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Buy Memory Cards at Moglix and Increase the Storage Capacity of your Devices

A memory card is a small, flat flash chip/device used in portable devices such as cameras, mobile phones, tablets, video games, and other variety of gadgets and electronic equipment. It is widely considered among the people for storing data because it is lightweight and affordable.

Memory cards can store almost everything from photos, applications to programming data, by using flash technology. If the existing memory of your device is insufficient, memory cards are a great option to extend the storage capacity.

Different types of Memory Cards for different Devices

Memory cards come in different sizes, both in terms of storage and physical shape. Some of the cards may be compatible with all the devices and a few may not support them. So, it is very important to check the specification of your device before purchasing any phone or camera memory card.

Secure Digital - Known as an SD card, this is the most basic form of an SD memory card. The storage limit of the SD memory card is limited up to 4GB. The performance of the SD memory card is quite slow compared to other memory cards.

Secure Digital High Capacity - SDHC is one of the best cards designed specifically to support high-resolution images and HD video recordings. The storage capacity of SDHC cards starts from 4GB and is limited to 64GB.

Secure Digital Extended Capacity - The SDEX card is the best and extended version of SDHC. The storage capacity of the card starts above 64GB and reaches up to 2TB storage.

Micro Secure Digital - As the name suggests, micro SD cards are micro versions of SD cards. It is the best memory card for phones and other portable devices. Most commonly used today, micro SD cards have a capacity of up to 4GB.

Micro Secure Digital High Capacity - An ideal memory card for phone, microSDHC cards can store up to 32GB and has 10MB/second transfer speed.

Micro Secure Digital Extended Capacity - MicroSDXC has a faster transfer speed than micro DS cards and MicroSDHC, and stores 32GB up to 2TB.

Extreme Digital Picture Card - xD card is a great camera memory card, specifically for digital cameras. xD cards are removable flash memories.

Why is Moglix the best option to purchase a phone or camera memory card?

Featuring an extensive collection of brands and variants, Moglix is undoubtedly the best site to buy a new memory card. Our site has listed top brands from Red Ultra, SanDisk to Samsung Evo Plus. Moreover, the SD cards are also offered at attractive rates with special discounts.

Memory Cards - Price Range

Memory CardsMin PriceMax Price
SanDisk Memory Cards₹304₹19321
Samsung Memory Cards₹247₹6115
HP Memory Cards₹388₹3117
Strontium Memory Cards₹217₹2655
This data was last updated on 9/18/21.