Know All About Door Locks

Are you planning to buy a door lock? Before you choose a door lock for your home, here are a few factors you need to consider that might help you to choose the perfect door lock for your home and might help you to minimize your search options. Door locks are used for security and protection as we prefer safety at all times. Each door type has its unique system of locking and it can be chosen according to the type you prefer and trust the most.

Door Lock Price:

The door lock's price varies according to the type of lock you choose and the price depends on the type of lock you want. The price varies from Rs.10 to Rs. 10,000 and even more. Higher the features that you prefer with the locking system, will be on the higher end of the price range as well. The basic featured locks which are most commonly used are economical and affordable.

Door Lock Types:

There are different Door lock types to choose from. You have to choose the type of door lock that is best suited for you and would meet all your requirements. Some of the door lock types are Padlocks, Deadbolts, Mortise locks, Fingerprint locks, etc.

Mortise Door Lock:

Amortise door lock is the type of door lock that is usually installed inside the door. A mortise lock comprises a lock body that is placed inside the mortise cut-out of the door.

  • The biggest advantages that a mortise lock has over a cylindrical lock are its wide variety of functions and its secure latch bolt.
  • Mortise locks can also come with an integrated deadbolt for privacy and extra security. Mortise locks can be secured from both ends, which means you can lock the door from both sides. This makes it ideal for front doors, providing security when you are in or out of your home.

Fingerprint Door Lock:

Fingerprint door locks, also known as biometric door locks, are electronic door locks that use fingerprint recognition, making them very secure since all fingerprints are unique.

  • These door locks have the ability to store hundreds of finger impressions, and thus they are the most suitable door locks for large offices.
  • Also, there will be no worry about losing keys. Most conventional locks have pin-tumblers vulnerable to force entry, but fingerprint door locks are keyless, so they cannot be picked or bumped.
  • Once you place your finger onto the scanner for the first time, conversion into numerical data takes place, and the fingerprint template is saved, and the process is repeated every time you want to grant access to someone. The next time someone places their finger on the sensor, the device tries to match the data obtained through the finger with pre-saved values, and if a match is found, access is granted, and the door opens. On the other hand, if someone else is trying to get through, access is not allowed, and the doors remain locked.

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Deadbolt Door Lock:

A deadbolt is one of the most basic and effective ways to secure your door. A deadbolt lock is a type of lock where the bolt cannot be removed without the key. It functions much better than a spring bolt lock since a deadbolt can't move from its locked position without the key in the cylinder.

  • The major advantage of a deadbolt is the unique locking mechanism which gives you utmost protection against forceful physical attacks.
  • While standard locks may be forcibly unlocked using a knife as they operate on a sprint mechanism, deadbolts are nearly impossible to break in this manner.


A padlock is one of the most common lock types around. Padlocks are also portable, and you can use them to lock gates too. Padlocks are convenient to use, and it is usually cheaper compared to other locks. Any padlock with a shielded or shrouded shackle will prevent the lock from easily being cut using bolt cutters, damaged using a hydraulic clutter, or bludgeoned open by a hammer. Padlocks can be used for the security of residential doors, for luggage, for mining, etc.

Some Significant Features To Look Out For

  • Strong locking system:

    The safety and security of your house depend on the door lock, and hence you have to make sure that the door lock suits your needs and has a strong locking system.
  • Determine your need:

    Before burying door locks, you must know the type of door lock you need for your house, office, etc.
  • Access to technology and connections:

    In the case of smart door locks, you can look for door locks with built-in video cameras, two-way intercoms, emergency sirens, etc.
  • Anti-theft capabilities:

    Door locks that prevent tampering with the locks and can prevent possibilities of theft must be preferred.

Door Lock: FAQs

Now that you have a fair knowledge of door locks, you might have some questions in your mind. Well, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. Which type of door lock is the best?

A. The best type of door lock may vary from one individual to another based on their necessities and preferences. Deadbolt lock types offer the best protection against burglary or break-in. Deadbolt locks cannot be opened with the help of a knife or hand tool, and its unique locking mechanism provides you the utmost security.

Q. What is the best lock for a front door?

A. There are a plethora of door lock options available in the market. You need to make a selection of locks for the front door according to the design of your house and the type and style of your front door. Deadbolt door lock or mortise door lock would be preferable for the front door of a house, and smart locks and fingerprint door locks are preferred for large firms, businesses, organizations, offices, etc.

Q. How do doorknob locks work?

A. Door Knob locksets consist of a pair of knobs, one on each side of the door that is connected through the door by a spindle and held together by mounting bolts. When either knob turns, it rotates the spindle, and the spindle retracts the latch and allows the door to open.

Q. What are the most secure locks?

A. Deadbolt is often considered to be the most secure type of lock. What makes deadbolts unique is that they cannot be moved easily from locked to unlocked positions. All deadbolts require some type of rotation to disengage the lock.