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Remi: A Brand that Offers Quality

Remi was founded in 1960 and they are turning, evolving, and growing day-by-day. They are diversified into multi-product manufacturing divisions to become one of India’s most trusted brands. They are manufacturing the best quality products and they have dreamt, innovated, succeeded, and are on the way to become a world-class enterprise. Remi has become a pioneer by threading new paths and attempting breakthrough products and processes. They are the industry leader in manufacturing laboratory products.

Features that Make Remi One of the Best Brands

Remi is a renowned brand and they are driven by a strong motivation to excel. Remi meets stringent quality requirements that help them to reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage that helps the customers to reach to progress and get global recognition. They have a team of experts that manufactures all these products with great innovation. Remi has been a leader, both in terms of product manufacturing and product reliability.

  • They offer the widest range of products

  • Customization of products to suit individual customer requirements

  • Deliver complete and cost-effective solutions

  • Manufacturing experience of over 50 years

  • They have a customer friendly and a passionately motivated team

Top Products of Remi Available at Moglix

Lab Supplies - Setting up a laboratory is no easy task, it involves significantly more than what meets the eye. Understanding the importance of these lab supplies Remi Manufactures the best quality products that include lab equipment, centrifuges, stirrers, laboratory mixers, shakers & rotators, etc.

Appliances and Utilities - Remi offers a wide range of appliances and utilities. These products are very important. Some of the appliances and utilities offered by Remi are water dispensers, etc.

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