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Pallet Trucks

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Pallet trucks are tools which are used to lift and move the objects from one place to another. They are the most basic form of forklifts and perform best when used to move either full or half loads at long distances. Hence they are widely used with aim to move materials within a warehouse. Pallet trucks are also known as jacks and pumps. They can be used to load and unload materials from trucks, and in practically any situation where goods need to be moved.

Pallet jack consists of a steering handle for easy manoeuvring and either 1 or 2 wheels under each fork which helps in moving of the goods easy. These jacks have their own weight capacity. It’s important not to overload this weight capacity as pallet trucks are designed to be controlled smoothly and easily, and this can be affected by excess weight.

Different Types of Pallet Pump Trucks Available At Moglix

At Moglix, some of the most common type of Pallet Pumps which we have on offer is mentioned below -

Manual Pallet Pumps- They are most often used and are extremely well adapted, simplest and cheapest type. They are idle for being used in small spaces and are often seen in retail and personal warehousing operations. They have a tiller with which it becomes easy to maneuver them around.

Power Pallet Pumps- They are also called as electric pallet trucks, they are usually used for heavy duty work. They use a throttle on the handle to move forward or backward and are steered by rocking the handle in the proposed direction.

Buy Pallet Trucks Online at Affordable Price

Are you looking for the best pallet jacks online within affordable range? Moglix being one of the major e-retailer of material handling products is offering an impressive range of branded pallet pumps. Mentioned below are some of the best pallet truck brands in our range -

Nido Trucks- Their hand pallet jacks are best for heavy duty work. They are built with solid frame and standard nylon wheel to ensure full reliability and stronger chassis design.

Voltas Pallet Trucks- Their hand pallet jacks are made from metal frame and its electronic lifts are capable of lifting more than 3000kgs of weight. They are designed for smooth and effortless transportation of the materials.

Pallet Trucks - Price Range

Pallet TrucksMin PriceMax Price
Stanley Pallet Trucks₹19777₹24544
Voltas Pallet Trucks₹18500₹180000
Godrej Pallet Trucks₹16410₹289100
Nido Pallet Trucks₹14024₹88982
This data was last updated on 11/25/21.