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Motocop 180W Heavy Duty Car Tyre Inflator, MC-15D
By: Motocop
₹4,45036% OFF
  • Faster Inflation, Detachable LED Light & Pressure Indication

  • It Offers Flexibility of Mounting & Useful Illumination when Working

K Kudos Portable Foot Air Pump Compressor, TB-852
  • Lightweight Portable- with the Great Performance, It's Convenient for you...

  • Quick & Safe : Pumping the Vehicle Quickly & Safely

Motocop by Securide 45W Light Duty Car Tyre Inflator, SAI-043
  • Internal Led Light, Convenient Cable & Hose Storage

  • Two Inflation Accessories for Inflating Sports Balls & Toys

Windek Richtek RCP-D06B 300psi Black Air Tyre Pump
By: Windek Richtek
₹2,99959% OFF
  • Speedy Inflation with Durable Tool: If you Really Want to...

  • Highly Compatible & Multi-Functional: Unlike Other Inflators, Windektyre Inflator is...

AllExtreme AE-Q8001 85W 75PSI 12VDC Heavy Duty Portable Auto Air Compressor Electric Pump Tire Inflator
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Allextreme
₹1,44718% OFF
  • Accurate Dial Gauge-All Extreme 12V Air Compressor Has a Built-In...

  • Auto Shutoff-This Electric Tire Inflator Automatically Shuts Off When the...

Lovely Chetak Foot Air Pump for Car Motorcycle Bike Cycle Football
  • High Pressure Inflate Air Pump

  • Perfect for Traveling or at Home

iBELL 150W Heavy Duty Digital Car Tyre Inflator, CA12-97
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹2,80020% OFF
  • Easy to Use & Amazing Build Qualty

  • Tyre Inflator & Digital Type

iBELL 180W Black Heavy Duty Car Air Compressor, IBL CA12-95
  • Equipped with LED Light for Use During Dark/Low Light Conditions

  • Powerful Direct-Drive 100% Copper Motor & Built-in High-Precision Pressure Gauge

Elephant 220 Bar Tyre Inflator Gun, TG-08
By: Elephant
₹90024% OFF
  • Ease of Storing

  • Small & Compact Design

Strauss 13x6x5cm Silicon Black Mobile Phone Holder with 360 deg Rotation, ST-2551
  • Fits a Wide Range of Phones, Easy on Quick Release,

  • The Innovative Silicone Belt Makes It So Easy to Attach

Tirewell TW-7001 12V 200psi Digital Portable Air Compressor with LED Light&3 Different Nozzle
  • Aster Tyre Inflation, Auto-off Function, Digital Display & LED Lighting,

Vantro Smart Digital Tyre Inflator, ISBN003076
By: Vantro
₹4,49949% OFF
  • Fast Inflating, Compact & Convenient, LED Flashlight, Auto Shut-Off, Three

Kortex TI-RG50 12VDC 150psi Touch Screen Car Air Pump Tyre Inflator with LED Light
  • Touch Screen, Inflation Speed Reaches an Amazing 35l/min, 0-30 psi

  • Tire Air Compressor Coming With Full Led Lights for Easy

Tirewell TW-7002 100 PSI Portable Tyre Inflator with Dial Gauge, Analog Tire Air Compressor Pump with LED Light and 3 Different Nozzles for Car, Bike, RV, SUV & ATV 12V
  • Led Flash Light & Long Power Cord

  • Accurate Dial Gauge: this Air Compressor Has a Built-In with...

Kortex TI-BL50 12VDC Touch Screen Portable Car Air Pump Tyre Inflator Compressor with LED Light
  • Tire Air Compressor Coming With Full Led Lights for Easy

  • Touch Screen, Inflation Speed Reaches an Amazing 35l/min, 0-30 psi

Windek 1902 Compact Air Pumps Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Shut Off & LED Light
  • Save Time & Efforts, Auto Shut-off & LED Lighting, Compact

Black+Decker ASI400 12V Corded Inflator
By: Black & Decker
₹7,50054% OFF
  • Automatic Shut Off Feature Ensures Accurate Results Every Time

  • The Compact Design Allows for Easy Storage in the Vehicle

Windek 1501 Black Analog Tyre Inflator Multi Purpose Air Pump with Speedy Inflation
  • Lightweight & Super Compact Design, High Pressure & Readable Analog

Tirewell TW-1666 AC 220V/DC 12V Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Shut Off & LED Light for Car & Bike
  • Fast Inflation in Seconds, LED Lighting & Digital Display, 3

Windek 4001 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator with Speedy Inflation Air Pump for All Bike & Car
  • Inbuilt Gauge Meter, Equipped with LED Flash Light, Easy-to Use,

  • Dependable & Rich Tool, Multi-Purpose & Portable, Precise Mechanism &

Black+Decker BDCINF18N 11 Bar Flexible Compressor
By: Black & Decker
₹12,50044% OFF
  • Digital Gauge to View Current Pressure & Set Target Pressure

  • High Volume Inflation Hose for Larger Inflatables

Hanbon 16 Bar Air Compressor Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge, 104101
  • Flexible No-leak Air Hose Making Checking Tire Pressure Easier Than

  • Cars with High Quality Intermachine & Accurate An Time Proof

Strauss 13x6x5cm Silicon Grey Mobile Phone Holder with 360 deg Rotation, ST-2553
  • Super Elastic Bands & Universal Bike Mount

  • The Innovative Silicone Belt Makes It So Easy to Attach

Black+Decker MTNF9-XJ Black & Orange Multievo Multitool Inflator
  • Auto Pearl Wheel Covers Comes with the Press Type Fit...

  • Easy to Install : Simply Snap Right Onto your Vehicle's

Tirewell TW-7001 12V 200psi Digital Portable Air Compressor with LED Light & 3 Different Nozzle
  • Bright LED Light for Night-Time Emergencies

  • High Efficiency Pump, Compact & Quiet

Michelin 12312 Black Digital Tyre Inflator for Car & SUV with LED Light
  • Long Lasting & High Performance

  • Superior Quality & Reliable

Michelin 12260 12V Hi Power Plastic Black Digital Tyre Inflator
  • Superior Quality & Reliable

  • Compact Design

Michelin 12314 12V Black Programmable Digital Super Fast Tyre Inflator
  • Long Lasting & High Performance

  • Compact Design

Windtek 12V Analogue Car Tyre Inflator
By: Windtek
₹3,00057% OFF
  • High Pressure & Readable Analog Meter

  • Highly Compatible & Multi-Functional, Speedy Inflation with Durable Tool &

Elephant ABG-04 2HP Painter Air Blow Gun & Air Compressor with PU Pipe
  • Engineered Using The Latest Technology

  • It Scores High on The Aspect of Functionality

Michelin 12208 Rubber & Steel Black Digital Single Barrel Manual Foot Pump
  • Long Lasting & High Performance

  • Compact Design

Michelin 12206 Rubber & Alloy Steel Black Analogue Double Barrel Manual Foot Pump
  • Compact Design

  • Long Lasting & High Performance

Michelin 12204 Rubber & Steel Black Analogue Single Barrel Manual Foot Pump
  • Long Lasting & High Performance

  • Superior Quality & Reliable

Michelin 12262 12V Plastic Black Programmable Fast Flow Digital Tyre Inflator
  • Superior Quality & Reliable

  • Compact Design

Michelin ML-12265 12V Plastic Black Digital High Power Tyre Inflator with USB Mobile Charging
  • Long Lasting & High Performance

  • Compact Design

Michelin 12310 Black Digital Tyre Inflator for Car & SUV with LED Light
  • Compact Design

  • Long Lasting & High Performance

Tirewell TW-5013 10 in 1 Universal Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit with Storage Bag, Emergency Flat Tire Repair Patch Tool Bag for Car, Bike, SUV
Elephant Mild Steel Twin Hold on Tyre Valve Connector, NM-07
  • Easy to Hold

Motocop by Motoplug Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Mobility Kit, 1608
  • Internal LED Light, Convenient Cable & Hose Storage

  • A Self Sufficient Support System for Tyre Puncture Repair &

Purchase Top Quality Air Compressor Pumps

An air compressor pump is a gadget that stores energy as compressed air. The Air compressor packs the air into a more modest volume, and the compacted air is utilized to make the ideal application.


A compressor is a gadget used to compress air into vessels that moves the liquid or air from one spot to the next. As the compacted air is pushed to accomplish the expected work, individuals call it Air compressor pumps. They convert power from input sources like electrical, fuel, and so on and store it as potential energy as compacted air. Air compressors ordinarily work just on gases since fluids are challenging to be condensed into more modest volumes.


Types of Air Compressor Pumps

There are a variety of factors on which Air compressors are based, such as

  • The type of operation, 
  • Stages of compression
  • Pressure power requirements 
  • Power of pump.


Air compressors are some of the most necessary appliances found at construction sites, as they can be used as a power source for electric tools. There are many different air compressors, each with unique capabilities and drawbacks. Air compressors are categorized as either positive displacement or dynamic displacement based on their internal mechanisms. The four most common types of air compressors are:


Rotary Screw Compressors: Air compressor pumps fall into two main categories based on how they work: positive scrolling and dynamic scrolling. Displacement options such as screw compressors ensure constant flow regardless of outlet pressure. In a rotary screw machine, this is done by a pair of screws turning in opposite directions to compress air in a sealed chamber. One of the most significant advantages of a rotary screw compressor is that it can work as long as needed. These are also durable, often outperforming other types by a few years or more. The main disadvantages of screw compressors are their price and maintenance requirements.


Reciprocating compressors: Another positive aspect is the favorable displacement option of the piston or piston compressor. As the name suggests, these use pistons to compress and displace the air in their chamber. These are the most powerful compressors for home use, making them a popular choice. While screw compressors can produce more power overall, alternative options can create a lot with low power consumption. They are also more compact than rotary spindle machines, making them better for shorter, more flexible jobs. This low power consumption and portability make reciprocating compressors a good choice for powering hand tools.


Axial Compressors: Axial compressors are any other kind of dynamic machine. Instead of using an impeller, those use rows of fan blades inside a shaft. As air passes through every row, its pace increases, leading to better strain. These compressors are generally smaller and lighter than their centrifugal opposite numbers and perform at better speeds. It permits them to offer regular float fees at excessive volumes, however, regularly with much less strain than alternatives. You’ll periodically locate them in pumping applications, way to their consistency and electricity efficiency.


Centrifugal Compressors: Unlike the others on the list, centrifugal compressors are dynamic. That way, they draw air in from the outdoors instead of using a closed air reserve. In a centrifugal machine, that occurs on the way to a rotor known as an impeller spinning interior a cylinder to pressure air interior. Centrifugal machines use more than one range to boom strain, increasing power. Multi-degree compressors can supply exceptional horsepower, making them best for powering heavier equipment. Like rotary screw compressors, those machines also can perform continuously, suiting them to longer jobs


Points to Remember while Buying  Air Compressor Pump

Buying yourself a vacuum pump is already thought-about a luxury, so you would possibly moreover confirm that what you’re on the point of purchase meets the subsequent issues:


Cost: The quantity is one factor checked out by several once researching a product they're reaching to buy. For an air compressor pump, the worth ranges reckoning on the features, durability, and total value. Verify what quantity you’re willing to pay for a product; therefore, the search can be narrowed down immediately


Durability: It is often invariably considered in any product you’re eyeing. The following tag doesn't always equate to high quality, so scan reviews altogether a few specific products’ performance and components.


Ease of Use and Cleaning: A hassle-free vacuum pump is the best. As a result, it'll outline however economical you'll be able to be, meeting your wants and improvement afterward. So, take into thought how straightforward to scrub and maintain the air pump is.


Dimension: Considering the scale and dimension of your air pump is essential, particularly if you've got a restricted area in your space. Safety- It’s necessary to search for an air pump that provides safeguards, especially since this instrumentation is going to be placed in reception wherever youngsters can have access.


Brands that sell Air Compressor Pumps

AllExtreme: It has become one of the quickest-developing manufacturers of air compressors, air pumps, and other similar accessories. At AllExtreme, they have built a sturdy line of air compressor pumps that are solely synthetic, the usage of the best-in-elegance substances below the strict steering of enterprise professionals. With updated cutting-edge designs and persevered studies to convey advanced innovation, compressor pumps are the best in the market.


Tirewell: Tirewell is committed to bringing forward a life-changing variety of Air compressors and pumps that fulfill the requirements of the customers and it has been catering to the market for a very long time. We tend to love innovative solutions to problems and amongst our many products Air compressors and pumps have been manufactured using updated and advanced technologies. Having a Tirewell effect in your vehicle is geared up to rescue you after you are in dire like sort of a spill, flat tire, etc.


Why Buy Air Compressor Pumps from Moglix

If you are searching for the best quality air compressor that is affordable and offered by the best of the brands, browse through our website On our website, you can find different varieties of air compressors, and their service time is longer than others. Pick the best one for yourself from our collection that suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Compressor Pumps

Why does an air compressor heat up?

The compressor will overheat over time if the air vents get clogged or if they are forced up against a wall. Ensure that your compressor is installed correctly and that the air vents of the compressor are cleaned on a regular basis. Overheating can occur when a thermal valve starts to fail.

What is the loading time of the air compressor?

A typical compressed air system's load cycle might run anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes or even longer, depending on a variety of parameters such as compressor capacity, air demand, air receiver size, pressure setpoints, and so on.