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Big Bull Hydraulic Jacks for Your Vehicle Emergencies

Hydraulic and Air Bottle Jacks are available from a top-notch brand, Big Bull. Transmission Jack Telescopic, Quick Lift Floor Jack, Air Bottle Jack, Hydraulic Long Floor Jack, and others are among them. This brand's product line meets international quality requirements because it is sourced from the industry's most reliable vendors. Their quality control team inspects the products before delivery to guarantee that they are of the highest quality, ensuring the customers' complete happiness.

A hydraulic jack is a device that uses a hydraulic cylinder to apply force to lift heavyweights. Hydraulic jacks use the force provided by the pressure in the cylinder chamber to lift loads.

Working Process of Big Bull Hydraulic Jacks:

The oil is moved through two cylinders by a pump plunger to create pressure in these Big Bull hydraulic jacks. The suction valve opens when the pump plunger is pulled back, and oil is pumped into the pump chamber. As the plunger is pulled down, the oil is discharged into the cylinder chamber via an external discharge valve. The suction valve then closes, resulting in a build-up of pressure within the chamber, which causes the piston to rise and lift your heavy object. This procedure can be done several times, allowing you to elevate your burden higher and higher.

Big Bull Hydraulic Jacks and their Specifications:

With as low as 120 PSI, they can operate manually or pneumatically. Easy transport and operation are made possible by a convenient carrying handle and a 360-degree swivel air hose. Overloading is avoided by using an automatic release valve. Additional lifting ranges with support and stability are provided via saddle extension. For cars, trucks, construction sites, and commercial/industrial applications, this tool is ideal. They have a capacity range of about 3 tons to 50 tons. Low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height are both possible with their heat-treated extension screw. Their heat-treated, serrated saddle provides a large lifting area and a strong grip. The large jack has the capacity to carry handles for convenient removal.

Steps to Use a Hydraulic Bottle Jack:

  • The method of purging air from a bottle jack is quite similar to that of miniature trolley jacks. To get started, loosen the release valve and pump the handle a few times.
  • After that, turn the bottle jack over so that the oil fill plug is facing directly upwards and the unit is level.
  • Allow air to escape by sliding the oil fill plug sideways with a flat screwdriver. Be careful not to break the plug; you may need to repeat this operation for the optimum results, as with all hydraulic jacks.
  • If you need to fill the bottle jack with oil, remove the fill plug entirely and fill the jack until the oil is level with the filler plug hole when the jack is upright.

Buy Big Bull Hydraulic Jacks Online:

Big Bull brand’s Hydraulic jacks are famous for their durability and efficiency. They come in a variety of models with various features. They have gained the trust of their customers and thus received popularity as well. Check out e-stores to find the right product of your choice that meets your needs. Opt for a suitable payment mode and get the product delivered to your doorstep. Order now and enjoy the shopping experience at your comfort.