Eight different types of sink designs to revamp your kitchen

Eight different types of sink designs to revamp your kitchen

Every day, women spend a substantial amount of time in the kitchen performing various tasks like cooking, cleaning utensils, and more. While many women like performing this work, others find it tedious due to their congested, old, and unappealing kitchen. Moreover, such spaces not only slows down the work but also exhausts the women.

Kitchen renovations appear simple at first but can turn out to be exhausting. The old sink, cabinetry, and countertop are all replaced during a kitchen remodel. Selecting the type of countertop and cabinetry is easy, but choosing a sink might be confusing. Furthermore, installing a suitable sink is important as most cooking preparations and cleaning work in the kitchen revolves around the sink.

Kitchen sinks come in several styles and sizes, which may add to your confusion. Because there is such a wide range of kitchen sinks on the market, this guide will assist you in making the best decision.

Different types of sink designs:

From classic top-mount sinks to modern, trendier items like the integrated sink, you will find several types of sinks. When selecting the appropriate kitchen sink, keep in mind which type of sink best suits your kitchen, style, and job. Here are eight different types of kitchen sinks and their key benefits.

  • Drop in or top mount sink:

Commonly found in most homes, the drop-in or top mount sinks are one of the most preferred kitchen accessories installed from the top. First, a hole equal to the size of the sink is made into the counter based on a template given by the sink manufacturer. After drilling the hole, the sink is fitted from above. As a result, the rim of the sink bears the entire weight of the sink. Once appropriately placed, silicone is used to seal the sink's rim to the counter. These sinks are also called self-rimming or rimmed sinks because the edge of the sink creates a rim.

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation, no requirement of specific abilities
  • Reasonably priced
  • Undermount sink:

Installed underneath the counter, an under-mount sink is the smartest-looking type of sink. Undermount sink has no rim or lip on the counter, and the counter's edge falls right into the sink basin. This design gives the sink a modern and clean appearance and eases the cleaning of the counter. In addition, under-mount sinks, unlike top mount sinks, do not have crevices and grooves where food accumulates.

Key benefits:

  • Lack of rim ensures easy cleaning of dirt present on the counter
  • Offers a smoother and clean appearance
  • Provides higher quality than top mount sinks

Top Sellers

  • Double bowl sink:

Preferred mainly by people who like to maintain cleanliness in their kitchen at all times, double bowl sinks have a portion in between with a drain on each side. Double kitchen sinks allow washing in one bowl and drying or rinsing on the other. These sinks are designed for multi-purpose and are very versatile as washing, draining, and rinsing is all covered by a single unit.

Double kitchen sinks are available in various configurations, including two equal-sized bowls of similar depth, unequal-sized bowls, two equal-sized bowls of varying depths, and so on.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible and multi-purpose sinks
  • Perfect for homes dealing with plenty of vessels
  • Single bowl sink:

As the name implies, a single bowl kitchen sink comprises a single large sink unit, which can be divided into different categories. Single bowl kitchen sinks include both farmhouse or apron and in-counter types of sinks. This sink does not have a split basin.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for washing large objects like cookie sheets and casseroles
  • Perfect for large residences with a small family and minimum cleaning
  • Offers the aesthetic of an apron sink
  • Apron or farmhouse sink:

Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, are big single basin sinks with a front wall that serves as the counter and the sink. This is a type of single bowl sink that is most commonly integrated into the countertops. Farmhouse sinks can be installed in a country-style manner above a cabinet. Alternatively, they can be installed on a freestanding table, without any counters in the surroundings.

Key benefits:

  • They are usually larger in size
  • Minimum space between the sinks edge and the counter
  • Lends a farmhouse appearance
  • Drainboard sink:

Sinks with drainboards have a small basin on one side and a counter-level drainboard on the other. Drainboard sinks allow doing two tasks i.e., washing and draining vessels simultaneously.

Key benefits:

  • Best for galley kitchens or small spaces
  • The drainboard has a lip, which traps water and drains it back to the sink
  • Island or prep sink:

Relatively smaller than major kitchen sinks, island or prep sinks are used for either bartending or extra food preparation. Additionally, a second sink is always a bonus and can be installed on the far end of the main countertop or the kitchen island. Bar/prep sinks are always single basins with a diameter of no more than roughly 15 inches.

Key benefits:

  • Multiple people can prepare food at the same time with secondary sinks
  • Offers convenient access to a bar sink while cooking or cleaning
  • Integrated sink:

These sinks are fused in the countertop and are made of the same material as the counter. As the sink and countertop come as a single unit and are connected seamlessly, the unsightly rim is eliminated.

Key benefits:

  • No under counter gap
  • Integrated sinks give a flawless look to the kitchen


The key to having the kitchen of your dreams is to understand your needs, style, and personal taste before picking the fittings and accessories. From single to double bowl, undermount to a top mount, all types of sinks perform their role to the best of their ability. While some sinks provide the kitchen with a sleek and attractive aesthetic, others are very efficient, cost-effective, and useful.

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