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Buy Spiral Gaskets Online @ at Reasonable Rates

A spiral gasket is an elastomeric component that is placed between two surfaces for purposes like anti-vibration, packaging, hygiene, noise and sound reduction, and tight sealing. They also protect these two parts from rubbing against each other, causing friction which in turn might damage the two parts. Moglix offers different types of gaskets at extremely reasonable rates including spiral wound graphite gaskets and metallic gaskets.

Different Types of Gaskets Available Online

Gaskets are mainly manufactured using three materials-

Non-metal gaskets - The most commonly used materials for non-metal gaskets are graphite, rubber, Teflon, PTFE, silicon, and Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre Gasket (CNAF). These gaskets are also known as Soft gaskets as they can be easily compressed with low tension bolding.

  • Silicon gaskets are approved food-grade gaskets

  • Rubber gaskets are mainly used in heat exchangers, manways, and much more

  • CNAF is used in low surface pressure applications

  • Graphite gaskets, however, are used in high-level pressure and temperature applications

Metal gaskets - These gaskets are also known as ring gaskets or RTJ. Metal gaskets are manufactured using metals like soft iron, low carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel, and Inconel. They can be used in high-pressure and temperature class flanges as they are very robust but costly. Metal gaskets can be used only with high tension bolting.

Composite gaskets - Also known as semi-metallic gaskets, they are a combination of metal and non-metal materials. The most common types of composite gaskets are Spiral wound gaskets, Metal Jacketed Gaskets, and Kammprofile gaskets.

Spiral wound metallic gaskets are made of metallic strips with graphite fillers or PTFE fillers.

Kammprofile or Camprofile Gasket also has fillers made of graphite or PTFE. It is costlier than spiral wound gaskets but is easier to handle and provides a much better blowout resistance.

Metal Jacketed gaskets are enclosed in thin sheets of a metal jacket and can be made in various sizes and shapes. They are mainly used in heat exchangers, bonnet joints, shell, channel, and cover flange joints.

How to Choose a Spiral Gasket?

  • --> Pressure and temperature- A gasket must be able to withstand the pressure and temperature levels of the application in which they are placed. Problems like leaks or even more dangerous ones can occur if this is not taken care of.

  • --> Corrosion resistance- Ensure that the gasket can resist corrosion when exposed to certain fluids of natural environmental factors.

  • --> Price and brand- While buying a gasket, choose from reputed brands. Sometimes, buying cheap ones might not have enough resistance to corrosion or rust which can be dangerous. However, this does not mean that one should buy expensive gaskets to ensure quality. Buy from Moglix to ensure high-quality products at reasonable rates.

Buy Gaskets from the Best Brands at

Moglix has a selection of top brands producing spiral gaskets. They offer a trustworthy, stable, high-quality spiral wound metallic gasket and spiral wound graphite gasket. It is considered to be the best online market platform that ensures customer satisfaction. Moglix offers different types of spiral gaskets from highly reputed brands like Uni Klinger and Spiraget. Buy now and enjoy great deals.