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Planet Noah 6 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller & Health Care System, PN-ELEC-004
  • Easy to Use & 100% Shock Proof

  • Effective on Mice, Bugs, Lizards, Spiders, Mosquitoes & Pest

Earth Innovation 1500sq Black Ultrasonic Rat & Rodent Pest Repeller for Home, Office & Kitchen with 1 Year Replacement Warranty, F1-EI86HC
By: Earth Innovation
₹6,99953% OFF
  • 6th Generation Pest Repeller, Wide Coverage Area, Plug & play

  • The Ultrasound Sound Waves Emitted by the Repeller are Typically...

Planet Noah DFGH 2 Pcs Plastic Blue Eco Friendly Pop Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Set, PN-ELEC-003
  • 365nm Wavelength UV Light to Attract Mosquitoes & Bug, Kill...

  • No Refilling Required, No Radiation, Operation is Simple & Easy

Chronovex Industrial 2ft Stainless Steel Grey Double Choke Insect Killer Machine
Chronovex 3 Tube White Glue Pad Fly Catcher Machine
By: Chronovex
₹6,49017% OFF
  • Completely Silent Gum Trap

Planet Noah Home Suraksha 6 in 1 Pest Repeller & Health Care System, PN-ELEC-005
  • Effective on Mice, Bugs, Lizards, Spiders, Mosquitoes & Pest

Earth Innovation 3500sq Sonic Sound Rat & Rodent Repellent Device for Home, Office & Kitchen with 1 Year Replacement Warranty, EI-13RDUO
By: Earth Innovation
₹10,29916% OFF
  • This Sonic Sound is Audible to Humans, Environment Friendly Alternative...

  • It is Safer than Traditional Rat Repellents, Repels Such Pests...

A-One 19x13.5x13.5cm Black LED UV Silent Insect Trap Light with Suction Fan
  • No High Voltage Electric, Eliminates Flies Quietly & Safely

  • Strong LED light, Effectively Attract Mosquitoes & Insects In

Earth Innovation 2500sq Ultrasonic Rat & Rodent Pest Repeller for Home, Office & Kitchen with 1 Year Replacement Warranty, F2-EI07ID
By: Earth Innovation
₹8,49928% OFF
  • Has a Power Saving Mode that Consumes Very Little Electricity,...

  • This Machine is Effective Against Rats, Mice, Bats, Squirrels &

Earth Innovation 1500sq Strong Wave Sonic Ultrasound Rodent Repeller for Home, Office & Kitchen with 1 Year Replacement Warranty, F1-EI86HC01
By: Earth Innovation
₹6,99953% OFF
  • Unlike Some Traditional Pest Control Methods that May Offer Temporary...

  • 6th Generation Pest Repeller, Wide Coverage Area, Plug & play

A-One 11.5x6.5x2cm Plastic Mosquito Killer Led Night Lamp
  • No Smoke, No Allergy, No Suffocation, Economical use, Low Electricity

Oreva ORMR-017 400mAh Plastic Mosquito Racquet with LED Light
  • Over Charging Protection & 3 Grill Use

Chronovex Power Killer 2ft CRC Iron White Electric Fly Insect Killer Machine
Orbit MK-04 Electric Insect Mosquito Killer
By: Orbit
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 9167981567

Oreva 400mAh ABS Blue Heavy Duty Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket
  • Extra Large Net Size, Two Switch Protection, Led Indicator &

  • Fast Charging, Eco Friendly, Easy to Use & Handy Design

Elegant Casa Electric Mosquito Killer Bat Racket Trap with Powerful Battery, 01
Elegant Casa Electric Mosquito Killer Bat Racket Trap with Powerful Battery
Oreva ORMR-027 400mAh ABS Shock Proof Triple Layer Mosquito & Insects Repellent Racket
  • Led Indicator Mosquito Killing Switch, Removable Battery Wall & Hanging

  • Over Charging Protection, Two Switch Protection

Chronovex Black High Adhesive Glue Pad for Fly Catcher
By: Chronovex
Available on Request
  • Sturdy Structure & Perfect Finish

Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Pests With Quality Repellent Machines

Mosquitoes, flies, and other disease-carrying pests can pose serious health hazards. Using professional insect repellent machines is an effective solution to keep establishments like offices, factories, hospitals, schools etc. protected from these irritating bugs.

Let's explore the types of insect repellent machines, how they work, factors to consider when selecting them, leading brands, and why Moglix is the ideal platform to get them.

Insect repellent machines utilise different technologies for area-wide control of mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects, providing a clean, pest-free environment.

Let's examine the main types available and read on to find the best mosquito repellent for your office or your premises.

Types of Insect Repellent Machines

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers - Emit high-frequency sound waves that are irritating and repelling to many insect species, including bed bugs. Safe for humans.
  • Electric Bug Zappers - Use UV light to attract and electrocute flying insects like mosquitoes and moths that approach the grid.
  • Mosquito Killer Racquets - Portable handheld zappers with inbuilt rechargeable batteries and electric grids to kill mosquitoes on contact.
  • Mosquito Traps - Use warm LED light, CO2 and scent lures to attract, trap, and dehydrate mosquitoes in an enclosed chamber away from humans.
  • Insecticide Fogging Machines - Disperse fine insecticidal fogs into the air to control mosquitoes and other flying/crawling pests in large areas. Require proper ventilation.

How Different Insect Repellent Machines Work

Ultrasonic machines use high-pitched sound waves that are inaudible to humans but extremely irritating for certain insect species, driving them away. 

Electric bug zappers lure flies and mosquitoes using UV light and exterminate them via an electrified metal grid.

Some mosquito repeller machine traps employ heat, CO2 and chemical attractants to mimic human presence. Mosquitoes get trapped in sticky cartridges or dehydration chambers. Advanced traps use WiFi to monitor the capture rate. 

Fogging machines use thermo-mechanical means to generate very fine insecticidal mists that stay airborne and kill pests on contact.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Insect Repellent Machines

  1. Coverage Area – Required treatment range based on your room size determines machine capacity and settings.
  2. Pest-specific Effectiveness – Certain machines work better for flies, others for mosquitoes, bed bugs etc. Choose per your pest prevalence.
  3. Technology Type – Evaluate ultrasonic, zapper, trapping or fogging effectiveness for target application.
  4. Safety Features – Your insect or mosquito repellent machine must meet electrical safety standards. Foggers should have thermal cut-offs. Zappers need protected grids.
  5. Easy Maintenance – Replaceable cartridges and washable collection trays simplify upkeep. Automated operations are better.
  6. Cost – Larger capacity commercial-grade models cost more but justify with wider coverage and durability.

Top Brands of Insect Repellent Machines


Known for innovative pest control solutions like the Chronovex Insect Trap which uses purple LEDs and airflow to attract and trap mosquitoes without insecticides or zapping.

Planet Noah

Planet Noah offers indoor ultrasonic pest repellers along with powerful options like the Zero Insect Fogger which disperses water-based insecticidal fogs up to 8000 sq. ft.

Earth Innovation

Manufacturer of the advanced Smart Pest Repeller that uses ultrasonic repelling, trapping and insecticide fogs powered by a rechargeable battery with USB charging facility.


Oreva is a reputed brand with a wide range of plug-and-use ultrasonic repellers, electric and rechargeable mosquito zappers and indoor insect traps.


Known for cutting-edge products like the Orbit Eco-Friendly Mosquito Trap which uses a patented non-toxic attractant along with fan suction to trap mosquitoes.

Get The Top-Quality Insect Repellent Machines

With pest menaces like mosquitoes and flies threatening health and productivity, establishments today need professional-grade insect-repellent machines that provide area-wide protection safely and efficiently. 

At Moglix, you get a wide range of ultrasonic, electric, trapping and fogging-based insect repellent machines from leading brands for indoor and outdoor use. Their website lists various types of insects repellent machine with details and reviews to consider before you purchase. Buy from Moglix today to keep your premises pest-free.