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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Dental Equipment from a renowned brand Coltene. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Coltene Dental Equipment. Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

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Coltene Parapost PF 180 Taper Lux Intro Kit, CN 10
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Tapered Post Design for Narrow Canals

  • Natural Hues of the Tooth & Eliminates Shadows Through Composite

Coltene Parapost 5 Pcs One Office Visit Technique Starter Kit, CN 11
  • Precision Engineered

  • Industrial Approved Design & Unmatched Quality

Coltene 5ml 7 One Coat, CN 14
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • 7th Generation, Single Component, Light-Cured & Self-Etching Adhesive Designed to

  • For Effortless Bonding Performance on Any Surface & One Bottle

Coltene Affinis Super Soft Putty Set, CN 17
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Impressions for Study Models, Orthodontic Models, Matrices & Light Body

  • Oil-Free Texture Dry to the Touch & Time Saving

Coltene Coltolux LED Light Cure Set, CN 45
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Led Light Output Matches the Absorption Spectrum of Camphorquinone Photoinitiators

  • Hundreds of 10 sec Cures with A Fully Charged Power

Coltene Roeko Endodontic Brush for Cleaning Canals, CN 52
  • Canal brush Can Be Used Manually with A Rotary Action...

  • Can Be Autoclaved at 134 deg C Before Use &...

Coltene Fiesta Colour Coded Dental Dam Clamp, CN 27
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Colour Coded for Unmistakable Identity, Non Reflective, Non Reflective Matte

  • Each Clamp is Individually Colour Coded for Unmistakable Identity

Coltene Brilliant 2.3g Whaledent NG Flow Syringes Refill, CN 25
  • Natural Fluorescence & Reduces Shrinkage Due to Pre-Polymerised Particles

  • Simplicity in Choice of Colour & Universal Composite Aimed at

Coltene Diatech 12 Pcs Composite Preparation & Finishing Kit, CN 44
  • The Range of Applications of These Diamonds Covers Trimming, Contouring...

  • The Diamond Coated Cutting Surface of These Instruments is Pointed

Coltene Absorbent Point, CN 19
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Colour Coded, Superior Drying of the Root Canal Prior to

  • Dries Canal & Retains Firmly Rolled Shape

Coltene Hanel Articulating Paper, CN 38
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • As Strips in A Practical Dispenser Box Occlusal Adjustment is

  • Articulating Paper 80 m & 40 m

Coltene Spec 3 LED Curing Light, CN 23
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • The S.P.E.C. 3 Defines Performance Without Compromise & Chair Time...

  • High Intensity-Standard Mode: 2 mm Cure in 5 sec &

Coltene Biosonic Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories Set, CN 22
  • Lower Power Range Keep's Patient's Comfort in Mind

  • Sound-Waves Create High Energy Cavitation & During Cavitation Millions of

Coltene Biosonic S1 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler System Set, CN 41
  • Periodontics Tips, Endodontic Tips & Cavity Preparation Tips

  • Digitally Controlled, Automatic Frequency Tracking & Extremely Durable & Autoclavable

Coltene Coltosol F 38 G Temporary Filling Material, CN 15
  • Fluoride Release Radiopacity for the Perfect Control of the Treatment

  • No Mixing, No Waste of Material, Simple Setting By the

Coltene Tenax Fibre 15 Posts & Drills Intro Kit, CN 35
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • 1/3 Conical to Correspond to the Shape of the Root

  • Cylindroid-Conical Design: 2/3 Parallel Excellent Retention

Coltene Canal Pro CL 2 Cordless Endomotor, CN 33
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Auto-Reverse Modusn & 6 Head Positions Allows of Contra Angle

  • Large, User-Friendly LCD Panel & Memory for Up to 5

Coltene Coltoprint 450g Alginate Powder, CN 37
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability & Homogenous Smooth Mass with Thixotropic Consistency

  • Excellent Elastic Recovery & Smooth Consistency When Compact Surfaces Manipulated,

Coltene Swisstec Composite Basket Set, CN 36
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Place Highly Aesthetic Restorations Simply By Using the Different Opacities

  • Minimal Water Absorption Guarantees Colour Stability & Swisstec Composite Offers...

Coltene Magic Foamcord Intro Kit, CN 30
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Easy & Fast Retraction of the Sulcus Without the Potentially

Coltene Fill Up Dual Curing Bulk Composite, CN 32
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Fast & Easy Procedure & Fast: Immediate Fabrication of the

  • Universal Colour, Fluorescent & Radiopaque & Contains Zinc Oxide

Coltene Cool Temp 5ml Whaledent Natural, CN 21
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • User Friendly & Low Shrinkage Better Marginal Adaptation

  • Superior Polishability, Cooler Curing & Low Temperature

Coltene Paracore Core Build Up Material Kit, CN 8
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • One Material for 3 Key Indications Post Cementation, Core-Build Ups,

  • Optimal Monoblock Bond Interface Between the Dentin-Post-Crown & Superior Bond

Coltene 50ml Jet Bite Set, CN 50
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Not Brittle Easy to Grind & Cut & Saves Time-Minimizes

  • Jet Bite Gives the Perfect Occlusal Fit on the First

Coltene Pulimant Diamond Cleaning Block, CN 26
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Slurry & Remnants of Fillings are Removed Reliably from the

  • Highly Efficient Even After Repeated, Intense Use

Coltene Speedex Condensation Silicon Putty Set, CN 13
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Outstanding Wettability & Excellent Flow Characteristics & Saliva & Blood

  • 7 Days Dimension Stability

Coltene Swissflex Kit, CN 24
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Excellent Access to the Tooth Surface

  • No Time Intensive Changes are Required, Easy to Handle &

Coltene Crown Cutting Bur, CN 47
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • New Generation Mono Block Tungsten Carbide Cutter has An Advanced

  • The Computer Designed Flutes Cut More Concentric, Eliminate Chatter &

Coltene Parapost Fiber Lux Post Introductory Kit, CN 9
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Passive Cemented, Parallel-Sided Post with Rounded Head

  • Outstanding Strength & Light Transmitting for Fast Cementation

Coltene Temposil 5ml Intro Kit, CN 49
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Two Shades for Esthetic Applications, Superior Marginal Integrity & Clinical

  • Temporary Cementation of Final Crowns & Bridges & Temporary Cementation

Coltene Pinlock Self Threading Pins Complete Kit, CN 28
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • System is Completed with the Colour Coded Kodex Drills to

  • Shoulder Stop, Smooth Self Alignment During Placement

Coltene PSI-75ml Pressure Spot Indicator, CN 29
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Determining the Need for Relining & Testing of the Exact

  • Recognition of Pressure Points on New Or Existing Partial &

Coltene 5ml One Coat Bond SL, CN 46
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • High degree of Technique Tolerance Dry, Moist Or Wet Field

  • Easy & Precise Application

Coltene Affinis 2 Pcs Light Body Cartridges Set, CN 12
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Hydrocolloid Like Property & Its Structure Breaking Property of the

  • Mixed Material Provides ­Adequate Stability & Affinis Precious Wash Materials

Coltene 4% Gutta Percha Point, CN 16
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Utilizes Natural Raw Materials to Enhance Handling Characteristics

  • Precisely Produced By Machine Rolling for Uniform Taper & Flexibility

Coltene Tenax Fibre Posts Translucent Refills, CN 31
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • White: No Shadowing & Excellent Aesthetics, Translucent Colour

  • Grooves: Provides You with An Outstanding Mechanical Retention & Removable:

Coltene Biosonic UC125 H Ultrasonic Cleaner, CN 40
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Built-In Drain with Extra-Long Drain Tube & Wear-Resistant Plastic Housing

  • The Fully Functional Cover Returns Condensation Back Into the Ultrasonic

Coltene Solocem Luting Cement, CN 51
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • High Bonding Strengths Without Additional Adhesive

  • Low Shrinkage, Antibacterial Zinc Oxide & High Radiopacity

Coltene Diatech 12 Pcs Crown Preparation Kit, CN 48
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • Multilayered Gold Plated Diamond Burs for Crown & Bridge Preparation

Coltene Putty Cutting Knife, CN 20
By: Coltene
Available on Request
  • For Scrapping Putty Impression Before Taking Impression with Light Body