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Industry Store

There are millions of businesses, directly aligned with the manufacturing and production sector, around the world. Therefore, to ease out the congestion surrounding the procurement process of these businesses


We offer quality finished products, ranging from safety shoes to respiratory masks that you can rely upon in providing protection to your workplace and employees from any uncalled for hazards.

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Hand Tools

Quality hand tools are a must for every home, amateur and professionals. Whether you are a master craftsman or simply a budding DIYer, our wide selection of hand tools is adept in regarding your diverse needs.

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Power Tools

From the energy efficient impact drills to the technologically advanced stone cutters and power shears, Moglix provides them all to help you chisel out your work with great ease.

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Lab Supplies

Our online catalogue is consistently refreshed with innovative products, ranging from centrifuges and microscopes to laboratory storage and utilities. Find everything that’ll help you simplify your research.

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Medical supplies

Procuring medical supplies demands some sort of investment in terms of time and effort; however at Moglix you can search and compare thousands of genuine products at a moment’s notice and filter out the one that best fits your bill.

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Gardening & Landscaping

Gardening is an accomplished art in itself. Whether you are a professional expert or spend your time in the garden during weekends, having the right set of gardening tools will make it easier for you to maintain your garden in a better way.

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Rakes & Cultivating Tools

From rugged agricultural and garden forks to lawn rakes and garden hoes; find professional rakes and cultivation tools to help you get the job done.

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Gardening Tool Kits

A great garden has many layers, including your landscaping and planting decisions. From start to finish, the process of setting up, planning and executing your garden entails a lot of work and participation. To accomplish that, you need the right gardening toolkit.

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Office Stationery & Supplies

Office supplies constitute a recurring expense for any organization & it is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of business operations. We offer a diversity of office products ranging from printers to pen and pencil holders, helping buyers streamline their office operations.

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Office Furniture & Decor

Working environment has a crucial impact on the efficiency of resources; it is imperative to maintain a pleasant environment within the workplace. An Exquisite office furniture and décor might suffice; therefore explore from our wide collection of handpicked products.

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IT & Electronics

Electronic equipment being an integral part of any workplace; clenches to be an important performance indicator of the employees. Therefore, crank up on our assortment of latest electronics and ensure pressing efficacy.

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