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Ostrich Mobility Galaxy AWA Power Wheelchair, 98x65x130 cm
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Ostrich
₹415,79921% OFF
  • Armrest with Height and Width Adjustment

  • Five Speed Selector Length Adjustable Joystick Control Unit

Ostrich Mobility Tetra EXi Power Wheelchair, 110x63x130 cm
4.5 (8 Reviews)
By: Ostrich
₹249,47919% OFF
  • Manual Seat Height Adjustment

  • Premium Seating with Headrest

Ostrich Mobility Pristine Flex Power Wheelchair, 120x67x130 cm
  • Auto Shut of After 3 Minutes

  • Premium Bucket Seat with Premium Body Panels and Shopping Basket

Ostrich Mobility T130 SS Manual Wheelchair, 108x65x96 cm
  • Cloth Guard

  • Available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Frame

Ostrich Mobility Verve RX Power Wheelchair, 100x64x96 cm
By: Ostrich
₹154,97913% OFF
  • Alarm: Yes

  • Key Pad Locking

Ostrich Mobility A125 SS Manual Wheelchair, 96x45x94 cm
  • Lifting Handles

  • Available in Foldable Frame (Default)and Rigid Frame(As Requested By Customer)

Ostrich Mobility M125 MS Manual Wheelchair, 108x65x98 cm
  • Comfortable Hand Rim

  • Permissible Gradeability: 12 deg C

Ostrich Mobility Tetra EX Power Wheelchair, 100x62x130 cm
  • Manual Seat Height Adjustment

  • Permissible Gradeability: 12 deg C

Ostrich Mobility Verve LX Power Wheelchair, 99x59x930 cm
  • Basic Seating

  • Alarm: Yes

Ostrich Mobility Tetra LX Power Wheelchair, 102x58x97 cm
By: Ostrich
₹167,57913% OFF
  • Urine Bag Holder

  • Basic Seating with Cushions

Ostrich Mobility Verve FX Power Wheelchair, 100x64x95 cm
  • Mobility Cut of While Charging

  • Auto Shut of f After 3 Minutes

Ostrich Mobility Elan EX 100kg 440x460x470mm Power Wheelchair, 009