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Buy Best Industrial Wires & Cables Online

Wires play an important part in our daily lives. The light we see, the fan we use, and other appliances that we use in our day to day lives are all dependent on these industrial cable wires. So, whether you are into DIY projects or a professional who performs electrical work, the usage of wires increases your effectiveness and convenience.

You can see a variety of wires and cables with different features available in the market. You can compare these wires and can choose what is best for you.

Wires are mainly of two types, solid and standard wires. Solid wires are those that are made with a single piece of metal while standard wires are made with many pieces of solid wires that are bundled into one group. Standard wires are more flexible than solid wires because these are ideal to use when the wires need to be moved around frequently.

Different Colors for Wires and their Meaning

Wires come in different colors, and each color defines a significant action or type. Different colors serve different purposes and are segregated according to their jobs. To perform any electrical work, you should know the importance of each color. The color coating acts as an insulation that protects people from getting electric shocks.

Blue and yellow wires can be used as a live wire. The yellow wire is a good choice for running appliances like fans, bulbs, and lights. On the other hand, green wires are ideal for grounding purposes. For outlets and switches, black wires are the best option.

Best Brands of Industrial Electrical Wires

Anchor is a leading authorized brand that offers various electrical products, electric switches, wiring devices, lighting, solar, switchgear, cables, power tools. Their wires and cables are very reliable and durable products.

Havells offers a wide range of wires of all types that are used in construction, industrial use, and domestic installation. These wires are highly reliable and safeguard your appliances.

Reliable: Just like its name, Reliable offers a great range of electrical products that are truly reliable and affordable too.

Aquawire is a well-known brand for wires and cables. Buy the best range of these products from this brand.

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