines, which means diesel engines use diesel as fuel where petrol is used by the petrol engine. Mineral oils are ideal for diesel engines whereas synthetic and semi-synthetic oils work best for petrol engines.

Key Points to Know Before Buying Engine Oil

Consider the grades of the engine oil before purchasing. In case the temperature exceeds the grade, the oil will likely thin and lose viscosity. The oil will freeze if the temperature goes below the oil grade.

  • --> Engine size varies, thus buy the oil according to the engine’s size.

  • --> Go for oil with higher viscosity as they provide better lubrication.

  • --> Select oils with additives because they are natural cleaners, neutralizing acidity and removing dirt from the engine.

  • --> Choose the oil that complies with the compliance standard of the country.

Now that you know all the important things about engine oils, buy petrol or diesel engine oil at affordable prices at