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Baby Diapers

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Parenting is a self-learning thing, which most parents master over time. But, a few tips and tricks from others surely help a ton. Go through the below article to get a clear picture of diapers.

As your newborn comes home, you will have to take several decisions from picking the right clothes, food, nursery, and more. Out of the many things, buying the right diapers is another key decision that parents struggle with. Diapers come in handy for absorbing your baby's waste release, which is why they are an important accessory for both newborns and parents.

Different types of Baby Diapers

Most of you think shopping for diapers is easy, but it can get quite complicated for new parents. There are a variety of diapers available, but they are two main types are

Disposable diapers - Quite popular among all the new parents, these diapers are easy to use and hassle-free. Similar to underwear, these diapers have an absorbent pad in the middle to absorb all the waste. These are basically hands-on diapers, which prevent leakage and keep the baby’s butt dry for a long time.

Reusable diapers - Most parents also prefer using reusable diapers, which are also known as washable diapers for babies. Washable diapers are super soft, gentle, and apt for babies with delicate skin types. These extra care diapers are more cost-effective and eco and skin-friendly. Most of the extra care diapers are made of absorbent fabrics such as unbleached hemp, wool, dense flannel, terry, and cotton fleece.

Picking the right newborn baby diapers

There are several constraints associated with choosing the right nappy for your baby. Not all diapers are good for the bottoms of your baby. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing.

  • --> Well-known brands are your best pick instead of local ones because they have been in business and produce diapers based on thorough research.

  • --> The good quality material of the diaper is a prime necessity. Baby’s skin is very delicate, sensitive and can get irritated or form rashes.

  • --> Always prefer a diaper made of good quality, breathable and soft material.

  • --> The diaper should not sag, leak and will be able to absorb a considerable amount of poop and pee.

  • --> Nowadays, extra care diapers come with wetness indicator lines, which allow you to change them on time and avoid a grumpy and irritable baby.

  • --> While choosing newborn baby diapers, ensure their stretchability because you don’t want the baby’s butt to have marks and creases.

  • --> Buy diapers according to the size of the baby, it should not be either small or big.

  • --> While buying reusable diapers or any washable diapers for babies, look for soft and light cloth material.

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Tidy Baby Diapers₹320₹3383
Pampers Baby Diapers₹27₹1603
Freshkins Baby Diapers₹531₹531
Pigeon Baby Diapers₹660₹660
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