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British Paints: Primers and Surface Protection Additives

Painting the exteriors or interiors of your home may be a lot of fun. However, selecting the appropriate paints, primers, and adhesives is equally critical and difficult. There are a lot of steps in this process from beginning to end. However, there is one phase about which many people have mixed feelings: wall primers.

It's worth trying the British paints - primers and Surface Protection Additives if you're seeking wall primers and adhesives that work well on both exteriors and interiors. The British Paints - Primers and Surface Protection Additives - are the ideal solution for all your priming needs due to their exceptional sealing capabilities and moisture resistance.

General Features of the Primers and Surface Protection Additives

Primers or Undercoats are a type of paint applied to a bare substrate as a base for subsequent embellishments. They are the foundation of a beautiful paint finish. Surface defects are hidden by undercoats, which make them even and consistent. They also improve surface adherence, resulting in a 50% reduction in paint use.

Quantities: They are available in packages of 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L.

They are the new generation of healthy and eco-friendly luxury primers designed for exteriors and interiors.

Properties: They are odorless, non-yellowing, and provide a high gloss finished product.

Long-lasting: They also retain gloss and help in quick drying.

Chemical properties: They help oxygen conservation compared to its rivals.

Safe and Healthy Option: They are also friendly for those suffering from asthma and allergy and do not have any added mercury, lead, or chromium.

Multi-surface topcoats: They are suitable for protecting pre-painted surfaces- walls, wood, metals, etc.

Silver Ion technology: The Indian Medical Association recommends silver ion technology to help keep your home germ-free.

Easy to use: They are not just easy but are also convenient to use.

Alkali Resistance: They make walls non-reactive to cement, soaps and other types of alkaline solutions.

Moisture resistance: They offer excellent sealing properties, ensuring a smooth paint film deposition.

Increase topcoat coverage: This is designed to prevent light and fight the growth of fungus on walls.

Application Viscosity is by 20 to 22 seconds.

Benefits of Using Primers and Surface Protection Additives

  • --> They smooth out wall surfaces and fill up cracks in the drywall.

  • --> They act as a barrier between porous surfaces and paints.

  • --> They work as moisture repellants and seal the surfaces in high-humidity environments.

  • --> To get an opaque coat, they neutralize the base hue of the walls.

  • --> These primers also aid in smoothing surfaces and the uniformity of paint applications.

  • --> They also ensure stronger adhesion to the paints on the surfaces.

  • --> They aid in the prevention of corrosion and act as a rust-removal agent.

  • --> They prevent stains from bleeding through the topcoats by sealing them.

  • --> They have great adherence and a coating that prevents the paint from penetrating the substrate

  • --> They prevent moisture from penetrating the wall and eliminate dampness.

  • --> They effectively block UV rays.

  • --> They hydrate, soothe, and strengthen the bond between topcoats and wall surfaces.

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