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Agricultural Machinery

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Mechanization of Agricultural Processes and The Growing Demand for Agro Machines

Agriculture has been an essential part of human civilization since the inception of the concept of community. In its infancy, agriculture was practiced to provide basic food and nourishment for the herd. It was later developed into a commercial practice with the introduction of trade and the Barter system. In the 21st century, agriculture plays a vital role in the entire economy of a given country. It is widely regarded as the backbone of an economic system and sits at the forefront of essential crop production and providing a range of employment opportunities.

However, due to rapid industrialization, the prospects of agriculture seemed to be on a steady decline in the last century. People were reluctant to invest as much time and effort into farming processes as they did into more comfortable occupations. This was partly due to waning fertile farmlands and greatly due to the labor-intensive nature of the farming process. But recent decades have shown much hope in bringing back the urge for farming by employing new agriscience technology, which promises to make the operation far simpler. The rapid industrialization that took away from the farming industry now heralds renewed aspirations in the form of agro machines that will make agriculture as easy as it is crucial.

What Are Agro Machines?

Agricultural machinery or agro machines define a class of mechanical devices and structures used in the realm of mechanized farming and other similar types of agricultural practices. These appliances range from hand-held tools to power tools and tractor machinery, depending on their operational requirements. Together with the diverse array of instruments they tow and operate, the cumulative fall under the general umbrella of farm machinery.

What Are the Types and Uses of Agricultural Machinery?

The various machines employed to aid farming may be classified according to the area of the farming process in which they function:

Combines, for instance, are modern-day harvesting tools built upon the same idea as traditional tractor machinery. They are used to till the soil and prepare the harvest ground for planting.

Combines can till many rows of implements simultaneously, hence provide greater efficiency than their tractor predecessors.

Second to Combines in their line of work is a class of farm machinery called Planters. These are machines used to seed long rows of tilled land. The jaws of the Planters are spaced apart equally – usually a foot apart – to ensure that the field is blanketed with crops that do not overlap with one another. A subclass of Planters called Transplanters to build upon the same concept to transfer growing seedlings from one area to another.

Finally, Sprayers are employed after the planting process to apply various fertilizers and pesticides. These are essential for pre-harvest maintenance of the crops and preventing any types of pest invasions.

The new generation of agro machines build upon the basic design of their predecessors but offer greater functionality. This allows farmers to maneuver their land better and provides a wider range of control to the overall farming process.

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