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Surgical Gloves

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Surgical Gloves To Ensure Safety

In light of the current world situation, personal safety is of the utmost importance. Even before the tragic events of the past year, however, we have always tried to maintain good health by prevention rather than cure as far as possible. Many different methods and techniques have taken the forefront of medicine in this regard giving rise to various preventative medical equipment, drugs, and so on. But one tried and tested method to safeguard the body from contracting germs and infections has been and still is the use of surgical gloves.

As the name suggests, these gloves saw their mainstream use starting from the operating theatres. Doctors have long since used these gloves to prevent transferring infections into open wounds in a patient's body during surgical procedures. However, this is not the only use of these sterile surgical gloves. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials depending on the nature of their use and the circumstances in which they are applied.

Medical Hand Gloves: Are They Special?

Medical hand gloves are a particular kind of sterile surgical gloves that are applied in medical settings. Often, at times in hospitals, doctors wear this pair of gloves during a medical procedure or for a medical examination and dispose of them right afterward. The purpose of these gloves is similar to the gloves used for surgery, but the material used to make them might be slightly different to offer less dexterity than the surgical ones.

Reasons to Use Surgical Hand Gloves

Of course, the main use of surgical hand gloves is to ensure safety and administer precaution during medical procedures. However, these hand gloves may also be worn by people in their everyday lives just as a general precautionary measure.

For example, when traveling to an unknown place where you suspect there might be a chance of contracting some kind of a disease or simply while handling equipment that is known to be toxic, it may be sensible to wear these hand gloves to prevent such infections from transferring into your body.

These gloves are made of resistant materials such as latex, nitrile, rubber, and so on, which act as a barrier before your skin to prevent germs from entering your body.

Latex Surgical Gloves For Reuse

Latex surgical gloves, or latex hand gloves in general, are commonly seen in biochemical and chemical laboratories. They come in a signature and recognizable purple color and are typically thicker than the throw-away hand gloves used in surgery.

These gloves are meant to be reused for the most part. They can be washed and sterilized after every consecutive use for a set number of uses. This allows these gloves to remain fresh and still be safe for the application while dealing with various different chemicals.

Apart from a laboratory setting, these gloves can also be purchased and worn for day-to-day purposes in the same manner. This is particularly useful for people who do not wish to spend money over and over again for buying new disposable gloves each time.

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