A detailed guide on types of ladders

Ladders are made to fit a wide range of home and business needs. They are practically used everywhere, from libraries to warehouses and rooftops to attics, lofts, tree homes, and other structures. They help you reach higher levels so that you can accomplish the repair or task at hand. The diversity and design of ladders have evolved throughout time. Today, they are safe and simple to use.

Ladder mishaps, accidental slips, and falls cause a lot of injuries all around the world. While human mistakes and negligence are undoubtedly to blame for most injuries, the type of ladder used also matters the most.

With so many ladders to select from, it might be challenging to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will walk you through the different types of ladders available in the market. So, let us begin.

  • Step ladder:

Also known as A-frame ladders, step ladders are self-supporting with four legs and do not require the use of a sturdy foundation or structure to remain upright. This makes them suitable for various tasks such as window cleaning, painting and decorating, and construction work. Additionally, they are helpful when replacing a light bulb or reaching something on the top kitchen shelf.

They usually have a specific mechanism that locks them in an 'A' shape. Therefore, it is important that you activate this function before using your step ladder. They are also easy to store and move around. Step ladders are mainly available in two types: Single-sided and double-sided.

Single-sided step ladders feature steps on one side and support legs on the other side. On the other hand, double-sided step ladders have steps on either side, allowing you to climb from both ways.

  • Step stool:

Although not a ladder in technical terms, a step stool is taller than a chair and usually contains only two to three steps on one side and supports legs on the other. They are a typical household item and are generally retractable or foldable, making them easy to carry around places and store anywhere at home.

Although the step stool is not as tall as other ladders, it is less expensive and more suitable for smaller rooms with shorter ceiling height. These foldable ladders are a must-have for kids who need a little help getting to their bed or the bathroom sink.

A step stool is a must-have for kids who need a little help getting to their bed or the bathroom sink. In turn, this makes the kids more independent and builds their confidence to do their tasks.

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  • Extension ladder:

Unlike step ladders that do not need any structural support, extension ladders, also called straight ladders, must be supported by a stable structure. They are made of two parts, the base, which should always be firmly fixed on the ground, and the fly, which can be extended, making them ideal for working at multiple heights. Usually, hooks, a rope, or a pulley system are used to support the fly.

Because of their ability to reach higher locations, extension ladders are perfect for painting ceiling, repairing ceiling fans, fixing the roof, and more.

  • Telescopic ladder:

Highly versatile in nature, telescopic ladders can extend and shrink into a compact and portable ladder. In simple terms, the height of these ladders can be adjusted based on your requirements. These ladders share the exact characteristics of an extension ladder. Still, they also have an added technological feature: the rungs of the ladder can quickly collapse so that the tool may be stored more conveniently. You can easily fold them to fit comfortably into most cupboards, car boots, and vans. You can easily store these foldable ladders in a utility closet when not in use.

Telescopic ladders are generally made of high-quality materials and are suitable for both household and commercial purposes. The main advantage of purchasing an extended telescopic ladder is its portability. Each section of these ladders has its own supporting shaft with a greater diameter. This means that each section can be slotted into one another when not in use. In addition, the automatic locking system keeps these ladders firm and strong.

  • Hydraulic ladder:

These ladders are divided into two types: scissor ladders and vehicle-mounted hydraulic ladders. A scissor ladder, often known as a scissor lift, uses hydraulic force to expand or retract the platform. By putting it on the level platform, the scissor ladder with few moving components can lift huge items. These ladders are ideal for warehouses and factories that need extensive lifting of heavy loads daily.

The vehicle-mounted hydraulic ladder is typically attached to trucks or vans, and it allows field employees to work safely at heights with greater ease. They are commonly used for on-site work, and the inclination angle of the ladder attached to the vehicle can be modified to give simple access. It can also be rotated 360-degrees adding to the convenience.


Now that you are familiar with different types of ladders, we hope you can find the suitable one that matches your requirements. It is always advised to buy ladders made of high-quality materials to avoid the risk of getting injured. Therefore, we recommend buying from Moglix, one of the best online websites offering high-quality ladders from some of the most popular brands like Champion, Aguerri, Eskai, Brantley, and more.