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Positive impact of GST on SMEs

On July 1, 2017, GST came into practice, which has a lot of influence on individuals, businesses and overall Indian economic scenario. Through the value of the chain, the crystal clear and unbiased way to bring all indirect taxes together, GST One of the main features of GST is that goods and services are considered…

Indian Logistics Trends

Indian Logistic Trends 2019 Discussed

The logistics sector has a good share of around 13% in India’s GDP. The sector is growing exponentially with higher investments and drift toward technology. This segment is undergoing continuous changes in security and automation, being the most important aspects. Like every sector, logistic also faces some challenges, along with reforms initiated by the Government….

6 SME Business Trends to Observe in 2019

A catalyst for India’s growth, the SME sector is developing exponentially. Small and medium enterprises have been receiving and providing great work opportunities with the growing digitization.  Irrespective of infrastructure or financial constraints, SME continues to support the Indian economy. In this league, the Government of India is also taking various initiatives, one of them…

Procurement trends 2019

Five Top Procurement Trends 2019: Cloud, Blockchain and AI to dominate

Within the rapidly changing and increasingly computerized world, procurement has evolved from an operative, administrative system to a more strategic function. Read views by Rahul Garg, CEO & Founder, Moglix on top five trends shaping the procurement organizations in 2019. Source https://bit.ly/2CxPtGF Procurement Trends 2019: Technology and digitalisation are dramatically changing customer experiences and expectations. Within the…