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Nova Safe Safari Labour PVC Black & Orange Steel Toe Safety Shoes

54% OFF



  • By: Nova Safe
Kasa Life 1 Inch Cloth Type Orange Reflective Safety jacket, KL-1CO

26% OFF



  • By: Kasa Life
Nitrile Nylon Safety Gloves

81% OFF



  • By: Nitrile
Heapro Grey Nape Type Safety Helmet, VLD-0011 (Pack of 10)

67% OFF



  • By: Heapro
Karam Yellow Ratchet Safety Helmets, PN-521 (Pack of 10)

27% OFF



  • By: Karam
Asian Loto Reflective Road Stud, ALC-STD8 (Pack of 5)

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Honeywell Assy Red Safety Ratchet Helmet, A59IR150000

40% OFF



  • By: Honeywell
Heapro Yellow Ratchet Safety Helmet, HR-001 (Pack of 5)

67% OFF



  • By: Heapro
Ishan Navy Blue 380gsm Cotton Fabric Boiler Suit, 5408, Size: Large

38% OFF



  • By: Ishan
Midas GL 022 Safety Nitralon Hand Gloves, Size: 11 (Pack of 96)

29% OFF



  • By: Midas
Asian Loto Nonconductive Lockout Hasp with 4 Holes, ALC-4HDH

16% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Kasa Life 1 Inch Net Type Green Reflective Safety jacket, KL-1NG

26% OFF



  • By: Kasa Life
Asian Loto 3 m Traffic Sign Road-Slope Sign Board, ALC-SGN-12-900

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Honeywell 40Cal Arc Flash Clothing Kit, Size: L

33% OFF



  • By: Honeywell
Asian Loto 3 m Traffic Sign Merge-Right Sign Board, ALC-SGN-15-900

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Honeywell Powercoat 950-20 Neo Fit Safety Gloves, 2095020-10

34% OFF



  • By: Honeywell
Midas Cut Resistance Hand Gloves (Pack of 60)

28% OFF



  • By: Midas
Venus V-44 Yellow Nose Masks (Pack of 50)

4% OFF



  • By: Venus
Venus 14039 White V-420-SLV-FFP2-NR Universal Series Respirators (Pack of 15)

27% OFF



  • By: Venus
3M 9000ING Dust/Mist Respirator, BIS P1 (Pack of 100)

18% OFF



  • By: 3M
Asian Loto Road Spring Post, ALC-SP1

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Mallcom 7 Inch Blue Latex Safety Gloves, L210B (Pack of 4)

11% OFF



  • By: Mallcom
Asian Loto 3 mm Traffic Sign Road Narrows on Left Sign Board, ALC-SGN-9-900

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Ishan Navy Blue Poly Cotton Half Sleeve Fabric Boiler Suit, 5403, Size: M

38% OFF



  • By: Ishan
Generic Polyester Assorted Rainwear with Polyvinyl Chloride Coating, Size: L

Our Price


  • By: Generic
Sai Safety 50g Blue Cotton Knitted Gloves (Pack of 100)

46% OFF



  • By: Sai Safety
Honeywell 1006630 N95 Disposable Respiratory Mask, Size: S

31% OFF



  • By: Honeywell
Midas Nitral Cuff Safety Hand Gloves, Size: L (Pack of 24)

35% OFF



  • By: Midas
Mallcom Diamond XIII White Ratchet Safety helmet with CH02STR Chin Strap Set

15% OFF



  • By: Mallcom
Gripwell 14 Inch Rubber Chemical Resistant Hand Gloves (Pack of 10)

15% OFF



  • By: Gripwell
Asian Loto Nape Strap Yellow Safety Helmets, ALC-SHNS-Y

33% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Asian Loto ALC-CHPV-G Small Green Vinyl Coated Safety Lockout Hasp, Size: 38 mm (Pack of 5)

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Karam White Safety Helmets, PN 501 (Pack of 5)

31% OFF



  • By: Karam
Asian Loto 3 mm Traffic Sign Queues Likely Ahead Reflective Sign Board, ALC-SGN-58-900

15% OFF



  • By: Asian Loto
Heapro Yellow Nape Type Safety Helmet, VLD-0011 (Pack of 15)

71% OFF



  • By: Heapro
Heapro Orange Nape Type Safety Helmet, HSD-001 (Pack of 20)

61% OFF



  • By: Heapro
Asian Loto Plastic Light Grey Scaffolding Tag Holder

Our Price


  • By: Asian Loto
Hillson Century Plain Toe Black Gumboots

Available on Request

  • By: Hillson

Moglix offers Safety Products, Supplies & Gear

No matter what is your industry type, the safety of your employees can’t be an afterthought. You need safety products that will ensure that your employees, equipment and even the business are safe from all sorts of hazards and safety threats.

At Moglix, we understand the need for safety and offer you a wide range of top quality safety products at affordable prices. From hearing protection gear to safety glasses, firefighting products to construction safety gear – we have you covered from head to toe with all the safety supplies that you might need for your workplace.

What Safety Products do you need for workplace safety?

At the workplace, your employees are open to a number of injuries and health risks. To avoid these troubles, you need safety gear. However, what comes as an interesting thing is that every industry has different health risks associated with it; and hence, requires different safety equipment. It could be the risk of cuts and abrasions at a construction site, infectious disease hazard or heat dangers in a chemical industry or more.

For every industry, you will need different safety gear, which you can find under one roof - Now you can choose the right safety equipment which is handpicked by our team and goes through a number of quality checks before being packed and shipped.

A Wide Selection of Top Brand Products:

At Moglix, you will find everything from personal protective equipment to spill kits and more to keep workplace functions running smoothly and keeping your employees away from all the risks of injury or illness.

With more than 5 Lakh products from the 7000+ brands and 35+ categories, we are the one stop shop for all your safety needs, that too at affordable prices. Some of the popular brands that you will find at Moglix include Karam, 3M, Allen Cooper, Bata Industrials, Hillson and more.

The Must-Have Safety Equipment Includes:

Head Protection:

Head protection is very important in every workplace but is vital in the construction and mining industry. Using safety helmets ensure that your employees are safe from injuries related to falling objects. Helmets should fit perfectly, allowing workers to bend over without it falling off the head. Though head protection gear doesn’t come with an expiration date but should be replaced every two years for better security.

Eye Protection:

Proper protective eyewear like safety goggles are must for every industry but are vital in chemical industries. These goggles avoid eye injuries with their impact-resistant safety glasses. While choosing your eye protection gear, go for a pair of anti-fog or scratch-resistant safety sunglasses which can also protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, dust, and debris.

Hearing Protection:

In the industries which generate noise, hearing protection holds utmost importance. Prolong exposure to noise can not only damage the ears but can also have hazardous effects on the mental health of the workers. At Moglix, you will find a large selection of disposable silicone ear plugs, ear muffs and more.

Face Protection:

Mostly used in chemical plants, firefighting and welding industries, face masks are very important. Face masks not only save the face from cuts and bruises but also save eyes from the dangerous effects of gas and fire. You can also use disposable masks to protect your employees from breathing in dust and harmful irritants.

Protective Clothing and Foot Protection:

With a wide range of quality protective clothing available at Moglix, safeguard yourself from chemicals and injuries. Also, reflective clothing helps you stand out at the job site, which requires high visibility. Safety jackets can help you stay safe at your job site.

In industries like construction and manufacturing, protective footwear is also very important. With a wide range of top brand and quality safety shoes available at Moglix, you can surely safeguard your feet from getting hurt with falling hammers, needles and more. Our range of safety shoes is of different types such as plain toes, fiber toes, rubber toes, steel toes, and composite toes. They are highly valued by professionals working in industries such as logistics, oil & gas, petrochemicals, metallurgy, iron, steel, real estate, etc. They are anti-static, chemical, oil, and perspiration resistant. They can check the level of perspiration on foot and ensure a high level of comfort for the industrial workers.

Fall Protection:

Most of the fall injuries happen to the workers working outdoors. Fasteners and fall arresters keep you safe when you lose balance while working on great heights. Some of the fall protection safety equipment that you can find at Moglix include – Fall protection kits, rope grab lifelines, harnesses, and hooks. Get these and more from the top brand names.

Hand protection:

Almost mandatory for every job site, safety gloves come in many materials and designs. While vinyl gloves are popular in the food industry, Neoprene gloves are a staple in medical and laboratory settings. Other types of safety gloves include – welding gloves, electrical resistant gloves, oil-resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves, chemical resistant gloves, puncture resistant gloves and more.

Traffic Safety:

When working on the roads, workers are more prone to meet accidents by moving traffic. To overcome this, traffic safety gear is very important. At Moglix, you can find a wide range of traffic safety gear which includes traffic cones, road studs, safety signs, reflectors and more. You can also find reflective clothing to help workers stand out in extreme conditions like rains or fog.

Shop Online for Safety Equipment at - The Safety Store

Buying safety equipment online gives the freedom to choose from a wide range of materials and brands at affordable prices. For all your safety equipment needs, visit and find a diverse selection of safety gear and equipment to provide high-level protection to your workers. All our products undergo rigid tests and meet the official standards of safety regulations. 

With customer friendly features like prompt delivery, easy navigation, flexible payment options, bulk-buying advantage, 24*7 customer care, and amazing deals, get a hassle-free and trustworthy shopping experience at Visit online and explore a wide range of products in our safety store.

To Choose the Best, Refer Our Safety Buying Guide