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Bolt Anchors

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Concrete Anchor Bolts for a Well Rounded Tool Kit

In the effort to assemble the perfect arsenal of tools for household labour, we often tend to ignore the small additions that make a world of difference; even the most basic processes such as screwing and hammering can amount to substantial grievances when sufficiently overlooked. And on the quest to collect a range of diverse machining devices, we are far more inclined to think about the performance of large, gaudy tools rather than what it takes to correct the basic mistakes that come with it and efforts to make the process simpler. But slowly coming to terms with our little friends, the anchor screws and anchor bolts makes screwing complications and accidentally hammering your thumb nightmares of the past.

What Are Bolt Anchors?

Anchor bolts or anchor screws are instruments (traditional bolts) that serve to connect (or anchor) both structural and non-structural elements to concrete – hence the name concrete anchor bolts. Normally this connection can be achieved through alternatives like steel plates or stiffeners as well. But anchor bolts and anchor screws are most useful in transferring more diverse loads, including tension forces and shear forces, making them complement of choice. Connections between structural elements may constitute steel columns attached to a reinforced concrete foundation (as in the case of using a concrete foundation bolt) or the attachment of peripheral aesthetic building elements to a reinforced concrete wall (as in the case of a concrete expansion bolt). But the primary objective of the concrete anchor bolt remains the same.

Types of Bolt Anchors

The type of bolt anchor employed depends on its main function -

Cast-in-place bolt anchors are the strongest and by far most convenient form. The bolt is embedded into the main body of the structure with a hexagonal nut and washer at the head. These are used typically in steel-concrete composites and shear connectors. Traditional foundation bolts fall under the general umbrella of cast-in-place bolt anchors – the part of the foundation bolt embedded into the concrete structure transfers the axial or shear force at the contact zone across the main body using bearing pressure.

Post-installed anchors, on the other hand, can be installed in any position on the main body of a hardened concrete structure after a drilling operation. The most notable sub-form of these anchors are the mechanical expansion anchors, or simply expansion bolts, which use the principle of frictional mechanical interlocking due to expansion forces to transfer the force across an area. Expansion bolts may be torque controlled, or displacement controlled depending on the physical aspect of the bolt that limits the movement of the nut.

Finally, wall plugs or anchor screws are a class of anchors used to enable the attachment of a screw into a porous or brittle material. The force-transfer principle of an anchor screw is based on the reciprocal communication of pressure between the screw and concrete surface using pitches.

Reasons to Consider Using Concrete Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts come in a variety of options to fit your personalized demand – various shapes, sizes, materials, tensile strengths, grooves, diameters, and so many more considerations exist to make your hammering and screwing that much more convenient. There is really no limit to situations where they can be used! Moreover, these anchors are so easy to use, needing only to place them into an existing hole on the main body. Anchor bolts are also typically made of rust and corrosion-proof materials, allowing them to hold the structures in place for a long time.

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