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Orbit Rider 1 1200W Sky Blue Steam Iron
By: Orbit
₹1,79958% OFF
  • Cool Touch Body with Comfortable Hand Grip, Thermal Fuse for

  • Ultra Light Weight Iron with Elegant Design & Powerful Performance,...

Orbit Amadeus 2 1950W Gold Professional Garment Steamer
  • Hot Steam has more Effective Sterilization & Cleaning Effect

  • Steams in 38 Seconds

Orbit Bolt 2200W Blue Steam Iron
By: Orbit
₹2,00015% OFF
  • Only Then You Can Use The Steam Function Effectively

  • Transparent Water Tank

Orbit Amadeus 2 1950W Red Professional Garment Steamer
  • Sterilization, Ironing, Humidification, Anti-Wrinkle, Dust Removal & Stream with in

  • Steam Ironing Machine, a kind of New Tool for Ironing,

Orbit HY-128 1640W Pink Handheld Garment Steamer
  • Anti-Leakage, Removing Dust & Visible Water Level

  • Portable & Compact

Havells Flare 1250W Purple Steam Iron, GHGSIBDU125
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Havells
₹1,89524% OFF
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control

  • Ceramic Coated Soleplate

Deerma HS007 800W 100ml ABS White Portable Steam Iron
  • Ergonomic Design & Easy Maintenance

  • Energy Efficient & Convenient to Use

Syska SSI-1600 1600W Sea Green Steam Iron
By: Syska
₹1,99921% OFF
  • Steam Burst, Self Cleaning, Automatic Shut-Off & Swivel Cord 360

  • Temperature Control

Khaitan Orfin Merino 1200W Purple & White Steam Iron, KA-1006
  • The Lightweight Iron Ensures that the Ironing is Fast, Easy

  • Temperature Control for More Convenience, Easy to Use, Clean &

Lazer Elena Plus 1400W Green Steam Iron, ELENAPLUSGR
  • This Appliance�s Continuous Steam Output of Up to 17g/min Ensures

  • It is also Known as Clothes Iron, Flat Iron or

Florita Fable 1200W PTFE Soleplate Steam Iron, F-IRN-FBL-1200W
Lazer Imperial 2200W Pink Steam Iron, IMPERIALIRONPNK
  • This Lazer Iron is Designed to Give You a Smooth

  • It Features an Ergonomically Designed Handle for Easy Gripping

Tovito ST-96 Shilter 1200W Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water Tank
Tovito SI-ST-2128 Silti 900W Industrial Boiler Steam Iron
Tovito ES999 Silti 1600W Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water Tank
Tovito ES300L Silti 1600W Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water Tank
Warmex 2200W 2.2 L Orange Garment Steamer, PGS-05
By: Warmex
₹10,97916% OFF
  • The Steam Nozzle, Folder Hanger, Steam Pipe & Semi-Transparent Water

  • Four Power Level, Rotary Switch Control Panel, Universal Wheel &

Warmex Classic 2200W 360ml Ceramic Blue & Black Classic Steam Iron, OTSI-2200
  • Continuous Steam Output & 3 Way Auto Shut Off Function

  • Anti-Drip Function, Self-Clean Function, Stable Heel Rest & Safe for

Fabiano Haze 1200W Steam Iron
By: Fabiano
₹1,99961% OFF
  • Thermostat Controlled Temperature Dial, Shock Proof, Steam Control Knob &

Usha SI 3813C 1300W Pink Steam Iron
By: Usha
₹1,39620% OFF
  • Easy Grip Handle, 360 Degree Swivel Cord for Easy Movement

  • High-Quality Soleplate, Along with Other Convenient Features Such As High

Havells Tinyo Pro 1250W Blue & Black Steam Iron
By: Havells
₹1,59521% OFF
  • Spray Function, Self-Cleaning Function, Temperature Control Knob & Non-Stick Soleplate

  • Powerful Performance, High-Capacity Tank, Steam Burst & User-Friendly Operation

Warmex 1200W 180ml Green Ergonomic Steam Iron
By: Warmex
₹1,82816% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design, Overheat Safety Shut off Function, Continuou Steaming &

  • Non-Stick Soleplate for Smooth Ironing & Variable Temperature Setting

Havells Elegance 1200W Gold & White Garment Steamer, GHGGSBQG120
  • Large Water Tank Capacity: Large 150ml Water Tank Capacity that

  • Powerful Steam Output: Powerful Steam Output At 25g/min Steaming Rate

Havells Plush 1600W Black Steam Iron, GHGSIBCK160
By: Havells
₹2,64526% OFF
  • Spray & Steam

  • Flexible 360 degree Swivel Cord Guard

Warmex 1200W 80ml White & Blue Garment Steamer, PGS-09
  • Detachable Brush for Cleaning, Seven Steam Nozzle for Extra Steam,

  • Easy to Use, Perfect for Horizontal & Vertical Ironing

Tovito ES 300 Silti 1000W Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water Tank
Tovito ES300L 1300W Silverstar Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water tank & Teflon Shoes
Tovito ES 300 1000W Silverstar Industrial Electric Steam Iron with 4L Water Tank
Baltra Legend 1200W White & Blue Steam Iron, BTI125
Baltra Marina 1200W Grey Steam Iron, BTI123
By: Baltra
₹1,36050% OFF
Baltra Perfect 1100W White & Orange Steam Iron, BTI1101
Havells Admire 1320W Blue Steam Iron
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Cleaning option: Yes

  • Steam function

Havells Magnum 1840W Pink Steam Iron
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Variable steam

  • Electrical Safety: Yes

Kenstar Comfort 1200W ABS Steam Iron
By: Kenstar
Available on Request
  • Continuous Steam Control, Easy Grip Fabric Selector, 360 deg Cord

  • Spray & Steam Burst Function

Zunvolt 1200W Blue & White Steam Iron
By: Zunvolt
Available on Request
  • Comfortable Hand Grip

  • Multiple Temperature Levels

Philips 2000W Steam Iron, GC1022/40
By: Philips
Available on Request
  • Self clean solution

  • Steam output

Inalsa 2200W Black & Blue Ceramic Coated Sole Plate Steam Iron with Power Indicator Light & 360 degree Swivel Cord, Onyx 2200
  • Power Indicator Light, 360 degree Swivel Cord, Anti-Drip Function &

  • Innovative Power Indicator Light on the Handle to Indicate Operational...

Philips 1000W Garment Steamer, GC310/07
By: Philips
Available on Request
  • Safety auto off

  • 20g/min Continuous steam output

Tefal Virtuo 1400W White & Green Steam Iron
By: Tefal
Available on Request
  • Continuous Steam Diffusion: Tip and side

  • Easy to use everyday steam iron for crisp clothes and

Remove all Wrinkles and Creases on Clothes Effortlessly with Steam Irons

It is necessary to look groomed in today’s world and to look in that way, the easiest way is to neatly iron clothes. From a job interview at a wedding, dressing well is very important. A wrinkled dress can make you look shabby and untidy and going laundry every now and then can be a bit expensive task, especially when you have clothes in bulk. Therefore steam iron comes in picture and buying a steam iron machine will make your work easier and also saves money.

Steam iron machines are electrical home appliances that are used to remove wrinkles from clothes and provide them a neat and clean look. These irons are compact and portable and have various features such as auto-shutoff, steam burst and water reservoirs, and more. In these irons, steam vents are placed all over the sole plates to distribute the steam equally.

Why are Steam Irons More Effective?

Before buying a steam iron, let’s go through its benefits and advantages.

It is important to make sure about the safety before using any electronic item. But in the case of these irons, safety is not a major concern. You don’t need to be much cautious about safety as these steam irons come with new technology and are equipped with auto shut off options. If the iron is motionless for more than 10 minutes, this feature shuts down the iron and reduces the possibility of any risk of an accident.

Vertical steam iron is a new type of iron and is extremely convenient when it comes to ironing thick and long clothes. In this case, you don’t need to put extra efforts with typical irons as you can easily use vertical steam iron and can get more effective results.

Steam is the key to get wrinkle-free and super crisp clothes. With these irons, you can get a separate boiler from where you get powerful steam and better ironing for your clothes.

Best Brands of Steam Iron with Stand Available at Moglix

Bajaj: Bajaj Group of Companies was established in the year 1940 ad it has been expanded to many areas. They also manufacture home appliances and their steam irons are classier and offer effective results.

Havells: In business since 1958, Havells has offered products ranging from home and kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic, and more. For steam irons, it is one of the most reliable companies.

Panasonic: Panasonic is forging ahead in various areas with the aim of “A better life, a better world”. They manufacture one of the best home appliances in the market.

Philips: Philips is a leading company that offers a variety of products in the market. Philips steam irons are reliable and last for a longer time.

Why Buy Steam Iron Online from Moglix?

Shopping on is easy, safe and convenient. You can find the best industrial products here. Along with these products, you can also get various home and kitchen appliances on this website. It provides secure payment options such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card and net banking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Irons

How to clean a teflon iron?

It is critical to keep your irons clean in order to retain hygiene. And to do so, use 2 cups of warm water and 2 teaspoons of dish soap in a mixing bowl. Then, using a rag, wipe off the soleplate of your iron with the solution. After that, soak a Q-tip in the solution and scrub the iron grooves with it.

Why are pressing irons triangular in shape?

The surface of flat iron has been the same since the beginning, i.e. a triangle. This is due to the triangular design of the iron, which allows it to glide over fabric, press out wrinkles, and iron tiny surface areas with ease.

Why are the cords of electric irons fabric-covered?

Plastic and rubber are excellent electrical insulators, but when subjected to high temperatures, they may fail in one or more ways. The cord is coated with a cloth to prevent this type of dangerous failure because it has good resistance to high temperatures and also protects you.