Pressure Cookers: Know All About This Kitchen Utility Product

Pressure cookers are a multi-use utensil in a modern kitchen nowadays. Pressure cookers are now a part of every Home in India and are widely accepted as a need rather than just an option whose purchase will be rationalized. It goes deeper than any of us realize or research. The first Pressure cooker was invented by French Inventor and physicist that went by the name of Denis Papin. The Pressure cooker was first introduced to the world by the name of Papin's Digester in late 1679. The working of the pressure cooker was impressive as it succeeded the commonly used saucepan because the pressure cooker produced very hot steam, which in return forced the temperature inside the cooker much much higher than any saucepan could. The oldest set of pressure cookers made was operated with a weight modifier. The drawback was that the cooker only had one pressure level for everything, which was soon fixed, and around 1960, the operator was allowed to change the pressure according to the needs.

The pressure cooker was brought to India in 1956, where Companies like Hawkins and TT PVT Limited now changed to TTK Prestige or Just Prestige Cookers in India. The pressure cooker was welcomed with both arms as we had the most spice-rich culture. The cooker did absolutely everything from cooking dal, rice, and vegetables to cooking meat and curries with no Issues or extra added efforts required.

There are mainly 2 types of pressure cookers available in the market nowadays.

  • Single-purpose pressure cookers:

    These are specifically designed to work in a single-pressure setting as a multi-purpose utensils naturally. Still, you can not control the outcome until you are done with everything.
  • Multi-purpose pressure cookers:

    These pressure cookers are designed for multitasking. They can not only cook but also steam and sear. These cookers are installed with many options and different temperature and pressure settings. Multi-purpose pressure cookers usually have an option to convert them into slow cookers or rice cookers.

Pressure Cooker Price

Pricing of pressure cookers differs according to the different qualities they are bringing to the table. Pressure cookers differ from each other depending on what you need as the market provides different sizes depending on what is needed by the customers as the cooker is used in a lot of cooking spaces and the size requirements differ. There are different sizes and different purposes they fulfill.

A 5ltr pressure cooker can be available in the market for around Rs. 4,000/4,500. A good 3 ltr Pressure cooker is available in the market for about Rs. 1500/2000. This is the basic pricing of a pressure cooker available in today's market.