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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Surgical Instruments from a renowned brand Downz. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Downz Surgical Instruments . Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

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Downz 20cm Deaver Baby Retractor, DR-108-25
Downz 21cm Desjardin Forceps, DF-165-21-1
  • Rust Free

  • Easy to Clean

Downz 25cm Masson-Luethy Needle Holder, DF-181-25
  • Dust Free

  • Material: Stainless Steel

Downz 14cm Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder, DF-185-14
  • Easy to Clean

  • Rust Free

Downz 20cm St. Birkett Forceps, DF-113-20S
Downz 5 Inch Cvd St/T.C Goldman-Fox Scissor, DTC-102-13C
Downz 2.5mm Debakey Dissecting Forceps, DT-103-20, Length: 20 cm
Downz 15cm St. Metzenbaum Nelson Scisssor, DS-125-15-S
Downz 18cm Ramsay Dissecting Forceps, DT-125-18 T
Downz 13cm Reposition Bone Intestinal Clamps, DF-203-13
Downz 17cm SH/BL Operating Scissor, DS-118-17-C
Downz 2.5mm Debakey Dissecting Forceps, DT-103-25, Length: 25 cm
Downz 15cm Bozemann Needle Holder, DF-179-15
Downz 17cm Cvd. Metzenbaum Nelson Scisssor, DS-126-17-C
Downz 15cm SH/SH Cvd. Operating Scissor, DS-116-15-C
Downz 50mm St. Bulldog Clamp, DM-158
By: Downz
₹1,5125% OFF
Downz 12.5cm Derf Needle Holder, DF-176-12.5
Downz 20cm Braun Uterine Forceps, DF-143-20
Downz 15cm Debakay Allice Forceps, DF-170-15
Downz 20cm St. Gwallian Forceps, DF-120-20S
By: Downz
₹1,5125% OFF
Downz 15cm SH/SH St/T.C Operating Scissor, DTC-107-15S
Downz 15cm P Non-Tooth Standard Dissecting Forceps, DT-108-15
Downz 15cm SH/BL St. Operating Scissor, DS-115-15-S
Downz 35cm Payr Clamp, DF-139-35
By: Downz
₹7,3925% OFF
Downz 18cm Bonney Dissecting Forceps, DT-124-18 T
Downz 20cm T.C Mayo Heggar Needle Holder, DTC-118-20
Downz 12cm P Non-Tooth Semken Dissecting Forceps, DT-112-12
Downz 15cm T.C Gillies Needle & Scissor, DTC-115-15
Downz 25cm T Tooth Standard Dissecting Forceps, DT-108-25
Downz 15cm St. Reynolds Scissor, DS-107-15-S
Downz 2mm Debakey Dissecting Forceps, DT-102-20, Length: 20 cm
Downz 15cm T.C Crilewood Needle Holder, DTC-119-15
Downz 20cm Wertheim Scissor, DS-130-20
By: Downz
₹9245% OFF
Downz 8 Inch Cvd St/T.C Reynolds-Jemison's Scissor, DTC-103-20C
Downz 2.5mm Debakey Dissecting Forceps, DT-103-18, Length: 18 cm
Downz 20cm Cvd. Spencer-Wells Forceps, DF-107-20C
Downz 12.5cm SH/SH Cvd. Operating Scissor, DS-116-12-C
Downz 20cm Cvd St/T.C Mayo Scissor, DTC-104-20C
Downz 20cm Deaver Baby Retractor, DR-108-12