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Buy Gardening Tools & Equipments Online to Beautify Your Garden

A well-maintained garden plays a major role in enhancing the look of any property. Efficient garden maintenance is only possible if you have the right tools at your disposal. To help you do that, Moglix offers a comprehensive range of gardening tools online on offer. The Falcon gardening khurpas that we offer are made from high carbon steel and are designed for loosening and weeding of soil. Our hand sprayers can be hand compressed and can be used for all types of spraying applications. They come with an inbuilt air pump cut off device and duro mist spray nozzle.

The lever action sprinklers that we offer can be used to offer water to vegetation in a fixed pattern, even in areas that have issues related to water scarcity. To help property owners acquire garden tools of premium quality we source our products from some of the most trusted names in the industry such as Rutland, Falcon and Unison. From tree pruning to removing branches, roots, and vines, we have an assortment of gardening tools online on offer to meet your needs. Come; create the garden of your dreams using our tools for gardening available in this category at Moglix.

Choose from The Endless Variety of Gardening Equipment at Moglix

At Moglix, we highly value the concerns that gardening enthusiasts have while looking for gardening tools online. To meet up with their changing needs of our buyers, we present an exciting variety of garden accessories such as garden shovels, garden tool sets, Air Blowers, Lawn Mowers, Brush Cutters etc. The products which we are offering as a part of this range have been sourced from well-known brands such as Falcon, Flora, GE Tech, Aspee etc. The prices of products which we are offering in this category such as gardening containers have been kept with a reasonable range.

Simplify Your Day to Day Garden Maintenance with Gardening Tools

The daily maintenance of a garden is a time consuming and tiring task. To make gardening a more enjoyable and less time taking activity, Moglix offers a variety of gardening tools online in India. At Moglix, we are well aware of the day to day challenges our customers face in keeping their gardens clean and tidy. We offer a wide range of garden accessories online. The products sourced by us are subjected to quality checks. So the risks of buyers getting the delivery of a broken item are minimal.

To meet up with every rising need of buyers, Moglix has entered into tie-ups with suppliers across India, China, and Taiwan. To ensure the safe, timely delivery of ordered items, we have entered into partnerships with well-known logistics companies. We also have a well-equipped warehouse for stocking the product in a perfect working condition. Moglix offers the delivery of products across 22,000 pin codes within India. For efficient maintenance of your lawn, hedges and flower beds, select from the exciting collection of gardening tools and equipment offered by Moglix.

Garden Tools & Equipments Online at Best Prices !

Gardening is a major hobby of many people. To enable them to take good care of their gardens, Moglix has come up with a new range of gardening tools kit. Keeping in mind the tools used for gardening, we have come up with a wide range of tools that have been sourced from well-known brands. The product that we are offering as a part of this rang includes gardening gloves, gardening shears, garden hoe, etc. The prices of all these gardening equipment & tools have been kept within a reasonable range to suit the needs of buyers. To acquire details on our list of gardening tools, visit gardening & outdoor equipment category at Moglix.

Choose From the Assortment of Gardening Tools Offered By Moglix

Gardening is more of an art form for gardening enthusiasts. Keeping in mind the changing needs of buyers, we, at Moglix have sourced the newest range of gardening tools to meet up with the needs of buyers. The products which we are offering as a part of this collection include mowers trimmers, sprayers, rakes, shovels, tampers etc. They have been sourced from some of the leading brands in the market such as Bellota, Best Sprayers, Blessed, Falcon, Flora, Garden Aids, Ketsy, etc. The price of gardening tools for sale which we are offering as a part of this range has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, you can acquire the best gardening tools and equipment of your choice within your budget.

Acquire Gardening Equipment of Latest Range from Moglix

The maintenance of a neat, litter-free garden to a great extent depends on the availability of the latest type of gardening tools and equipment. To meet up with the changing needs of buyers, we have sourced all types of tools for gardening to meet up with the needs of both home based users as well as gardeners. We have sourced the gardening equipment while keeping a track of the existing industrial specifications and quality standards. The tools for gardening which are sourced by us undergo a quality tests before being dispatched for delivery.

Garden accessories are used in homes for optimum maintenance of gardens. Aware of the importance of these tools for home based users, Moglix has come up with a wide range of garden tools as a part of its garden accessories range. The products that are available as a part of this collection include gardening trowels, gardening water spray guns etc. These products have been procured from leading brands in the market such as Bosch, Black & Berry, Alko, Cheston, Eastman, Lotus, Falcon, Spanco, Cumi etc. To know about the price range of our gardening equipments, select from the new range available online at Moglix.

The wheel barrows which are offered as a part of this collection are lightweight and can be used for carrying different types of loads such as dirt, firewood, landscaping dirt, etc. They are ideal for usage in lawn or construction duties. They can be easily assembled and therefore are suitable for day to day usage in gardens.

The window planters which are offered as a part of this gardening equipments range are highly suitable for storing flowers and plants. They are also highly suitable for growing herbs or other types of edible plants. Made from the best quality of plastic, they have a long lifespan and therefore can be used over a long time. They are therefore suitable for usage in patios, decks and balconies.

Our ranges of rakes are equipped with a fixed plastic handle and are suitable for usage in gardening. A high level of protection against rusting is ensured by the metal parts which are powder coated. The folding table and chair sets which we have on offer as a part of our collection are made from thick, water-resistant oxford fabrics and high-quality steel. They are tough, have a lightweight steel table legs which make them firm and stable. The presence of 2 mesh pouches on table surface makes it easy for users to place their cups conveniently.

The ABS stable base of these tables has an anti-skid design and can be set up and folded very quickly. They can be easily stored within carrying bags and are highly portable. They are therefore ideal for usage in camping, picnic, and outdoor activities. They can be easily set up and folded also.

Avail Attractive Discounts on Pruning Shears from Moglix

Pruning shears are a type of scissors which are used by gardeners for pruning hard brunches and leaves of trees. To make gardening a more convenient experience for buyers, Moglix has come up with a new range of running hears. The shears that we are offering as a part of our online garden tools store have been selected from well-known brands in the Indian market such as Bosch, Cumi, Concord, etc. To acquire attractive discounts on pruning shears and other types of hand gardening tools, check out the exciting collection available at Moglix.

Get Tools for Gardening at the Best Prices at Moglix

Are you looking for tools for gardening within a reasonable range? To suit the needs of gardening enthusiasts, Moglix has come up with a vast range of gardening accessories online such as cutting and pruning tools, shovels, tempers and digging tools, snake catchers etc. To buy gardening tools online, choose from the myriad of gardening tool kits offered by Moglix.

The impulse sprinklers which we are offering as a part of this collection are made from the best quality of plastic. They are easy to install and use as well. These sprinklers play are highly effective for usage in large and small agricultural fields and tea gardens. The gloves which are used in gardens as a part of this process are lightweight. They help buyers to prevent nail breakage, prevent cuts, and offer a high level of protection from cuts. They help in checking soil-borne and bacterial infections.

The self-watering planters which we have on offer are made from strong, weather-resistant and UV-resistant. It comes with a water reservoir that draws excess water up and keeps it at the roots of the plant’s roots and where it is required. We also deal in power sprayers which are used for applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers on crops. They come with 2 stroke engines and have a large output. Airless sprayers are also being offered as a part of this collection. These sprayers come with a horizontal spray tip.

Our ranges of khurpas are equipped with wooden/plastic handle made using high carbon steel. They come with a hardened steel blade which makes them suitable for loosening and weeding the soil with a high level of convenience. The extra-large size of these khurpas makes them easy to use.

The water spray guns which we are offering as a part of our collection are highly suitable for washing different vehicles present within your garden. They are also capable of rotating between the mist, stream, shower, cone, vertical, stream, flat, full and vertical.

To Choose the Best, Refer Our Gardening Tools Buying Guide

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Ketsy Gardening Tools₹223₹412
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