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Offering the best deals on stainless steel bolts at Moglix

Bolts are a type of fasteners that have mechanical threads meant to fasten or hold materials together. Bolts are used almost in every object around us, including TV, computers, air conditioners, vehicles, and more. A bolt mainly consists of a head and a shank (cylindrical body) with screw threads along its length.

Depending on the type of its applications, bolts are made up of different materials. Aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, brass, and copper alloy are some of the popular materials used to manufacture bolts. At Moglix, you will find the largest and extensive selections of nuts and stainless steel bolts. All these bolts and nuts are in compliance with the standard industry norms and are best suitable for heavy industry applications.

Different types of bolts to choose from

Depending on their shape, head type, and size, bolts are classified into different categories, such as:

Anchor bolts: These bolts have threaded portions at one end and non-threaded L-shaped parts at the other end. These bolts connect objects to a concrete surface, typically with the help of a nut and a washer. Anchor bolts are known for their sturdiness, high consistency, and rust resistance properties. If you have decided to buy anchor bolts online, then Moglix is the right place for you.

Carriage bolts: Generally used to fasten wood and metal, these bolts come with a round head and square undercut preventing the bolt from turning while tightening. The wooden beams have strengthening plates on either side, which are fastened with the Carriage bolts.

Elevator bolts: Although similar to carriage bolts, the head of these bolts is thin and flat. Primarily used in conveyor systems, the elevator bolts have a unified thread pitch along its shallow conical bearing surface.

Parameters to consider before buying nut bolts online

Since they are extensively used across every industrial work, finding bolts could be a challenging task. Below are a few parameters to carefully look for before buying online.

  • --> Nominal size of the bolt in either fractional or decimal equivalent.
  • --> Number of threads per inch.
  • --> The overall length of the bolt.
  • --> Material used
  • --> Quality and finish of the bolt.

Buy bolts online from various brands at the best prices in India

At Moglix, our primary goal is to offer you the best value on all types of bolts along with quick shipping at your doorstep. We also ship bulk orders and offer discounted deals, generally for industrial use. We procure bolts and other fasteners from top-notch manufacturers to ensure the items are of high standards.

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