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Neptune Simplify Farming 6.5 HP Petrol Water Pump Set, 3x3 inch
4.2 (14 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹18,00035% OFF
  • Pump Lift: 30 m

  • Easy Portability

Neptune 6.5HP 196cc 4 Stroke Red Petrol Start Kerosene Run Water Pump Set, WPK-30
4.6 (16 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹18,00034% OFF
  • It has Large Suction & Delivery Outlet for Delivery of

  • 6m Suction

Really WP30R 6.5HP 4 Stroke Petrol Operated Water Pump
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Really
₹19,50033% OFF
  • Powerful Medium-Sized Water Pump for Irrigation & Draining

  • Easy-Starting Engine & High Spec Pump House Allow Efficient &

Nosimon 6.5HP 212cc 4 Stroke Portable Petrol Water Pump, WP-80
  • Sturdy, Wear-resistant & Prevents Blasting

  • Fuel Efficient & Light Weight

Honda 1.5kW 4 Stroke Petrol Air Cooled Water Pump, WB15X
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Honda
₹27,5209% OFF
  • 40% Less Fuel Consumption

  • Easy to Carry Water at Heights

Neptune NWP-360 1.67HP 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Water Pump
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹15,00015% OFF
  • Good Quality Design & Sturdy Frame

  • Easy Operation, Maintenance & Cleansing

Greenleaf WP-30 6.5HP 3x3 inch Water Pump
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹15,00025% OFF
  • Solid Construction

  • Multi-Use: can be Used as an Inline or Submersible Pump...

Nosimon 5.5HP 196cc 4 Stroke Portable Petrol Water Pump, WP-20
  • Convenient Handle Making It Easy to Move from One Job

  • Sturdy, Wear-resistant & Prevents Blasting

Really RAPL-WP-20R 6.5HP Agriculture Water Pump Set, MTAK-EN-WA-4852
4.2 (17 Reviews)
By: Really
₹16,00019% OFF
  • Easy Removal for Water Logging

  • Fuel Efficient & Easy to Maintain

Neptune 1HP 35.8cc 4 Stroke Red Petrol Engine Water Pump
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹15,00013% OFF
  • Comes with a Convenient Handle Making it Easy to Move

  • Easy Control

Really DFA-WP-35G-1INCH 35.8cc 4 Strokes Agricultural Water Pump Set, MTAK-EN-WA-2166
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Really
₹16,70033% OFF
  • Economical & Powerful Petrol-Driven Water Pump

  • Perfect for Garden Work, Irrigation Work & Agriculture Work

Kisankraft 1.5HP 4 Stroke Petrol Water Pump, KK-WPP-10
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Kisankraft
  • High Water Pumping Output at Minimum Fuel

  • Deep Suction Height

Really DFA-WP-52G-1INCH 52cc 2 Strokes Agricultural Water Pump Set, MTAK-EN-WA-2165
3.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Really
₹15,40044% OFF
  • Economical & Powerful Petrol-Driven Water Pump

  • Perfect for Garden Work, Irrigation Work & Agriculture Work

Prithvi Power 6.5HP 196cc Petrol Water Pump Set, WP-30-RF
By: Prithvi Power
₹17,50037% OFF
  • Water Pump is Designed to Handle the Most Toughest Jobs...

  • Multiple Usages Petrol Engine for Use During Power Outages &

Honda WB30XD 2.9kW High Discharge Petrol Pumpset
4.0 (7 Reviews)
By: Honda
₹33,5127% OFF
  • Horizontal Shaft & Over Head Valve

  • Centrifugal Self Priming, OHV Engine, Air Cooled & Single Cylinder

Really 152-WP15R 3HP 4 Stroke Agricultural Water Pump, MTAK-EN-WA-2197
  • Perfect for Garden Work, Irrigation Work, Agriculture Work

  • Single-Phase Water Pump

Kanak 1.5HP 43CC 1 inch Inlet & Outlet 2 Stroke Engine Petrol Operated Pump
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Kanak
₹14,99941% OFF
  • It is Simple Construction Allows Easy Operation, Maintenance & Cleansing

Honda 2HP 79.7CC 4 Stroke Petrol Water Pump, WS20X
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Honda
₹26,00010% OFF
  • Easy to Install & Operate, Light Weight Fuel Efficient, Powerful

  • Excellent Performance in Both Domestic & Commercial Use

Kisankraft 3kW 196CC Petrol Water Pump, KK-WPP-31
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Kisankraft
Kisan Agri India 4HP 2600rpm 4 Stroke Diesel Engine with Water Pump
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Kisan Agri India
₹29,00014% OFF
  • Light Weight Air-cooled with 4 Wheel Trolley

  • Diesel Operated Swirl Injection Offers Low Running Cost

Greenleaf 5.5HP Petrol Water Pump
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹17,50024% OFF
  • Light Weight & Low Noise

  • Easy to Handling

Prithvi Power 6.5HP Petrol Water Pump
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Prithvi Power
₹19,90041% OFF
Nosimon 1.5HP 98cc 4 Stroke Portable Petrol Water Pump, PRWP-15
  • Pull Recoil Starting System Allows for Simple Start Up without

  • Convenient Handle Making it Easy to Move from One Job

Neptune 1.67HP 42.7CC 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Water Pump Set
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Neptune
  • Lifting Capacity: 30 m Vertical

  • Economical & Powerful

Greenleaf 1HP 35.8CC Aluminium Alloy Red 4 Stroke Petrol Water Pump
4.5 (10 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹15,00032% OFF
  • The Pull Recoil System Allows the Simple Start-Up of a

  • The Pump is Wear-Resistant, Prevents Blasting & It is Strongly

Greenleaf 1.67HP 42.7CC 4 Stroke Petrol Air Cooled Water Pump
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
₹15,00025% OFF
  • Good Quality Design & Sturdy Frame

  • Suitable for Garden Work, Irrigating Green Spaces, Flowerbeds or Draining

Aspee 1.5HP 2 Stroke Water Pump with 1.5 inch Outlet & Accessories, WP1535/2S
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Aspee
₹18,57021% OFF
  • Useful at Construction Sites

  • Self Priming Centrifugal Water Pump

Neptune Simply Farming 1.5HP 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Water Pump, NWP-520
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Neptune
₹15,00012% OFF
  • Just Right for Pumping Small Volumes of Water Quickly

  • Pull Recoil Starting System Allows for Simple Start Up without

Prithvi Power 6.5HP 196cc Heavy Duty Square Frame Petrol Water Pump Set, WP-30-SQ
  • Multiple Usages Petrol Engine for Use During Power Outages &

  • Water Pump is Designed to Handle the Most Toughest Jobs...

Husqvarna W80P 54000LPH Water Pump for Irrigation & Draining
3.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Husqvarna
₹24,07011% OFF
  • Easy-Starting Engine & High Spec Pump House Allows Efficient &

  • Featuring a Protection Frame That Protects the Machine From Damage

Kiston 168F 6.5HP Petrol Engine Water Pump
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Kiston
₹18,50038% OFF
  • The Water Pump Will Work Well in Tough Conditions Due

  • Compact, Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Greenleaf WP-20 6.5HP 2x2 inch Water Pump
4.6 (11 Reviews)
By: Greenleaf
  • Water Pump is Designed to Handle the Most Toughest Jobs

  • This Powerful Machine will Drain or Fill an Above Ground

Samson SAM30P 6.5HP Petrol Water Pump Set
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Samson
₹13,5009% OFF
  • Advanced 4 Stroke Technology

  • Suitable for Agriculture, Horticulture, Sprinkler, & Drip Irrigation

Stihl 2.1HP 40.2cc Water Pump, WP 230
4.4 (7 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹20,0205% OFF
  • High-Quality Equipment

  • High Vertical & Horizontal Pumping Capacity

Kiston 6.5HP Petrol Water Pump, WP-30
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Kiston
₹18,50038% OFF
Stihl WP 600 4 Stroke 212CC 4.4kW Water Pump
By: Stihl
₹28,00019% OFF
  • Integrated Strainer Protects the Engine Against Small Objects & Dirt

  • Powerful Water Pump for Watering Medium Sized to Large Cultivation

Stihl WP 230 250 L/min Gasoline Water Pump, VB020112000
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Stihl
₹68,72370% OFF
Greenleaf GX35 1.5HP 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Water Pump
By: Greenleaf
₹15,59925% OFF
Kanak H168FB 6.5HP 2 inch Inlet & Outlet 4 Stroke Engine Water Pump
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Kanak
₹16,00021% OFF
SSG Kisan Gold 6.5HP 196cc 4 Stroke Petrol Start Kerosene Run Water Pump Set
By: Ssg Kisan Gold
Available on Request
  • 6m Suction

  • Pump Lift: 30 m (Horizontal)

Purchase Water Pumping Sets at Best Price

A water pump set is any hydraulic machine that increases the overall mechanical energy of a liquid, most commonly water. Water pumps are essential today because they help move hot and cold water in a compact system. Water pumps are found in various settings, including hospitals, schools, homes, and most commercial establishments. However, some necessary factors must be considered when purchasing a water pump.

Shop for good quality, reliable and adequate water pump sets at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as Neptune, Greenleaf, Honda, Green Kraft, Bajaj and so many more.

Types of Electric Water Pump Sets for your Business

Positive Displacement Water Pumps - A positive displacement water pump expels liquids or materials by contracting and expanding a flexible diaphragm. An old-fashioned hand pump provides a basic demonstration of how a positive displacement pump works. Positive displacement pumps are more efficient on a larger scale, especially when working with high-viscosity liquids or sensitive solids. They also work well in applications that require high pressure or exact flow volumes.

Centrifugal Water Pumps - Centrifugal pumps spin water inside a specially designed housing using a rotating impeller. The rotating action uses centrifugal force to propel the water through the pump and housing, causing it to slide off the end of the impeller at high speeds. Centrifugal pumps must be kept full of fluid to function correctly. Almost every irrigation pump is a type of centrifugal pump. Other typical applications include:

  • Pumping water supplies for building projects.

  • Providing a continuous pressure source for fire protection systems.

  • Increasing the pressure of water received via intake lines.

Axial Flow Pumps - Axial flow pumps are centrifugal pumps that move fluid through an impeller axially. They have a high flow rate and a low head, but some models can be adjusted to run efficiently in various conditions by changing the impeller pitch. Axial flow pumps are used in works that require extremely high flow rates at extremely low pressures. They are used in power plants, sewage digesters, and evaporators to circulate fluids. They are also employed in flood control and irrigation systems.

Parameters to Consider While Buying Diesel or Petrol Water Pumps

Flow Rate - Flow rate is the water pump's overall efficiency. The time it takes a water pump to pump a specific amount of water is measured in litres per minute. If you want to use the diesel or petrol water pump on construction sites or farms, you should get one that can pump more than 2500 litres of water per minute. A pump with a flow rate of 100 - 200 litres per minute is suitable for home use.

Inlet Size - Most pumps have an inlet size of 1 to 6 inches, but they can sometimes be larger. Centrifugal water pumps work similarly, sucking water from the inlet and releasing it through the outlet valve. In that case, the larger the size of an inlet valve, the more water it will pump out and the faster it will complete the work.

The Maximum Pressure and head - The maximum head of a water pump is the greatest distance in terms of height that the pump can pump water. For example, if you buy a water pump with a maximum head of 60 metres and try to pump water above that level, the flow rate will be zero. The pump you choose should have a greater total head than the height from which you intend to pump the water.

Pump Quality The first thing to consider is the water pump's brand. The engine or motor can also tell you about the pump's quality. Conduct the necessary research and surveys to determine the quality of a water pump.

World Renowned Water Pump Set Brands to go for

Neptune Water Pump Sets - The well-known brand Neptune offers high-quality water pump sets at reasonable prices. Their distinctive products aid in cost reduction, fuel consumption, and noise. Neptune water pumps are easy to use and require little upkeep.

Greenleaf Water Pump Sets - Greenleaf's solutions come from extensive research and study and are based on the latest technologies. Pioneers in the industry, Greenleaf offers energy-efficient water pump sets for very reasonable prices. Greenleaf provides water pumps that are useful in various applications, such as irrigation in field areas. These pumps have a large suction and delivery outlet to deliver enough water from a well or open spaces. They are suitable for submersible, clarified water, slurry, oil transfer, and chemical pumps.

Honda Water Pump Sets - Honda electric pump sets are powered by powerful engines that provide enough power for even the most demanding applications. Water pump sets are robust and dependable machines that are ideal for a wide range of applications. They have high-discharge pumps that can deliver up to 2.9kW of power, making them suitable for various applications. Furthermore, the pumps are built to be durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for those looking for dependable pump sets that can withstand the rigours of daily use.

Green Kraft Water Pump Sets - Green Kraft products are well-known in the market for their superior quality. They are devoted to providing their customers with high-quality water pump sets. These long-lasting diesel or petrol water pumps are manufactured under the supervision of experts. They make work more accessible, more efficient, and less complicated. Water pump sets are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Bajaj Water Pump Sets - Bajaj is a reliable brand that manufactures high-quality and cost-effective water pump sets. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities. This diverse range of water pumps enables customers to analyse and comprehend what best meets their needs. They provide a diverse range of Bajaj Water Pump Sets that are both energy efficient and long-lasting.

Purchase Economical Electric Water Pump Sets from Moglix

Good quality, durable and easy to use water pump sets are the need of the hour. Therefore, our genuine and branded Water Pump Sets ensure that your industrial needs and water pumping solutions are adequately met. Get the best deals on branded water pump sets from top renowned brands. We at Moglix guarantee quick and easy delivery of your favourite water pumps. From discounts and offers to easy navigation on the site, we offer bulk sales and wholesale water pump sets. We work towards providing you with efficient and durable pump sets to make your life easier. For your satisfaction, we make sure that all your needs are met and that you get the best quality products. With our easily accessible site and filtering options, you will find the best water pump at affordable prices according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Pump Sets

Why would a water pump get hot?

Under load, the motor's running current will be far too high in order to overcome load or inertia. Incorrect voltage supply will cause the motor to work harder and possibly overheat.

How long can a well pump run before it burns up?

As high-quality starter kit sump pump can run continuously for up to 24 volt hours; a mediocre one can run continuously for 6 to 18 hours. It took a long time to cool down the device after such a long time.