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Light Welding Holder

53% OFF



  • By: Yellow Light
Ego 8W Soldering Iron,Length 142 mm

41% OFF



  • By: Ego
Arcon 3 Rows Spring Steel Wire Brush, ARC-3073

26% OFF



  • By: Arcon
National LPG 300g Regulator

55% OFF



  • By: National
Prenav 1000A Welding Holder, PW-400

54% OFF



  • By: Prenav
Arcon B-3/64 Gas Cutting Nozzle, ARC-2052

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Ashco Welding Regulator DA

23% OFF



  • By: Ashco
Arcon 6 Feet Long Aluminum Track for Pug Cutting Machine, ARC-2085

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Ador Welding SUPERINOX -2A (E-316-16) Stainless Steel Electrodes4.00x450 mm (Pack of 10)

49% OFF



  • By: Ador
Booster 1/16 Inch Gas Cutting Nozzle (Set of 10)

40% OFF



  • By: Booster
Arcon 1.6x1000mm Stainless Steel TIG Rod, ARC-1103

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Arcon 1.6x1000mm Stainless Steel TIG Rod, ARC-1153

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
ESAB IAR 52B (2 Gauge) Argon Single Stage Regulator

21% OFF



  • By: ESAB
ESAB PSF 505 3M Air/Water Cooled MiG Torch

18% OFF



  • By: ESAB
Vartech 800 L BGA Re-Work System Fixture

15% OFF



  • By: Vartech
Aczet CUB 100 Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner, Capacity: 100 L

16% OFF



  • By: Aczet
ESAB ISG 43D RH-III SS Special Application Regulator

18% OFF



  • By: ESAB
Ferrocord E6013 Heavy Welding Rod

22% OFF



  • By: Ferrocord
Aczet CUB 60 Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner, Capacity: 60 L

16% OFF



  • By: Aczet
ESAB PSF 405 4.5M Air/Water Cooled MiG Torch

18% OFF



  • By: ESAB
Arcon 1.6x1000mm Mild Steel TIG Rod, ARC-1041

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
CRUIZAR Gas Cutting Nozzle, Size: 3/64 in (Pack of 10)

40% OFF



KE T12 Series High Grade Soldering Bits, T12 B2

20% OFF



  • By: KE
Sharpcut SHA-2077 Two Way Valve For Oxy./Fuel Gas

32% OFF



  • By: Sharpcut
Arcon 2.5x1000mm Stainless Steel TIG Rod, ARC-1115

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Suprabhat Enterprises SS-460-D Temperature Control Soldering Station

58% OFF



  • By: Suprabhat Enterprises
ESAB PSF 510W 3M Air/Water Cooled MiG Torch

18% OFF



  • By: ESAB
Arcon A-HQD/5 Welding Electrode Drying Oven with 5kg capacity, ARC-3102

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Arcon A-POTS/10 Welding Electrode Drying Oven with 10kg Capacity, ARC-3104

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Ego 60W Soldering Iron, SI-31 (Pack of 10)

40% OFF



  • By: Ego
Arcon 2x1000mm Mild Steel TIG Rod, ARC-1044

28% OFF



  • By: Arcon
Proskit 8PK-366NA Desoldering Pump

56% OFF



  • By: Proskit
ESAB TXH 401w 8M OKC 50 TIG Torch - Scratch/HF TIG

18% OFF



  • By: ESAB
Sir-G Oxygen/Acetylene Flashback Arrestor Set

55% OFF



  • By: Sir-G
ESAB Cutogen 5 Straight Head 600 mm Cutting Blowpipe

28% OFF



  • By: ESAB
BMB ARC-400 Amp Metal Inverter Welding Machine (Black, 8-inch)

Available on Request

  • By: Shakti
Toni 100W Soldering Iron with Dip Bit

Available on Request

  • By: Toni
Toni STC/306 60W Soldering Iron

Available on Request

  • By: Toni
Soldron 936A 60W Analog Soldering Station

Available on Request

  • By: Soldron
Ego 15W Soldering Iron,Length 187 mm

Available on Request

  • By: Ego

Buy Welding Machines, Tools and Equipment Online!

Welding tools forms a vital part of any industrial process. To ensure the smooth welding in factories and plants, Moglix presents an interesting range of welding equipment for sale. The products that are available as a part of this range include welding regulators, welding chemicals, welding accessories, soldering guns and irons etc. The welding cables that we are offering as a part of this category are suitable for use in welding machines. Moreover, the single stage regulators that are available as a part of this range are best suited for use in short duration applications. All these tools have been manufactured keeping in touch with existing standards in the industry.

What are the Types and Applications of Welding?

Owing to the conditions, demands and materials that are to be joined very widely, various kinds of welding processes have been developed that make use of different welding machines. Each welding process furnishes different requirements, and has its own pros and cons. Mentioned below are some of the most common welding processes.

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Submerged Arc Welding, and
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding

These welding processes are a commonplace in industrial fabrication, and the arc welding machines required to regard these various processes, are available on our online portal.

Buy Welding & Soldering Machines from the Best Brands Online

At Moglix, we pay a good deal of attention to the challenges that industry based customers face during the welding process. Therefore, we have sourced the latest range of welding and soldering tools from well-known brands like Armac, Megna, Arcon, Booster etc. The prices of these tools have been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of buyers.

We also deal in all types of hand & power tools, electrical equipment, lightings & luminaries, oils & paints, cutting & machining tools, measurement & precision tools, industrial oils & lubricants etc. To acquire the latest range of welding equipment, select from the assorted collection available at Moglix.

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