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Phoenix Pen Type Food Thermometer with Test Certificate, KT300

24% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
Testo 1109 Mini Surface Thermometer

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Testo 105 Food Thermometer with Exchange Probes

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Proskit MT-4015 Thermometer And VaneAnemometer

15% OFF



  • By: Proskit
HTC MTX-2 Infrared Thermometer

30% OFF



  • By: HTC
HTC IRX-63 Infrared Optical Thermometer

32% OFF



  • By: HTC
Fluke 59 Max+ Infrared Thermometer (-30C to 500C, Thermopile 8-14m)

42% OFF



  • By: Fluke
Bellstone White Thermo Hydro Barometer with Alarm Clock, BO-3TF

27% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Testo 115i Clamp Thermometer with Smartphone Operation

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Acutek IR-550 Infrared Thermometer

41% OFF



  • By: Acutek
Phoenix Infrared Thermometer, IR62MAX

15% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer

41% OFF



  • By: Fluke
Phoenix Infrared Thermometer, IR1150

16% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
Bellstone Laser Temperature Gun, Range: -50 to 350 deg C

19% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Flir One Pro USB Type-C Thermal Imaging Camera For Android

28% OFF



  • By: Flir One
Uni-T Infrared Thermometer, UT302D

20% OFF



  • By: Uni-T
Testo 805i Infrared Thermometer with Smartphone Operation

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Testo 830-T1 Infrared Thermometer

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Metrix+ MT 4A Infrared Thermometer

22% OFF



  • By: Metrix+
Alla-France 92000-012/F Infra Red Thermometer Without Laser Pointer

21% OFF



  • By: Alla-France
Alla-France 91000-004/F Digital Thermometer+Timer

21% OFF



  • By: Alla-France
Testo 103 Pocket Food Thermometer

28% OFF



  • By: Testo
Alla-France 91000-028/F Digital IR Thermometer Double Probe & Display

20% OFF



  • By: Alla-France
Cetpar MT-4 Infrared Thermometer

18% OFF



  • By: Cetpar
Testo 1111 Mini Penetration Thermometer with Extended Probe Shaft

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Fluke 52 II Digital Thermometer

37% OFF



  • By: Fluke
Waco Digital Infrared Thermometer, MT-6A

51% OFF



  • By: Waco
Phoenix Infrared Thermometer, ST530+

23% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
HTC MT-6 Infrared Optical Thermometer

40% OFF



  • By: HTC
Fluke Raytek MT-4 IR Thermometer, -18C to 400C, Thermopile 7-18m

36% OFF



  • By: Fluke
Fluke 566 Non Contact Laser Temperature Gun

37% OFF



  • By: Fluke
Phoenix K Type Thermometer, DTK1300

15% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
Testo 905-T1 Penetration Thermometer

29% OFF



  • By: Testo
Phoenix Infrared Thermometer, IR2250

15% OFF



  • By: Phoenix
Bellstone Centigrade Sling Wood Body Psychrometer Thermometer, Bo-400DC

28% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Bellstone Centigrade Sling Plastic Body Psychrometer Thermometer

25% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Mextech IR1000 Digital Infrared Thermometer, Measuring Range: -50 to 1050 deg C

18% OFF



  • By: Mextech
Metrix+ MT 12A Infrared Thermometer

22% OFF



  • By: Metrix+
Alla-France 91000-009/F Digital French Cooking Thermometer With Alarm

20% OFF



  • By: Alla-France

Buy IR Thermometers Online on Moglix

IR thermometers are used to infer temperature from a part of thermal radiation which is emitted by the object that is being measured. Keeping in touch with the needs of industry based users, Moglix has come up with a new range of IR thermometers. The non-contact thermometers that we offer as a part of this category come with an in-built pointer to spot targets. They have a large temperature range and 0.1 F/C max resolution. These thermometers come with backlight LCD display and double digital LCD display. They come with a low battery indication and hold function.

The infrared optical thermometers that we offer as a part of this range have a USB interface, dual laser targeting and automatic data hold feature. These professional high-temperature infrared thermometers come with over range indication, white backlight LCD display and adjustable emissivity. At Moglix, we are well aware of the needs of industry based users. Therefore, we have sourced IR thermometers from leading brands like HTC, Optech, Meco, MetroQ, Fluke, Proskit, Tashika etc. Therefore, Buy IR thermometers check the new range available at Moglix.

Moreover, depending upon your various intended usage applications, we have sourced a number of distinct types of thermometers, ranging from Thermo Hygrometer to Hydrometers. Anything you ask for, we will surely have something to offer to you.

Uses of IR Thermometers

IR thermometers are best suited for calculating temperature, of specific objects from a distance. IR thermometers provide relatively precise temperatures effortlessly, without you being required to come into close vicinity of the object. The potential of these IR thermometers is utilized to its greatest extent when it is practically impossible to insert a probe into the item that you are hankering to measure temperature of, or if the surface is just out of reach and a surface probe will prove to be inept in determining temperature. In addition, you might use an IR thermometer to measure temperature of objects that are fragile, hazardous, impermeable or even, moving.

IR thermometers are ideal for assessing surface temperature; however, they are not appropriate for estimating the internal temperature of an object. IR thermometers are comparatively quicker than other digital thermometers; in fact, these IR thermometers are adept in calculating the temperature of certain object in a fraction of a second. Their speed and relative ease of use have made them instrumental public safety tools, in the food service industry, manufacturing, HVAC, asphalt & concrete, labs and countless other industrial applications.