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Speed up the Performance of your System with Branded Computer Motherboards

A motherboard is the backbone of a computer and a top-quality computer motherboard ensures the smooth functioning of the system. It is the main circuit board that allows connections between all the peripherals or components attached to the system. The main function of the motherboard is to hold the chipset and other integrated components & sockets such as CMOS, BIOS, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Universal Serial Bus (USB), and more.

Different types of Computer Motherboard Available

AT motherboard: Perfect for mini desktops, this advanced technology (AT) motherboards offered Sockets and six-pin plugs for connecting the devices. These motherboards were produced in the mid-80s and lasted for a long period.

ATX motherboard: They were produced by Intel in the mid-90s and are the improved version of AT motherboards. They provided the interchangeability of the connected components, which was a major advantage. These motherboards were classified as Micro-ATX motherboard and Mini ITX Motherboard.

E-ATX Motherboard: They are designed for both single CPU configuration and dual CPU connection. They come with 8 RAM slots and more PCIe and PCI slots. Besides desktop computing, these motherboards are also used for workstations and servers.

Desktop motherboard vs Laptop motherboard

Although these motherboards are designed for the same purpose, they have a few differences as explained below-

Layout: One can easily upgrade the components on a Desktop motherboard as you have ample space to mount the sockets and plug-ins. But for laptop motherboards with less space to work on, one cannot upgrade the components easily except for the RAM.

Expansion: Motherboards on the desktop have five or more expansion slots, which allows the user to easily upgrade the components to increase the speed and performance of the system. But, motherboards in laptops have integrated components rather than separate expansion slots. These integrated components are closely packed because of the limited space, hence it becomes difficult to upgrade them.

Availability: The main circuit board for desktops is easily available in the market sold by different manufacturers. The user can purchase them and customize their own personal computers. On the other hand, laptop motherboards are not easily available.

Compatibility: Desktop motherboards offer interchangeable functionality, which means these motherboards are compatible with any chipsets of different manufacturers. Motherboards that are specifically designed for laptops are not compatible with desktops.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Motherboard

Can two motherboards be connected together?

Yes, one may connect two motherboards together. But the condition is that both the motherboards should have ethernet, they can then be connected with the help of a crossover cable. You can use a null MODEM cable if they still have serial ports. You can use FireWire to connect them if they have it.

What are some alternative uses for a computer motherboard?

Yes, computer motherboards can be used for other purposes as well. You may turn your old PC into a NAS for storage or an HTPC for entertainment. You'll need a way to interact with your television, and you can always find a functioning framework for that.

Motherboard - Price Range

MotherboardMin PriceMax Price
Embeddinator Motherboard₹63₹3342
Foxin Motherboard₹2631₹4589
Enter Motherboard₹2980₹5989
GIGABYTE Motherboard₹5465₹14550
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