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Buy Stabilizers Online to Regulate Voltage of Electric Appliances

A stabilizer plays a major role in ensuring the constant supply of voltage current to electronic equipment such as refrigerators, ACs, and PCs. Usually, most of the electrical equipment or devices are designed for a vast range of input voltage. Subject to the sensitivity, the working variety of the equipment is limited to a certain value, for example, some equipment can stand 10 percent of the rated voltage while others can only stand 5 percent or less. The current instability is quite common in many parts, particularly at ended lines.

So the voltage constancy and correctness decide the correct operation of the equipment. Voltage stabilizers, therefore, ensure that the voltage fluctuations at the incoming power supply do not affect the load or electrical appliance.

Protected, filtered and stable power supply is very important for an electrical device to function. A correct and stabilized voltage supply is necessary for the device to perform its planned function in a much better way.

Therefore, voltage stabilizer is a problem solver for anyone who desires to get the best performance and protects their devices against these irregular voltage fluctuations and other disturbances present in the supply.

Different Types of Voltage Stabilizers Available Online at Moglix

To meet the ever-rising needs of buyers, Moglix presents an exciting collection of voltage stabilizers. These have both low and high cut protection. Some of these models come with the feature of Intelli thermal management. They have both under volt as well as overvolt protection. These stabilizers can be wall-mounted and ensure an ideal level of savings on electricity. They come with silver caked relays.

We are also offering automatic voltage stabilizers for home use as a part of this collection. These stabilizers come with the feature of the initial delay system. The optimum level of protection is ensured by high voltage cut-off protection. They also have a wall-mounted cabinet design which makes them easy to install. The electric stabilizer models which we are offering as a part of our collection offer a high level of protection against a spike, line noise, voltage fluctuations, and thermal overload.

The electronic voltage stabilizer range contains models which can be used with generators. They run using the latest IC technology which ensures a high level of protection. These stabilizers have a continuously adjustable output voltage which makes them compatible for users.

Looking for Automatic Stabilizers? Check Out the New Range at Moglix

Do you intend to buy the latest models of automatic stabilizers online? Moglix, a leading retailer of all types of power generators and transformers has come up with a new collection of automatic stabilizers. Those stabilizers have been chosen with care to meet the needs of both home and office-based users.

Shop Voltage Stabilizers from Leading Brands at Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of stabilizers from popular brands. Some of them are mentioned below:-

V-Guard Stabilizers

The V-Guard AC stabilizers which we are offering include a wide range of models. The V Guard VG 400 voltage stabilizer models which we are offering as a part of this collection are secure from high temperature burnouts. A high level of operational efficiency is ensured by the latest IC technology which offers a high level of operational reliability.

They can keep your AC safe from constant power fluctuations. Their input ranges tend to vary. Our collection of V Guard Mini Crystal Voltage stabilizers perform in a wide input range. They come with the main turn-ons delay and are compatible with TV sets, DVDs and DTH. You can easily fix your budget by having a look at the V Guard AC stabilizer price list.

Microtek Stabilizers

The AC stabilizer from Microtek is in sync with the existing quality standards in the industry. They can help in improving the durability of your AC to a great extent. They will ensure that your AC provides proper cooling consistently over a long period.

These stabilizers offer a high level of performance and reliability. They can help you save a significant amount on your electricity bills also.

Servokon Stabilizers

The Servokon stabilizer collection available online at Moglix have been designed with precision to offer optimum protection to costly equipment from dangers caused by fluctuations in voltage. These stabilizers can be used not just in homes but also in escalators, elevators, shopping malls, commercial complexes, pharmaceutical plants, etc. The Servokon stabilizer price has been devised keeping in touch with the buying power of people. A brief look at the Servokon stabilizer price list will help you to make a wise decision as a buyer.

What are the problems faced due to voltage malfunction and how stabilizers help solve them?

Problems faced due to voltage malfunction/instability:

  • Overheating - Due to voltage over-supply, the device might suffer from overheating and that can gradually lead up to malfunction in that device.

  • Equipment failure - If there is a massive fluctuation in voltage, the device might not be able to take up its load and hence the device can be damaged or could face serious problems.

  • Reduced performance - Oversupply of voltage tends to reduce the performance of the device by making it slow in operations.

  • Low efficiency - Some devices provided with less amount of voltage supply might not be able to perform up to their capacity.

  • Permanent damage - Oversupply or even under-supply might damage the device as that appliance is not being provided with the correct amount of voltage which it requires.

Does Moglix have stabilizers for AC?

Stabilizer for 2 Ton AC

The stabilizers which we have on offer are equipped with low and high voltage cut-off protection features. These stabilizers offer a high level of protection to the connected ACs from damages that are caused by fluctuations in voltage. Their Intelligent Time Delay system offers an adequate balancing time when required. They have an ABS construction which makes these stabilizers highly durable.

Stabilizers for 1.5 Ton AC

The AC stabilizers available online come with an intelligent time-delay system. The in-built thermal overload protection feature of these models is suitable for long term usage. Their cabinet is made from the best quality of ABS material. The V Guard AC stabilizer for 1.5 AC which we have on offer as a part of this collection is equipped with a cabinet made from the best quality of metal. They can handle AC with heavyweight and will ensure that your ACs do not malfunction during power surges. A close look through our range will help you to select the best voltage stabilizer for air conditioners.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stabilizers

Which voltage stabilizer is best for refrigerator?

The right stabilizer for a refrigerator can be selected by understanding the capacity of the refrigerator. Some stabilizers support refrigerator of up to 300L and there are others which support 300L to 600L refrigerators. You can choose a stabilizer according to the capacity of your refrigerator.

Do LED televisions need a voltage stabilizer?

Yes, it is always recommended to use stabilizers for any valuable appliances.

Can I connect a stabilizer to an inverter?

You don't need stabilizers for home inverters unless you face extreme voltage fluctuation frequently. Home inverters generally have in built stabilizers.

What is an automatic stabilizer?

An automatic stabilizer automatically adjusts the voltage levels in the required range.

Which stabilizer is best for home?

Good stabilizer should have following attributes: Should be Automatic, voltage range to be covered according to input supply, cut off and overload protection. In the end, it is the usage and need that helps in selecting the right stabilizer