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Automotive Filters

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Automotive Filters to Keep Your Vehicle Rum Smoothly

Automotive filters are a must if you want your vehicle to run smoothly. Whenever your filter gets clogged, it can cause problems and affect vehicle performance. You may have noticed a loss of power, dirty smoke, oil light or even engine failure. To avoid all this it is important to change your automotive filters timely. There are different types of automotive filters available for different purposes.

Different Types of Filters in a Vehicle

Engine Air Filter

In an engine, there is an air filter that works to clean the air that goes into the engine for combustion. These filters are made of different materials like paper, foam, or cotton. It cleans the air as it enters the engine to remove any abrasive particles. It increases fuel efficiency and the vehicle remains in good condition.

Oil Filters

When an engine runs the metal wears down and tiny metal particles release. These particles can block the flow and also end up in the lubricant. Here come the oil filters, it catches these particles in your car. It is very important to change the oil filter according to the car specifications to keep it working properly.

Buy the Best Brands of Automotive Filters Online

Elofic - Elofic is a leading automobile filter manufacturer in India. They offer oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, etc. Their filters are engineered with remarkably organized quality-tested components.

Eclipse Magnetics - If you are looking for high-quality filtration or separation systems than the oil filtration system from eclipse magnetics are the ultimate in filtration technology. These are the best quality products that you can buy easily from Moglix.

Zip - Zip is a leading manufacturer of premium quality automotive filters in India. You can check the price of oil filters and air filters on our website and get the best one.

Why Buy Automotive Filters Online at Moglix?

You can easily buy automotive filters at our website Moglix. If you are looking for the best vehicle filters online, you can browse through the extensive collection on our website. The products featured on our website are from highly reputed brands. You can compare the price of the products and get the best one at the best price as per your requirement. No matter if you own a car or bike, you can get the filters for both. Either you are looking for an air filter or oil filter you can get both of them from top brands on our website. Just place an order from our website and get the easy and hassle-free delivery of the products at your doorstep.

Automotive Filters - Price Range

Automotive FiltersMin PriceMax Price
AC Filter₹165₹939
Air Filter₹99₹2506
Oil Filter₹69₹2699
This data was last updated on 12/6/22.