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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Electric Kettle from a renowned brand Prestige. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Prestige Electric Kettle . Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

Prestige Kettles With Higher Energy Efficiency for Better Savings

An Electric Kettle has become one of the most essential kitchen devices in most of our households. Apart from boiling water, it has several other uses to offer. Prestige Kettles are built with premium quality and various capacity ranges. They are designed with a fine handle, classic design, and wider mouth opening, making their cleaning easier. They are highly energy-efficient compared to a microwave or an electric stove and thus attractive and deserving to be a part of every kitchen. If you are a person who regularly needs hot water or prefers to drink coffee or tea frequently, then the kettles from Prestige are your ideal choice as it makes the process quicker and easier.

Top Features to Fulfil Your Needs with various Options

  • --> An Electric Kettle is a simple device that works on electricity. Electricity is used to produce heat which in turn heats the liquid in the kettle.

  • --> Prestige Electric Kettles are elegantly and ergonomically designed with Single-Touch Lid Locking.

  • --> The Automatic Cut-Off takes place once the water boils appropriately.

  • --> They are built with a wide mouth and Concealed Element, thus facilitating easy cleaning.

  • --> Power Indicator and a 360-degree Swivel Base help you adjust the device as per your requirement.

  • --> Hot water or coffee can be prepared in minutes enabling busy people to savor their cup of beverage whenever they want.

  • --> They use a power of 1500 watts- 230 volts.

Prestige Electric Kettles and Their Advantages:

These Kettles are portable: The Prestige Electric Kettle is a simple to use kitchen device that can be taken with you wherever you go and used to heat water. They're perfect for usage in areas like hotel rooms and offices as they just need a power outlet.

However, some newly released electric kettles are designed to function with car USB charging outlets as well. This property makes them extremely portable, which is advantageous for frequent travelers.

Electric Kettle is user-friendly and safe: The Kettle's exterior is made of insulating material. In comparison to a stovetop kettle, this feature makes it easier to handle the kettle when it is hot.

The Prestige hot water Kettle can heat any liquid to a required temperature: Different people require water at different temperatures depending on their requirements or needs. The Prestige hot water kettle is handy in this situation because it has a built-in thermostat where you can adjust the desired temperature.

Electric Kettle is a multipurpose device: The Kettle is built with the feature to heat any liquid apart from water. One can use it to heat milk, prepare tea, coffee, soup, boiled eggs, etc.

Electric Kettle automatic shut-off feature: They are designed with setup and circuits that automatically turn off the heat once the desired or set temperature is attained. This is especially useful for folks who are always in a hurry.

Using an Electric Kettle saves time: The ability to save time is a significant benefit of using these kettles. Boiling water for tea or coffee takes about ten minutes with a stovetop kettle, while it takes less than five minutes with an electric kettle.

Buy Prestige Kettles Online

Now you can shop for Prestige Kettles online at the comfort of your home or workplace. Shopping online gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of electric kettles offered by Prestige. They come with various features, elegant designs, and variable prices to enable you to pick the appliance as per your need and choice. Order now and enjoy the hassle-free shopping experience.

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