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Rainfall, strong winds, and harsh sunlight can cause damage to the goods when kept open or while transporting them from one place to another. Tarpaulin sheets or tarps are one of the most useful and useful innovations of a man, which are best to cover and protect your goods from all types of rough weather. Tarpaulin cover avoids the covered material from getting wet or dry.

Tarpaulin covers are large sheets made from waterproof, water-resistant, strong, and flexible material, to provide safety against harsh sunlight, winds, and rainfall. It is made from cloth-like canvas or polyester and coated with polyethylene or polyurethane. Silpaulin tarpaulins are the best quality covers available both online and in the market.

There are different kinds of traps, which can be differentiated based on the material used to produce them. Some of them include:

Canvas tarps - Made of heavy, robust, and breathable canvas materials, these traps offer protection from water, mildew, and UV rays. They are coated with wax for waterproofing.

Poly traps - Made from polyethylene, poly traps are used for covering lightweight outdoor materials. They are less breathable, protect from the sun, are cheap, water-resistant, and lightweight.

Vinyl Tarps - These are basically poly traps that are coated, laminated, or tempered with vinyl. Highly resistant to tearing, these tarps are best for industrial use.

Heavy-duty traps - Such kinds of traps are made of top-grade materials and are best for the household, industrial, and agricultural sectors. It is made of fiber and withstands tough and harsh conditions.

Main criteria for Selecting Tarpaulin Sheets

You may easily get confused because there are enormous types and quality of tarpaulin covers. Invest in the right one because each trap has a different purpose. It is best to consider your requirement and purpose before purchasing the trap. Here are few key factors to consider.

Strength/durability - Any trap should be able to stay in place and hold the materials together even under force. The trap should be strong enough to resist tearing or breakage from fierce winds and rainfall.

Water-proof - If you are looking to protect something from water, rain, or moisture, one must consider purchasing a water-resistant trap. Several rain-proof traps provided a distance level of safety from water and moisture. The silpaulin tarpaulin sheets provide wonderful protection from water.

Corrosion resistance - The trap comes in contact with water, moisture, and sunlight. As a result, the material is likely to corrode and get damaged as well as cause damage to the goods. Other materials such as greases, mildew, oils, and acids also corrode the traps. If you deal with such conditions, buy traps with special coatings to avoid corrosion.

Abrasion resistance - The trap should be resistant to abrasion if you are considering covering something sharp or rough. In such cases, traps made of canvas and vinyl provide higher resistance to abrasion than tarps made of polyethylene. is one the best sites that serves countless customers daily. Our team ensures customer satisfaction, quality service, and the best pricing on products. Visit our site to purchase different types of traps right from silpaulin tarpaulins to poly traps at competitive prices.

Tarpaulin - Price Range

TarpaulinMin PriceMax Price
Pahal Tarpaulin₹350₹5499
Balwaan Tarpaulin₹809₹3399
Colour - Black Tarpaulin₹529₹15699
Colour - Blue Tarpaulin₹350₹15699
Colour - Green Tarpaulin₹1649₹15699
Colour - Red Tarpaulin₹2399₹5949
Size - 11x10 Ft Tarpaulin₹649₹899
Size - 11x15 Ft Tarpaulin₹899₹1249
Size - 15x18 Ft Tarpaulin₹1058₹2999
Material - Hdpe Tarpaulin₹399₹11699
Material - Plastic Tarpaulin₹809₹2961
Material - Polyethylene Tarpaulin₹1149₹15699
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