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Air Compressors

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Select From the New Range Of Air Compressors Available At Moglix

compressor machine is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. An air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor.


compressor machine is similar to a pump. Both can increase the pressure of liquids and move them through pipes. The main difference is that the focus of compressors is to change the density or volume of fluids which is almost only achievable with gasses. Gasses are compressible, but liquids are relatively incompressible, so compressors are rarely used with liquids. The primary role of a pump is to pressurize and transport liquids.


Air compressors are used for the conversion of power from sources such as diesel or gasoline engines into potential energy which is stored in compressed air. They are used for filling air cylinders, pneumatic HVAC control systems, etc.


Different Types of Compressor Machines Available at Moglix

Piston Compressors - A compressor machine with pistons driven by a crankshaft and an electric motor is known as a reciprocating Compressor General purpose reciprocating compressors are available in sizes from less than one horsepower to about 30 horsepower. Piston compressors often supply air to building control and automation systems.


Rotary Vane Compressors - A rotary vane compressor uses an oval-slotted rotor housed in a cylinder. The rotor has slots along its length, and each place contains a vane. As the compressor rotates, the blades are pushed outward by centrifugal force, and because the rotor is eccentric to the housing, the blades move in and out of the slots. The wing sweeps over the cylinder, drawing in air on one side and expelling it on the other. Vane compressors are generally used in smaller applications where space is an issue. However, they are not as efficient as screw compressors.


Compressor Engine -  Electric motors are often used to provide power to drive compressors. As a prime mover, the engine must provide enough power to start the compressor, accelerate to full speed and keep the unit running under a variety of design conditions. Most air compressor machines use standard three-phase induction motors.


Screw Compressors - Screw compressors have grown in popularity since very early times. These units are most commonly used in sizes from about 5 to 900 hp. The most common type of rotary compressor is the helical twin screw compressor. Two interlocking rotors work together to trap air and reduce air volume along the rotor. Depending on air purity requirements,  screw compressors are available in lubricated or dry (oil-free) types.


Points to remember while buying an Air Compressor Machine

Analyze the requirements and usage - Consider the pressure and volume requirements of each tool. For example, high-performance tools require more pressure and therefore more volume. If you do not select a compressor suitable for your application, work efficiency will drop significantly.


Always choose the best suited - Reciprocating compressors rely on a motor to boost air pressure when exhausted. Store compressed air in a tank. Portable compressors do not have a tank, so they work continuously to pump air.


Choice based on the power of the Air Compressor - The air compressor has a power range of 1.5 to 6.5 HP and can be used for small and medium-sized applications. Higher horsepower air compressors are usually reserved for industrial use.


Domestic power supply - Depending on the availability of electricity, you can choose a drive system using an electric motor or a gasoline engine to drive the compressor machine.


Size of Motor Tank - When using a reciprocating compressor, it is necessary to determine the size of the tank. When used in low-load applications, you can use one with a smaller tank. However, if you want to run for a long time, a compressor with a large tank is preferable.


Brands that Sell Air Compressor Machines at Moglix

Hitachi - Hitachi Air Compressor Machine provides optimized compressed air solutions to customers through superior compressor technology, known around the world for universally applicable design, outstanding craftsmanship, and superior quality. Hitachi Hi-Rel is an innovator in rotary screw compression and vacuum technology.


Ferm - The quality department tests every power tool that leaves the assembly line, to assure high-quality air compressor machines that meet FERM standards. It designs and develops air compressor machines with updated technology and has been serving Indian markets for a long time now.


Groz - The main aim of Groz Engineering Tools Pvt. Ltd is to be a complete solution for top-notch quality and best-performance tools and equipment. They provide best-in-segment air compressors that are technologically advanced and best for customers who value accuracy, consistency, and value.


Taj Enterprises - Owing to its rich domain experience, The Taj has been engaged in offering a high-quality range of air compressor machines and pumps. The best in the market, compressor machines are designed to cater to the customer's demands.


Why Purchase Air Compressor Machine At Moglix

Moglix has sourced a wide range of air compressors to meet the needs of industrial users. Products available as part of this category are from reputable air compressor manufacturers such as FERM, Hitachi, and Groz. The wide price range of these products allows buyers to get a model that fits their needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Compressors

Which industry uses an air compressor and why?

Air compressors are widely used in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, energy sector, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), railways, automobiles, and diving industries. These air compressors are used for transferring air and gases from one place to another, by increasing the pressure using an air compressor.

Why are most air compressors gas powered?

The air in the compressors needs a power source to move, this is where the gas engines come into the story. Gas engines transform gasoline into mechanical energy that creates pressure and the air moves and consequently compresses air.

Air Compressors - Price Range

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