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Mr. Mckenic: Solutions You Can Count On

They started their range of products in 1999 with the 9-in-1 oil technology. This technology was specially formulated for the growing need in marine and industrial sectors. They gained a wide range of users who found their products effective, valuable, and safe. Building upon this initial success, the Mr. Mckenic brand was extended to other products for use both in industries and at home. They work with a special focus on applications in maintenance and cleaning.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of products for cleaning, washing, disinfecting, degreasing, lubricating, polishing, and protecting both workplaces and homes. They manufacture each product after extensive research and development that combine their technical expertise with a good understanding of their customer’s requirements.

Features that Makes Mr. Mckenic One of the Most Trusted Brands

Mr. Mckenic is one of the fastest-growing companies in South East Asia. They believe in the strong heritage of providing quality, effective, and competitive solutions to customers around the world. They care about the surroundings they operate in and their ISO14001 certification is a testament to their commitment to protecting their environment.

They work on their core values and beliefs, which are the guiding principles at the heart of everything they do. This has helped them establish an unwavering trust in its customers.

Products and Service Excellence: They are a professional company and dedicated to providing superior quality products. Their highly dedicated and knowledgeable team is always at hand to serve the needs of the customers and provide the best solutions.

Leading Edge Innovation: They, as an organization, continuously strive to improve their existing products and offer the best formulations to their customers and create new advanced solutions that are on the crest of market demand. Their R&D team capitalizes on the strong technical and proprietary knowledge that has been built over a decade to stay ahead in the competition.

Integrity: They work with honesty, integrity, and ethics. Their goal is to build long-term sustainable relationships with all the stakeholders.

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Cleaning and Housekeeping Products - It is very important to keep your surroundings clean to lead a healthy lifestyle. To achieve the best results for cleaning, you need the best quality cleaning and housekeeping products. Understanding this need, Mr. Mckenic offers a variety of cleaning products that include cleaning accessories like stain wonder, technology oil, floor wonder, etc. and floor cleaner.

Personally Hygiene Products - In this category, Mr. Mckenic offers the supreme quality hand sanitizers that are effective in killing germs and bacterias.